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    hardisk Deleted files

    My friend just borrowed my external hardisk but when he give back the hardisk to me the contain in it zero. It's like it was formated. When i ask him he said he that he did'nt do anything to it. Im feel so mad at him. My question is how can i recover the file that been delete or formated in it...
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    Cartridge does not seat properly

    HP Deskjet 6940 – just changed black cartridge. Will not print! Cartridge does not seat properly
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    How much should I sell a GTX 970 Superclocked for?

    I got the card in February 2015, and I am buying a new GPU tomorrow. I need to know how much I should sell this card for. I don't want to list too high and make people pay too much, but I also want to be able to at least buy ram with this card. Please? And thank you!