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  1. W

    1440p gaming rig recommendations

    So I need a new rig because I just had hardware failure. My target budget is $1300 US, with a limit of around $1500. I do not need a PSU as I have a brand new, never used EVGA 850watt (it was my PSU that failed on my old rig and I bought that to try to resuscitate it unsuccessfully). I am...
  2. A

    Should I get a new CPU or GPU?

    Hello, I am trying to get into the streaming community and am wondering what I should upgrade to do so. My current Build: CPU: i3 6100 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A GPU: MSI 47TH 370 My budget is $250. Not sure which to upgrade and also what to upgrade to.
  3. N

    what do you think? is my psu enough?

    So, basically is this build good enough to game at 1080p, maybe 1440p in the future, and do some entry level video editing, photoshop, etc.? And is the PSU good enough to handle everything? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: *AMD - Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor...
  4. N

    new built pc lagging

    hi I built my pc about a month ago, I have tried everything from updating all my drivers doing stress tests, running cleaners and virus scans. but it still keeps lagging everytime I try opening programs and gaming please help. my pc build CPU-AMD ryzen 5 1400 GPU-GeForce gtx 1060 g1 gaming...
  5. D

    I7 7700k running hot I beleive

    So I have built a new pc for gaming I'm running I7 7700k Asus z270e Asus gtx 1080 ti H110i water cooler I'm getting temps in 80-90c and my pc will freeze or crash games on me was just looking for some help please!!!!
  6. G

    Monitor won't turn on

    First of all, i know plenty people have asked this already but i tried most of the answers and nothing seemed to work. ok so when i turn on my pc (z170 pro4s mobo, r9390x gpu, i5 7500, 1 8gb ram, 750w power supply) the screen doesnt turn on. i've connected the monitor to the mobo, and nothing...
  7. P

    Dir : contains Windows

    My whole Windows has gotten messed up and so I'm trying to fix an error. Every tutorial tells me to load up the Windows Installation CD and click Repair Your PC then to go to the CMD. It then tells me to type in 'dir a:' and see if Windows is installed there, if not, try every letter (e.g. 'dir...
  8. Malefic Grindylow

    When headphones unplugged + replugged videos don't play.

    So I've been having a strange problem recently which I can't find a fix for (without restarting). I've been using my DT990's outside of my pc recently so obviously I need to remove them from my amp (e10k) but whenever I come back to my PC videos on any browser or player won't load at all, I'm...
  9. K

    Keyboard multi press issue

    when im doing anything on my keyboard eg gaming adn try to press the w and most of the other keys at the same time it wont input either key. Is this a hardware issue and can it be fixed without a new keyboard eg is it just maybe a dirty switch or something or do i have to claim warranty on it.
  10. M

    Game is Lagging!

    Why does my game F.E.A.R. lag so bad on my windows 8 or 8.1? I'm so frustrated! It plays great for about 5 min and then lags really bad! So I have to end the game and restart, which gives me another 5 min of play. Only to have to repetitively play, stop, restart...play, stop, restart....Help please!
  11. FlashGuard

    Computer Dead Locking

    CPU: AMD FX - 8350 4.0Ghz 3 Month Old Custom Build Heatsink: Cool Master 212x GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1060 sc acx 2.0 3gb MOBO: M5A97 R2.0 RAM: 16GB DDR3 G skill 340pin 1600 PSU: EVGA 80 plus 600w the case has 5x 120mm fans in it COOLING IS NOT AN ISSUE My system is not overheating. There...
  12. L

    Gtx 1070 Cpu and motherboard recommendations?

    I currently have an AMD fx 6300 gtx 1070 8gb of ram and a gigabyte am3 motherboard. Im looking to uprgrade the cpu to intel kaby lake or Ryzen any reccomendations of CPU, Motherboard and maybe ram?
  13. W

    EVGA Hybrid water cooler vs default fan cooler

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 1080ti to replace my 980ti. The 980 had been in a custom loop for about two years, and I have decided not to do a new custom loop, risk vs reward over closed loops just doesn't quite make it worthwhile for me. Anyway, im anything but a fan of fan noise (really who...
  14. K

    PC Crashing (No BSOD)

    So my PC has been crashing a lot lately. It happens seemingly at random times. When playing games, watching videos with Chrome, or even just listening to Spotify with nothing else open. So far, I've tried using Seatools to check my HDD's and they all passed. I downloaded WhoCrashed and this is...
  15. DomskiPlays

    I need help with upgrading my pc components. Start with CPU or GPU, and which one?

    I want to upgrade my CPU (AMD A8-5600k) and my GPU (AMD Radeon HD 6570) but I don't know where I should start. First thing I want is more FPS in games like CS:GO and Overwatch, which is why I thought about starting with my CPU, but I don't know which one to buy. My budget for the first component...
  16. A

    Connect the monitor to the Nvidia card, instead of the intel card!

    Hello! I have a laptop asus k550vx that have igpu intel and dgpu nvidia. As u know, only intel work cause is directly connected to the monitor. Can i connect my monitor, by modding the cable, directly to the nvidia, and let my pc use only the nvidia'??! Thannks
  17. U

    Asus UX410UQK Power Limit Exceeded

    Hey guys, I'm here as a last resort. I appreciate any help that can be given. I just bought an Asus UX410UQK which should be more then enough for everything I am using. However, despite being a performance upgrade over my last laptop, it fails to run even the most basic of games on low...
  18. 9

    Problems with first build

    Specs Processor - Ryzen 5 1400 with stock cooler Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-AB350-GAMING 3 (rev. 1.0) Memory - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SSC GAMING ACX 3.0, 4GB GDDR5 Power Supply -EVGA 100-B1-0600-KR 80 PLUS Bronze 600W HD - Samsung...
  19. I

    does an acer aspire es1 533 have a pci express slot

    i got an acer aspire es1 533 for my birthday and I wanted to add an external graphics card to it but to do so I need a pci express slot to add an adaptor for a graphics card
  20. J

    Does the Asus z270 Prime have wireless wifi capability?

    I know I should have done all my research before purchasing this motherboard but it is my first build and I got excited. My Asus z270 prime is paid for and on its way. So my question is does this motherborad already have wireless WiFi capability or do I need to look into additional hardware...
  21. Y

    asus laptop 0% available plugin charging with light blinking by red or yellow

    asus laptop 0% available plugin charging with light blinking by red or yellow
  22. N

    SSD Space Issue

    Hello guys ! i've bought 128GB SSD. i just have installed windows 7 on it. the total available space id 119GB and after installing windows it's showing 101 GB is free of 119 GB ? why is that ? i check properties of all the folders inside drive windows 7 took 11 GB. there should be 108 GB is...
  23. D

    GPU Choice ?

    I am having problems choosing a replacement gpu for my pc. First of all, i have a 1440×900 resolution monitor. I would like to be able to play almost all the games at medium-high settings for the next 2 years or so. Then i will be upgrading my whole rig. I have no problem dropping to low either...
  24. W

    Can my PSU handle an i7-7700

    Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade my CPU to an i7-7700, I don't have a discrete GPU. I have a Seasonic G series 360w Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! Current Build Fractal Design Mini C i3-7100 GIGABYTE GA-B250M-DS3H Seasonic G series 360w WD 2TB Samsung 850 EVO - 250 GB CRUCIAL 2x 8gb ddr4...
  25. W

    Win 10 reset stuck on black spinning dot

    So my dad did a reset on his updated windows 10. Had no real trouble with until today with it sort of glitching on having the blue spinning wheel always running. So we decided to do a semi-factory reset that keeps your personal info since its good to get some of that junk ware out and all. So...
  26. E

    fan spinning but no disply

    i have gtx 1060 6 gb exoc and i m facing proble like ni disply fan is spinning and h110 mobo i5 7400 processor 8 gb ram and 500 watt psu so guyz plz help
  27. C

    1000 gaming pc

    Hey do you guys think this is the best gaming computer I can make for around 1000? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7D4JRG
  28. L

    Can I Run a i5-7600k on a H270 Mobo?

    I am getting a h270 motherboard and I don't wanna overclock. I never overclocked with my old fx 8350 so I figured I still won't, nor do I ever want to. I just wanna know if a K cpu will work on a h270 motherboard?
  29. F

    Upgrading from 5930k to 6950x. Do I need a new motherboard?

    Let me preface by stating my current parts. I7 5930k Asus x99 pro usb 3.1 Evga GTX 1080 classified sli 2x Samsung pro My question is, can I upgrade my CPU to a 6950x without changing any other parts of my current pc? Since they are both socket 2011 v3, I thought you could put a 6950x in...
  30. M

    Will this build work?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yY6tRG This is an editing/content creation station (photo, video, design), so I do not need a graphics card. My personal requirements were to have an i7, 16gb ram, and an ssd while minimizing costs. I got it $660! (If you would like to build a more efficient system...
  31. R

    Wich internet speed is better for gaming cafe

    Hi , what is the best internet plan for a gaming cafe consist of 10 client pc and 1 is the server , i want to give the server the internet and split it to the 10 pcs , the internet plans here are 1 mb , 2 , 3,4 ,6. Wich one for playing online games like dota 2 and LOL. And it is a good idea to...
  32. R

    How do you get use the rebate from microcenter?

    I have never used a rebate before, i want to buy the rx 480 and found that the Strix rx 480 was the cheapest one including the rebate. Strix rx 480: http://www.microcenter.com/product/468337/Radeon_RX_480_ROG_STRIX_Overclocked_8GB_GDDR5_Video_Card Please tell me how the rebate works i have no idea
  33. G

    Questions about OS and mobo change

    Hello, So im upgrading my brothers pc with a new mobo, cpu and ram. Atm he has windows 7 on his pc but hes changing to windows 10. My question is do i have to uninstall/delete anyhting from the HDD (he only has 1)? Or is it just a matter of installing the parts and install windows 10? Or is...
  34. akarsh dixit

    Building a gaming pc for $1500(around inr.1,00,000)

    I am planning to enter PC gaming with a solid $1000-$1500 built, I live in India so it will be around Rs.100,000. I want a PC that can handle whatever I throw at it, VR ready and 1440p if possible. I had a hard time searching for components but there are so many options so it will be great if...
  35. Robert Cook

    NRG file to MP4 why is this such a pain...

    Hello everyone, as always, when I post a thread it is something obscure, today it is video codecs giving me a headache. I LEGALLY got my hand on an old recording of a Liszt piano concert that used to be on VCR and now is stored as a NRG file. The problem is, I cannot open this file with...
  36. Jack_paric

    Molex compatibility with motherboard

    Ok so I wanna build a new PC but the thing is that the case hase already installed some molex fans, and I don't know if my motherboard will suport them: I don't wanna buy adapters and I don't wanna plug them straith into the PSU. Should I look for a different case or should I buy new fans and...
  37. Z

    GTX 760 2GB no signal to display and not detected, but fan runs

    I need help figuring out if this GPU really is dead. My friend had an issue with his GPU(GTX 760 2GB). He said his display said "No signal" and the GPU was blowing really hot air out of the back vent, but he never troubleshooted the problem before replacing it with a new GPU and PSU. After...
  38. A

    6 pin to 8 pin adapter safe for my situation?

    Hi I would like to know whether it is safe to use a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter to run a sapphire nitro rx 470 4gb(or any rx 470 with 8 pin connection)..? My psu is umax 600w..it has a single 6 pin connector with 3 yellow wires and 3 ground wires.. (black) My cpu is i3 3210 which uses only 55w.. I...
  39. R

    Blown solder point on board, CF error on mobo display

    Hi guys, long time follower first time poster. I recently saved enough to get myself a corsair cooler and a new case. After plugging everything in, checking my spacers, my cable connections, and my seatings twice, I turned my rig on to watch a solder point light up like a Christmas tree. It...
  40. Crashman

    ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier 4-Way SLI ATX Motherboard Review

    With 5 Gb/s Ethernet, dual Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, triple M.2, and even 10 SATA ports, is ASRock’s fully-loaded SuperCarrier the ultimate value in Kaby Lake compatible motherboards? ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier 4-Way SLI ATX Motherboard Review : Read more