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  1. D

    [SOLVED] ADATA SU630 480GB stops showing up in Explorer (crashes) either on boot or when opening/moving any file on it.

    I have been noticing that the speeds on this SSD have been slowed down drastically and it started performing worse than my old hard drive. When I finally decided to return it and get my money back, I started transferring all important files out of it, but when any file started being moved, the...
  2. fred248d

    [SOLVED] 118 GB ADATA SSD trouble!

    I recently bought a PC with an 118 GB ADATA SSD and a 500 GB HDD, and I realized that Windows 10 was installed on the HDD. But when I tried to install Windows on the SSD instead, it challenged me with several errors (something with mbr and gpt). I fixed some of the errors though, but just gave...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Same brand, same MHz, but different type and channel Memory?

    Hi guys, I'm really green with this and I need help. Now I have XPG SPECTRIX D40 PC25600 3200MHz 8GB (1X8GB). I'm planning to add more RAM. I'm thinking about XPG SPECTRIX D60G PC25600 3200MHz 16GB (2X8GB), because it's same brand and sync with Mystic Light. Is it OK to add more ram with same...
  4. smokegrande

    Question Constant Windows 10 corruptions on SSD; Unsure if it's a hardware problem

    Hello, these issues have been affecting me for a long time, and I really want to find the cause and the solution! 6 months ago, I got an Adata SU630 SSD and installed Windows 10 on it (I also have an HDD with Windows 7 installed on it, but I use it only as storage basically). Things ran...
  5. B

    Question Error Coe 0x8007025D while installing windows 10

    System Specs: Intel Core I7 2600 8gb Adata XPG 1866Mhz Intel B75 Motherboard From an Acer Predator G3620 Crucial Bx500 960gb SSD EVGA GTX 980TI ACX 2.0 I recently upgraded my main gaming pc from having my OS on a 1tb hard drive to a brand new Crucial Bx500 960gb SSD. My PC ran just fine with a...
  6. hiutineric1234

    Question Memory PMU Training error For 8*2*2GB

    Window and bios display is 16gb ram,But the cpuz display is 32gb ram.How can I slove it?Thank a lot Cpu:ryzen 3600 MB:asrock X570 Phanton gaming 4 RAM:Adata XPG 3200mhz 8*2(2)
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Cloned 256GB SSD to 2TB SSD, new SSD freezing/hanging

    I’m trying to figure out if I did something wrong or I possibly have a bad SSD or it’s incompatible. I have a new Dell G5 5090 desktop with a Toshiba 256GB m.2 NVMe SSD on the motherboard. I bought an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB to take the place of the Toshiba and the secondary 1TB HDD. I cloned...
  8. Babarali85

    Question Memory issues with Ryzen 7 3700x

    Hi, I recently built my pc with the following specs MSI X570 MPG Gaming Plus Ryzen 7 3700X XPG 2 x 16GB AX4U3200316G-SR41 (3200MHZ) 16-18-18 Problem is here memory related as whenever im using XMP Profile 1 which is running the RAM on 3200, I frequently get a BSOD, if not then games crash to...
  9. ElMonzon

    Question My external SSD case is being recognizable in Device manager but the SSD in it not

    I recently reset Windows 10 by trying to change my HDD for an SSD, i used the SSD for games but decided to format it to replace the HDD, after several tries i couldnt install the SSD because for some reason, sometimes it did detected the SSD but later on it didnt (in the BIOS). So i put back in...
  10. A

    Question Which SSD?

    Hi , I am looking for an SSD probably around 500gb which I intend to use for games. With a budget around 50-75€ . I was looking for an nvme (because I read it's the best but idk) and stopped at xpg8200 pro or xpg s11 pro. but I'm new at this ssd category so any advice is appreciated...
  11. NOOB2PRO

    [SOLVED] BIOS Incorrectly showing size for M.2 SSD

    Hi! So my boot drive on my laptop has gone messed up and I don't know what's causing it. It's an ADATA SX8200 Pro 512GB. It can't access the partition that has my OS on it but it does show up in the bios as a 1GB SSD. I reinstalled windows on another SSD and disk management shows the same thing...
  12. D

    Question ADATA from Aliexpress

    Hello, I'm looking for an upgrade just found some decent prices on Aliexpress. Is this fake? I've seen a few videos on youtube were they are running well...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Select Good value RAM

    Which [8x2]GB RAM is better: GSkill Ripjaws V 3600 @ 18-22-22-42 GSkill Ripjaws V 3600 @ 16-19-19-39 ADATA XPG spectrix D60G 3600 @ 17-18-18-? [36-38 Possibly] ADATA XPG spectrix D40 3600 @ 16-18-18-? [35-37 Possibly] Since Adata never mentions trC values. I already have the #1 and...
  14. ahmedbarq


    Hi Guys, so I'm new to SSDs. Should I buy ADATA 240GB SU630 or SAMSUNG SSD 860 EVO 250GB? Kindly help me. My system specs are: Intel Core i5 3470s 8 GBDDR III RAM 1600MHz 1TB external hard Seagate Thank you!
  15. J

    Question Strange issue with M.2 SSd

    Hello everyone! I'm kinda dumbfounded with my issue regarding an M.2 SSD (Adata XPG SX8200 PRO), let me sum it up in short (I will provide detailed description further down): The new M.2 SSD shows up, works perfectly, nothing special, in the first cold start of the system. After shutdown and...
  16. A

    Question Moving OS and Data From Sata to NVME

    Hi, First of all I am sorry if this was asked and answered before. Here is Home PC Spec : i7 8700k MSI Z370 Gaming M5 RTX 2070 Zotac Mini RM 850X Corsair Samsung SSD 840 Evo 120GB (OS) Samsung SSD 860 Evo 256GB (Games) WD HDD 1TB around 6-7 Years Old Forgot the type. Adata SX8200 Pro NVME SSD...
  17. Question Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Slow write speed

    Hello everyone, i recently bought ADATA SX8200 Pro 1 TB NVMe drive... when at first usage, i ran CDM benchmark and get an exact speed as advertised 3500++ mbps read / 3000 mbps write, but as i fill the drive with some games it gets slower overtime until only reach max 800mbps write speed while...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Is it me or do these RGB Fans and RAM Led's for White look not like White?

    I'm midway through the journey to a White and Black build and I already got the parts that are gonna be for the (White) part which is some RGB Fans and RGB Ram set to a Static White, but for the last few months i've been wondering why both the RGB Fans and RGB Ram's White look off. The RAM looks...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] My last decision. Will it fit ?

    I start quick ! I need someone with good soul to find time and tell me if it fits. Im unexperienced and also i wanna be 100% sure because its my first build. I leave specs here ! God bless you for anyone who helps me ! MOBO: ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS CPU: Intel i5 9400f GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6GT OCV1...
  20. I

    Question ADATA - Ultimate SU650 960 GB SSD

    Hi, Does anyone know how reliable/good Adata is and whether it is a good SSD? I am getting it purely because it is cheap for the storage quantity but wanted to check that it's decent before buying. Cheers
  21. IAmTheTofu

    Question PC only starts up in Single Channel

    Hey guys, I got new RAM recently ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 16GB 2x8GB 3000mHz (AX4U300038G16-DT41) and it has been giving me issues on my AsRock AB350M Pro4 w/ Ryzen 2700x. Both XMP profiles don't work and I'm confused. The only way I can get my system to boot up in dual channel mode is through...
  22. darko.skulic

    Question Will 2x2gb and 2x4gb ram work just fine?

    Hey guys how are you doing? i have a pc with a gigabyte ga 990xa udr3 motherboard and a phenom iix4 955 processor. I hav 2x2gb 1600mhz patriot ddr3 ram. But my pc is not very good at gaming and lately it started dropnig fps on games. I wanna put 8gb 2x4gb 1600mhz and i found adata 2x4gb sticks...
  23. Crashman

    Info Lighter Than Yours: Adata Unveils RAM Nearly Covered In RGB

    Proof that heat spreaders are just for looks? Lighter Than Yours: Adata Unveils RAM Nearly Covered In RGB : Read more
  24. Y

    Question XPG SX8200 Pro Vs Silicon Power P32A80

    I don't know which to choose... By comparing both 1TB, XPG SX8200 Pro = $203 , SP P32A80 = $145. R/W XPG = 3500/3000 , SP = 3200/3000 I don't know which is better for performance (not considering R/W speed as both similar), durability and quality. Any experienced or who are using these M.2...
  25. L

    Question SSD reading higher temperature???

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a ADATA SU650 ssd, installed in the hdd slot and moved hdd to optical bay. The thing is it gets warm even in idle and without removing the back cover of the laptop plus cooler nonstop working i cant keep it under 50C and all over the forums peoples are...
  26. sid_90

    Question NVMe support

    Will ASUS PRIME B360M-A support ADATA XPG SX8200 NVMe SSD?
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Adata SX8200 slow write speed

    I'm using a ADATA SX8200NP 480gb and the write speed is very slow. Write speed hovers around 550ish for Sequential. Read speed is also slower than other benchmarks I saw but not as bad as Write. My motherboard is MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon, the ssd is plugged into the top slot with m.2 shield...
  28. P

    Question NVMe started act strange

    I am having issue with xpg sx8200 on Gigabyte h170-d3hp MB. All of sudden any ssd tool software (except Adata SSD Toolbox) doesn't show any SMART data from this drive (other SSD SMART data are shown), I haven't made any change in BIOS or any HDD settings in general. Also write sequental speed...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] SSD under performing?

    View: screen shots of my benchmarking scores. everything is preforming above or as expected but not my SSD...
  30. Info Meaning of RAM Product Item Numbers/Codes

    If you are looking at differences between RAM modules being sold or if you are just checking some RAM models of your motherboard's Memory QVL that have been tested, you may have come across with these hard-to-figure-out RAM Product Items/Codes such as: "HX430C15SB2/8" or "TED416G2133C1501" or...
  31. C

    Question New build - No display or GPU fan spinning

    Hi, First time builder. I am building a HTPC and I have managed to get all the components together and I thought I would be able to get it running but wasn't to be. I put it all together and turned it on in hope and then nothing appeared on the screen. Here are the components: MB: ASRock...
  32. 8

    Question Which is the better RX 570 graphics card

    Hey so after i recieved helped online for which graphics card is best for my system, i was told the RX 500 range is pretty good for my budget range which is just below $300 AUD . I found Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 570 4gb for $229 AUD and Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 8gb for $249 AUD. Im new to...
  33. E

    Question Changing from Integrated to a Discreet GPU

    Hi I was wondering if there is any specific way to change over from AMD integrated graphics (R7) to the RX 580 on a desktop computer as I have looked this up and haven't really found much at all. I'm not too sure if it's just as easy as plugging the HDMI cable into the RX 580 instead of the...
  34. H

    Need help for the connections

    Hello i have a graphic card with 2x6 pin but the power supply is 1x6 pin can i plug the 1x6 pin in the graphic card from the psu and the for the other 6 pin i have a 6 pin pcie to two 4 pin molex so i can connect the 2 (psu) molex to the other 2 molex(adapter cable) the a any help is really...
  35. C

    Hard freezing, crashing, problems getting worse...

    Hello all, I will try to ask this intelligently, but I am not the most experienced computer mechanic by far. I have a 10-month-old Cyberpower system that was (and still is) way overpowered for what I need. I do a moderate amount of gaming, but mostly I work on this computer, surf the net and...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] PCIe Express slot Compatibility!

    I have Asus H61M-CS (Motherboard) also a Core i5 2400 (Processor) and I am willing to buy a GTX 1050 TI 4GB which is a PCIe 3.0 card and my motherboard's PCIe slot says "PCIe 3.0 speed is supported by Intel® 3rd generation Core™ processors". And I have a Core i5 2400 (2nd gen)... So will GTX...
  37. G

    [SOLVED] Fan not spining

    I bought a zotac graphic card gtx 1060 6gb dual fan amp edition. But gpu one fan is not spinning....So what should I do.
  38. S

    about 3dmark fire strike

    Guys i am not oc my gpu but why in benchmark with 3d mark fire strike my gpu point is around 10.000. I saw the reference there its should be around 11.000 thanks
  39. H

    [SOLVED] Help plz! The core frequency of my 2080 start dropping suddenly and cannot go back to the frequency I always used

    I purchased my evga 2080 xc black in October last year and used for 3 months so far. I only use the OC scanner to overclock the gpu instead of manually overclocking and I never touch the core voltage to OC. The gpu could be stable at 2010mhz for months, but this morning when I turn on the PC and...
  40. sds20020024

    [SOLVED] Will this rig be okay for light gaming?

    I am trying to build a pc( my first build, i mean where i get to choose the parts myself, i have assembled a pc for a friend before) These are my specs: Will this build be capable of running most games at atleast 720 p and 30-40 fps? Games i want to...