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  1. M

    [SOLVED] I need a suggestion

    i want a cheap motherboard that is good for overclocking. i would like it to be a ddr3 with a lga1155 socket and also let me know if Asus P8H67-m pro is a good choice
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Does the oc sound correct

    I7 4790k Oc 4.7ghz Voltz 1.200 Temps using prime95 70c running for (15 Mins) as of writing Does the voltz seem really low for that oc https://imgur.com/gallery/A43MivX
  3. A

    What Temps are normal for GPU and CPU

    I have a gpu 1080 gigabyte and a cpu i7700k and the cooler is Noctua NH with 1 fan , i have a z270 sli pro mobo and 3 intake fans with 1 push rear fan. my gpu goes between 65-69 c and my cpu goes between 59-63 c when my room is hot. but when my room is cold the pc becomes lower in temp which is...
  4. M

    How many RGB fan inputs?

    Hi, I would like to know how many RGB fans I can connect to my motherboard: MSI z370 gaming pro carbon. I looked it up on the specs but I couldn't find it. Can anyone tell me how many RGB fans I can use as they use up 2 inputs.
  5. M

    First PC build $1200 budget

    Hey all, trying my hand at my first PC build exclusively for gaming. So far I have decided to design my build around: Intel core i5 8400 MSI GeForce gtx 1070 ti Titanium I’m looking at 16gb DDR4 ram as well. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. My goals for this gaming pc are to...
  6. A

    Buying Computer Parts

    I am living in the Philippines and planning to build my own gaming pc. Which is more costly, to buy computer parts from Newegg or buy from local retailers in Manila?
  7. bubuie

    Need to Identify PC case

    Okay guys , i am going to need someone to help me with the identification of the PC case i have , i will drop picture here on imgur sharing page, hope anyone finds it familiar https://imgur.com/a/ZN5RP
  8. M

    Disk active time at 100% when installing/moving files

    Title pretty much says it all. I noticed this when trying to update Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. It seemed to download fine but hasn't been able to install. I also noticed that while i was trying to install it and play other games at the same time it would lag. After investigating this issue...
  9. T

    Z170 Motherboard D3

    i need help guys anyone can list me which those Z170 Boards that's support kaby lake and skylake CPU's with better VRM for overclock ?? because i dont want waste money for DDR4 RAM's its to expensive let me know please
  10. G

    Best 7.1 wired headset for FPS on PC 200€

    I'm looking for a good headset with virtual 7.1 (since true 7.1 is apparently mediocre due to smaller drivers) audio quality must be decent for 200€ but the main focus is the quality of the SURROUND as i said i mostly play FPS (mainly BF4 BF1 some PUBG and a little CSGO if that matters) i want...
  11. T

    I5-4670K Locked at 3.6GHz!?!

    I just got my new pc and it has a i5-4670K and a Asus B85M-G (I know its not a overclocking motherboard) However, before i got all the drivers for the motherboard i could overclock to 4.0Ghz but now after installing chipset drivers i can only get 3.6GHz ... its does not crash just when i set it...
  12. S

    1st time startup, stops in bios

    I've built myself a "new" computer, with scrap parts from 2 others ( which was working fine before ). But now i cant seem to install windows on it, or even enter bios setup for that matter. It boots up and start's right up at this screen: I can press "DEL" and it'll change appearence and tell...
  13. A

    A good cheap Modem/router?

    My sister wants to get comcast, but doesn't want to pay to rent the modem/router, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good Modem/router (both in one) that isnt to expensive but also inline with comcasts own modem/router, or better? Thanks for any and all help!
  14. L

    Help with setting 2 HDD

    Yesterday i have bought new firecuda 1TB because i was warried about my 5 years old hdd 500GB Baracuda he is not at all fast with loading OS/games...(only 80mb/s WR), yeah i now SSHD arent that great either but even 30 or 40% improvement is enought for gaming, os loading and so on. So i migrated...
  15. R

    GTX 1050 Ti vs GT 1030

    I was about buying the 1030 but then i did a little reading online and compared it with the 1050ti. Then i realized it will be best i spend the extra to get the 1050 Ti but honestly I'm not into serious gaming.I need help getting the right card for my usage (browsing the web,YouTube HD...
  16. S

    Updated BIOS---> PC boots much slower, and BIOS interface stutters.

    I am running ASUS Z170-A, had this board for 1.5 years no problem. 2 days ago i updated the BIOS from version 3007 to 3504. Now i am having 2 problems: 1. The PC boots much slower. It used to take 5 seconds, now it's 20 seconds. I observed the motherboard, the VGA led light up red for 3...
  17. B

    Looking for help with my laptop

    Somehow my Toshiba Satellite laptop was reformatted meaning everything was wiped from it including the operating system so I don't have a disk to restore or whatever you call it so what do I do now?
  18. D

    adapter for MacBook SSD

    wondering what is out there to adapt a MACBook air SSD to my PC it is a Model MZ, 256SSUBX type
  19. T

    Encryption V.S Performance

    Scenario: So i am about to encrypt my "hard drive", my system drive "C". Now i am going to use Veracrypt with these parameters: Encryption Algorithm(s): AES(TwoFish(Serpent)) Hash: SHA-512 Wipe Mode: 1-Pass (Random Data) Question: Will the cascaded encryption slow my rig down significantly, as...
  20. D

    Is this popup box called a tooltip? Can it be removed?

    Here is the popup that annoys me when i mouse over it: I use my pc on a tv most of the time with crazy scaling and sometimes this popup is huge and sometimes it lingers. I've did some googling and seen some disagreements so I don't even know how to phrase what I want. I don't want that box...
  21. M

    Viglen MSI G41m-S03 6.0 Bios Ver 28.3B2

    Hi to all i am new here please help me out i didn't find any bios for this mobo.Problem is i had installed 2x2 4GB memory in properties it shows 3GB main thing i need its Bios to update please help me out .Silly isn't it that old mobo but i wanna use it for surfing internet. Regards DEMON
  22. R

    can't copy winrar file which is password protected and cant open it too

    i protected my winrar file with password but after formatting my pc, when i try to extract this winrar file there is error message cant open. later on when i want to copy paste same winrar file from one place to another on the same system, then there is again an error you need to provide...
  23. D

    error code 40

    what is asus Maximus hero ix error code 40
  24. A

    Win 10 Won't boot, Won't Repair

    Just read a thread saying 'Easy Recovery Essentials' isn't essential - we should be able to do it ourselves. Well I was about to buy it. Because my Win10 won't boot. Put the install disk in and try for repair etc. and nothing will work. Seems like maybe the BCD is corrupt. I tried to...
  25. F

    Ryzen Power Plan not showing up

    I am on windows 10 pro and i have the latest amd drivers (17.7.2) and supposedly the drivers come with the ryzen power plan but i do not see it in my power settings, i only see balanced and power saver. Any one know how i can get it to show up?
  26. I

    Asus VS248HR OR Samsung LS24D330HSX ?

    Asus VS248HR OR Samsung LS24D330HSX ?! Both are 24 inch gaming monitors witch best and why ?!
  27. T

    Motherboard issue following graphics card install

    I've been using an ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe for years now with no issues. I recently got a new Gigabyte RX 480 video card and installed it. The first try I did it with my other RX 480 still in the system so I could use Crossfire. After I didn't receive any video with power on I unplugged the...
  28. ebmurray21

    Buying components in the U.S. (east coast)

    What is the best website to buy components in the US (east coast)? I'm from the UK and I'm doing a build for a friend in the states. Cheers.
  29. E

    What GPU is this

    So i took apart my computer as my motherboard/Cpu have died, which dont too big of a probs as im planning on upgrading to ryzen 3, but when i took out my GPU i saw it was a club3D one so i got curious and searched Club3D up on google and looked at there Graphics cards, when i went on there...
  30. C

    Problems detecting a new ssd through the cable

    I have a white unibody macbook (5,2) I recently bought a usb 3 to sata connector and a Samsung 850 evo SSD. Both the SSD and my old HDD are running Mountain Lion, If that matters. I'm having the following problem: The ssd works fine when used internally, but its not detectable when connected...
  31. C

    Steam games Skipping frames

    Hello, when i have Steam games installed on my C: drive they run at high fps and run smoothly, however when i install games to my D: drive they run at high fps but skip frames every few seconds. I want to be able to install games on my D: drive because i have little room on my C: drive. So far...
  32. C

    Upgrading the PC for 3D work - advice request

    Hello all, It's been a long while since I last upgraded my PC. Up until now it was good enough. I used it mostly for digital painting and 3D modelling. Now, however, I want to start working more on 3D animations and actual images (using Autodesk Maya). The rendering of a single frame takes a...
  33. V

    New system GPU issues

    Just got my new PC and have been monitoring its performance in MSI afterburner whilst gaming. The card is a gigabyte 1080ti I've been playing Battlegrounds and Total War Warhammer this afternoon, both with maxed out settings and have been seeing Power % at 100-105% GPU usage at a steady...
  34. Navitus

    Low GPU usage in Hitman

    When playing Hitman, some areas will give me 50%-70% GPU usage while my CPU usage is at 30% or so. However, when I startup Battlefield 1 my GPU usage is generally around 97% while my CPU is at 30-45%. My specs are: Ryzen 1800X GTX 1080 Ti 16 GB DDR4 3200 850W PSU I've heard some people say...
  35. W

    case and motherboard compatibility

    mMy motherboard is an Orchid S by MSI and I wanted to use this case,https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16811854051 Will it fit? Thank you.
  36. J

    My ping changes after every router reset, please help.

    Hello everyone! Past year i've been struggling with skill delays in 1 mmo game. Even changed my pc cause of that, still todays day it delays. Its really decent pc, i7 7700k, gtx970 asus strix, 16 gb ripjaws memory, b150 plus asus mb, and samsung evo basic ssd. That game has launcher that...
  37. C

    Best Gaming Monitors (Archive)

    Here are the best gaming monitors available today, ranging from inexpensive 60-144hz monitors to top-of-the-line 4K panels equipped with G-Sync or FreeSync. Best Gaming Monitors : Read more
  38. M

    My Gaming Pc Idea

    I'm making a pc with a GeForce Gtx Ti 1050,intel 3.70 i3-6100,Ballistix Sport Lr 16gb,EVGA 430 W1, and WD Blue TB I'm ok a budget but I'll like to know what should I change, and if not to change anything can it play through anything?
  39. D

    Ultrawide gaming with a 950?

    I have a 950 gpu and just purchased a new LG 2560x1080 ultrawide monitor. Would you say that could withhold games like GTA, Battlegrounds, NBA2K, etc? Up until around October where I'll purchase a 1060/70.
  40. M

    Laptop detects WiFi but...

    So my Laptop detects WiFi but when I go to browsers, it says no WiFi. Help would be nice.