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  1. Mrhappy380

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU dying? (980ti)

    Hi everyone, Just want to seek opinions on whether my GPU (980ti) is on its way out. Issues started about a month ago, no hardware of software changes I'm aware of. My PC would freeze randomly (gaming, browsing, working etc.) with an audio loop that usually just sounded like buzzing and then...
  2. G

    Discussion Im new to building side of pc and i have a question

    Yesterday I was playing wwe 2k19 in windowed mode then I clicked on my 2nd screen to discord then it put wwe in fullscreen mode (I thought okay whatever) then it brought up in a blue box that I wasnt using the correct cable and to then use the right cable. Okay whatever but then soon after my...
  3. A

    Question No signal from HDMI while displayport works!

    Well, here is the situation. I have got an Asus GTX 980Ti Strix GPU and it perfectly outputs signal through displayport cable to the monitor. Problem pops up when I connect HDMI to monitor and there is no signal at all! So I basically have the error “No signal detected” on screen when connecting...
  4. S

    Question 980Ti performing worse than 960

    Hello About 8 months ago I bought a used 980Ti off of a norwegian-like Craigslist. I swapped out my 960 for the 980Ti. Computer recognizes it as a 980Ti but for some reason im getting worse performance than i used to get with my 960? I used to get about 250+ fps in csgo but now im getting...
  5. K

    Question Gigabyte GTX980TI 6GB G1 Gaming HDMI Audio Drop Out (plus performance issues)

    I have a Gigabyte GTX980TI 6GB G1 Gaming I have owned for a little under 6 months. The card was purchased used on eBay. While I have had it sometime, the first time I got chance to spend some real quality gaming time on it was recently with the release of Trials Rising (massive trials fan)...
  6. M

    Camera keyboard for disabled

    Hello. One of my friend has physical disability. His left hand is less powerful. But he manages to game by remapping his keyboard with Keytweak. The only problem he faces now is, he can't press all 4 navigation buttons (W/S/A/D) at a time. He's able to press Forward & Backward with his Index...
  7. S

    Sweet deal on an I7

    Basically i was scrolling through a bulgarian second hand side, and I found a I7-4790k for 130 dollars, which is REALLY sweet for an i7 thatI've heard performs almost as well as an i7-7700k in some benchmarks. So basically, is it worth it, and can I get scammed by getting like a burned CPU...
  8. D

    SD card not being able to get formatted and deleted files come back.

    I have a Samsung 16 GB SD card and it is not able to get formatted. When I delete files in the SD card and remount it, the files come back. I can't even add more files in it. The files disappear. But, the files in the card is accessible. I have tried to format it in my PC. I doesn't work. I have...
  9. C

    Need help with Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Bass Module

    How do you connect the Bose Acoustimass 10 series V bass module with the one RCA plug going into a receiver which doesn't have an LFE/subwoofer rca output, but instead, 2 rca subwoofer outputs?
  10. M

    [SOLVED] I need a suggestion

    i want a cheap motherboard that is good for overclocking. i would like it to be a ddr3 with a lga1155 socket and also let me know if Asus P8H67-m pro is a good choice
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Does the oc sound correct

    I7 4790k Oc 4.7ghz Voltz 1.200 Temps using prime95 70c running for (15 Mins) as of writing Does the voltz seem really low for that oc https://imgur.com/gallery/A43MivX
  12. A

    What Temps are normal for GPU and CPU

    I have a gpu 1080 gigabyte and a cpu i7700k and the cooler is Noctua NH with 1 fan , i have a z270 sli pro mobo and 3 intake fans with 1 push rear fan. my gpu goes between 65-69 c and my cpu goes between 59-63 c when my room is hot. but when my room is cold the pc becomes lower in temp which is...
  13. M

    How many RGB fan inputs?

    Hi, I would like to know how many RGB fans I can connect to my motherboard: MSI z370 gaming pro carbon. I looked it up on the specs but I couldn't find it. Can anyone tell me how many RGB fans I can use as they use up 2 inputs.
  14. M

    First PC build $1200 budget

    Hey all, trying my hand at my first PC build exclusively for gaming. So far I have decided to design my build around: Intel core i5 8400 MSI GeForce gtx 1070 ti Titanium I’m looking at 16gb DDR4 ram as well. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. My goals for this gaming pc are to...
  15. A

    Buying Computer Parts

    I am living in the Philippines and planning to build my own gaming pc. Which is more costly, to buy computer parts from Newegg or buy from local retailers in Manila?
  16. bubuie

    Need to Identify PC case

    Okay guys , i am going to need someone to help me with the identification of the PC case i have , i will drop picture here on imgur sharing page, hope anyone finds it familiar https://imgur.com/a/ZN5RP
  17. M

    Disk active time at 100% when installing/moving files

    Title pretty much says it all. I noticed this when trying to update Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. It seemed to download fine but hasn't been able to install. I also noticed that while i was trying to install it and play other games at the same time it would lag. After investigating this issue...
  18. T

    Z170 Motherboard D3

    i need help guys anyone can list me which those Z170 Boards that's support kaby lake and skylake CPU's with better VRM for overclock ?? because i dont want waste money for DDR4 RAM's its to expensive let me know please
  19. G

    Best 7.1 wired headset for FPS on PC 200€

    I'm looking for a good headset with virtual 7.1 (since true 7.1 is apparently mediocre due to smaller drivers) audio quality must be decent for 200€ but the main focus is the quality of the SURROUND as i said i mostly play FPS (mainly BF4 BF1 some PUBG and a little CSGO if that matters) i want...