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  1. C

    Steam games Skipping frames

    Hello, when i have Steam games installed on my C: drive they run at high fps and run smoothly, however when i install games to my D: drive they run at high fps but skip frames every few seconds. I want to be able to install games on my D: drive because i have little room on my C: drive. So far...
  2. C

    Upgrading the PC for 3D work - advice request

    Hello all, It's been a long while since I last upgraded my PC. Up until now it was good enough. I used it mostly for digital painting and 3D modelling. Now, however, I want to start working more on 3D animations and actual images (using Autodesk Maya). The rendering of a single frame takes a...
  3. V

    New system GPU issues

    Just got my new PC and have been monitoring its performance in MSI afterburner whilst gaming. The card is a gigabyte 1080ti I've been playing Battlegrounds and Total War Warhammer this afternoon, both with maxed out settings and have been seeing Power % at 100-105% GPU usage at a steady...
  4. Navitus

    Low GPU usage in Hitman

    When playing Hitman, some areas will give me 50%-70% GPU usage while my CPU usage is at 30% or so. However, when I startup Battlefield 1 my GPU usage is generally around 97% while my CPU is at 30-45%. My specs are: Ryzen 1800X GTX 1080 Ti 16 GB DDR4 3200 850W PSU I've heard some people say...
  5. W

    case and motherboard compatibility

    mMy motherboard is an Orchid S by MSI and I wanted to use this case,https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16811854051 Will it fit? Thank you.
  6. J

    My ping changes after every router reset, please help.

    Hello everyone! Past year i've been struggling with skill delays in 1 mmo game. Even changed my pc cause of that, still todays day it delays. Its really decent pc, i7 7700k, gtx970 asus strix, 16 gb ripjaws memory, b150 plus asus mb, and samsung evo basic ssd. That game has launcher that...
  7. C

    Best Gaming Monitors (Archive)

    Here are the best gaming monitors available today, ranging from inexpensive 60-144hz monitors to top-of-the-line 4K panels equipped with G-Sync or FreeSync. Best Gaming Monitors : Read more
  8. M

    My Gaming Pc Idea

    I'm making a pc with a GeForce Gtx Ti 1050,intel 3.70 i3-6100,Ballistix Sport Lr 16gb,EVGA 430 W1, and WD Blue TB I'm ok a budget but I'll like to know what should I change, and if not to change anything can it play through anything?
  9. D

    Ultrawide gaming with a 950?

    I have a 950 gpu and just purchased a new LG 2560x1080 ultrawide monitor. Would you say that could withhold games like GTA, Battlegrounds, NBA2K, etc? Up until around October where I'll purchase a 1060/70.
  10. M

    Laptop detects WiFi but...

    So my Laptop detects WiFi but when I go to browsers, it says no WiFi. Help would be nice.
  11. W

    1440p gaming rig recommendations

    So I need a new rig because I just had hardware failure. My target budget is $1300 US, with a limit of around $1500. I do not need a PSU as I have a brand new, never used EVGA 850watt (it was my PSU that failed on my old rig and I bought that to try to resuscitate it unsuccessfully). I am...
  12. A

    Should I get a new CPU or GPU?

    Hello, I am trying to get into the streaming community and am wondering what I should upgrade to do so. My current Build: CPU: i3 6100 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A GPU: MSI 47TH 370 My budget is $250. Not sure which to upgrade and also what to upgrade to.
  13. N

    what do you think? is my psu enough?

    So, basically is this build good enough to game at 1080p, maybe 1440p in the future, and do some entry level video editing, photoshop, etc.? And is the PSU good enough to handle everything? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: *AMD - Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor...
  14. N

    new built pc lagging

    hi I built my pc about a month ago, I have tried everything from updating all my drivers doing stress tests, running cleaners and virus scans. but it still keeps lagging everytime I try opening programs and gaming please help. my pc build CPU-AMD ryzen 5 1400 GPU-GeForce gtx 1060 g1 gaming...
  15. D

    I7 7700k running hot I beleive

    So I have built a new pc for gaming I'm running I7 7700k Asus z270e Asus gtx 1080 ti H110i water cooler I'm getting temps in 80-90c and my pc will freeze or crash games on me was just looking for some help please!!!!
  16. G

    Monitor won't turn on

    First of all, i know plenty people have asked this already but i tried most of the answers and nothing seemed to work. ok so when i turn on my pc (z170 pro4s mobo, r9390x gpu, i5 7500, 1 8gb ram, 750w power supply) the screen doesnt turn on. i've connected the monitor to the mobo, and nothing...
  17. P

    Dir : contains Windows

    My whole Windows has gotten messed up and so I'm trying to fix an error. Every tutorial tells me to load up the Windows Installation CD and click Repair Your PC then to go to the CMD. It then tells me to type in 'dir a:' and see if Windows is installed there, if not, try every letter (e.g. 'dir...
  18. Malefic Grindylow

    When headphones unplugged + replugged videos don't play.

    So I've been having a strange problem recently which I can't find a fix for (without restarting). I've been using my DT990's outside of my pc recently so obviously I need to remove them from my amp (e10k) but whenever I come back to my PC videos on any browser or player won't load at all, I'm...
  19. K

    Keyboard multi press issue

    when im doing anything on my keyboard eg gaming adn try to press the w and most of the other keys at the same time it wont input either key. Is this a hardware issue and can it be fixed without a new keyboard eg is it just maybe a dirty switch or something or do i have to claim warranty on it.
  20. M

    Game is Lagging!

    Why does my game F.E.A.R. lag so bad on my windows 8 or 8.1? I'm so frustrated! It plays great for about 5 min and then lags really bad! So I have to end the game and restart, which gives me another 5 min of play. Only to have to repetitively play, stop, restart...play, stop, restart....Help please!