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  1. B

    Back up failed

    Backup failed - some file paths are more than 256 characters long
  2. M

    Can't Adjust Screen Brightness

    I have a Dell Inspiron Gaming 7000 (7567) and can't seem to adjust my screen brightness. I can "adjust" it as my buttons allow the brightness slider move on the screen but the actual brightness of my screen does not change. Things I've Tried: -Adjust/Messing around with the display settings in...
  3. C

    Any one have a service manual for a Quasar CR 19 component stereo. fm volume is low and the fm stereo doe not light up.

    I need the service manual for a Quasar CR19 component stereo. Fm stereo light does not come on and low volume on the radio. cassette decks and turntable have plenty of volume.
  4. A

    Asrock a320m Am4 motherboard have built in wifi

    Asrock a340m motherboard. Does this motherboard have built in wifi, or do I need to purchase a separate network card?
  5. T

    locked at 185fps

    I have a Gtx 1080ti sc2 and was getting around 400fps, then out of the blue it gets capped to 185fps? I have checked everything and made sure v-sync was off. even going to the nvidia control panel and trying all options for vertical sync.. they're are no differences except screen taring. and...
  6. electro_neanderthal

    GPU, Coil Whine, and a Quirk or Two. Is This Something to Worry Over?

    So, recently I got a brand new (unused, box never opened) "MSI 390x Gaming" graphics card and have been doing two things with it: Gaming, and mining when I'm not gaming. Mining takes about 2-3 GB of the memory, but maxes out the stock GPU clock (which I've left it as). It's quiet and doesn't...
  7. P

    4790k temps maxing out with ANY overclock

    I'll start by saying I've been OC'ing my GPU for years but this is my first time attempting to OC my CPU. SPECS: 4790k MSI 270x 2GB 16GB 1866 DDR3 MSI z97 Gaming 3 Hyper 212 EVO I've watched a few videos and read some guides for my specific chip, but for some reason anything over the stock...
  8. T

    Cryorig H7 twists

    So I installed the cryorig h7 into my pc that i built and as I was routing cables the whole cooler started to twist to the left. Is that normal? I'm afraid to tighten it more cause i don't want to crack or dent my cpu.
  9. D

    GTX 780 Ti vs GTX 10 series power efficiency?

    Thinking about upgrading my 780 Ti in the next year or so to a 1070/1070 Ti/1080, and was wondering if anyone had any ballpark numbers for the difference in their electric bill after a similar upgrade? The 10 series is more efficient, but are we talking pennies or dollars?
  10. K

    How do I delete credit card or bank card numbers from my computer

    I want to delete my bank information from a online purchase Everytime I put the first number my whole card number shows
  11. C

    Windows xp administrative

    Cannot gain administrative access at login. Password secure to previous owner who is un reachable. Toshiba satellite windows xp.
  12. I

    help with ryzen cpu compatibility

    if someone is selling a ryzen 3 1200 that was OC'ed to 3.7 and I buy it and drop it into my a320 motherboard which will not support the OC will it still function and throttle back to stock speed? or will it not function at all until put into a b350 and reset to stock?
  13. F

    Accidentally shocked myself when unboxing my new graphics card, did I damaged it?

    Hello, so yesterday I received the Zotac GTX 1060 Amp that I ordered online, then I unboxed the packaging till it reveals the card inside the antistatic bag, when my left hand holding the bag (its touching the backplate right at the upside of the pcie connector of the still packaged card, at the...
  14. A

    How can you move windows 10 to new storage devices?

    This is pretty self explanatory really. If I install windows 10 onto a hard drive and upgrade down the line to an SSD (I just don't have the budget for it right now) how do I move windows 10 to the faster drive? Is it as simple as copying files from one drive to another? And actually, another...
  15. M

    Hard disk cracking/spinning sound.

    hello guys, my 500gb hard disk is having a cracking sound lately. not a loud sound tho. checked using Hard Disk Sentinel it shows the hard disk is healthy i.e green coded color. should i keep using it? or maybe some method to at least rectify the issue?
  16. T

    ThermalTake 600w Making Grinding Noise at random intervals

    I have a theemaltake 600w series making erratic random grinding noises especially while gaming, Just happened recently for no apparent reason
  17. J

    safe to buy used 4K monitor?

    is it safe to buy used 4K monitor, described as like new? do pixels go bad over time, or would bad pixels show up when u first get it?
  18. S

    FX-9590 /w 990FXA with Ubuntu 16.04 for sci computing FREEZ

    I have AMD FX-9590 8-Core 4.7GHz with MSI 990FXA Gaming+ cooler master Nepton 140XL, with 4xKingston 8GB Fury Black and ASUS R5 230 1GB + 120SSD and 1TB HDD. OS: Ubuntu 16.04. When ever I start doing computations in parallel, after sometimes it freezes. No BSOD, nothing, just stuck. I've...
  19. K

    Cleaning a mouse

    I have a logitech G502 for a months and now I see some fingerprint stain on my left click button. Is there any solution to clean that stain? This is without flash/light/room light this is with flash glad that someone will help me
  20. H

    PC freezing after turning on

    When I went to get on my PC this morning it turned on and after about 2 min it shut off and when I turned it back on I noticed my hoses didn't do their little jump so I took my loop out plugged it in my other PSU and noticed the pump didn't work. Empited it got the pump working put it all back...
  21. M

    Will this build work?

    Should I pair MSI B350M motherboard with Ryzen 3 1300x and turbo gtx 1060 with 16 Gb od ddr4 ram?will it be good?
  22. D

    New build, no POST, no display

    Hi all, I was looking for advice on any additional steps to diagnose why my new build is not POST'ing or displaying before I RMA. I believe it is the motherboard, but I'd like the input of this forum as I believe you all have far more knowledge on the topic. First time a new build of mine has...
  23. K

    My pc cant do gigabit lan :(

    i have 2 pc my own pc and my sister's. i was just wondering whats wrong with it that i cant do gigabit connection on my sisters computer.. I tried swapping the lan cables my pc did just fine doing gigabit on my sisters lan cable. i did set the speed and duplex to 1.0 gbps. i even tried to plug...
  24. K

    Prebuilt, previously fine machine has sudden no display

    I'm working with a prebuilt HP Pavilion HPE h8-1100z CTO Desktop with a Radeon HD 6870. The old lady was trucking along fine until last Friday. My husband put her to sleep and went to brush his teeth. Came back, noticed that she was unresponsive. After turning her off with the power button, she...
  25. M

    Safe overclocking i7 7700 can i overclock my pc to 4.2 ghz from the factory overclcoked 3.6, thanks.
  26. B

    Can't boot to Windows 10 CD from Sabertooth x58 motherboard

    I can't boot from WIN10 installation CD to reformat my Windows 10 pc and start clean. I'm using same Win 10 CD I used to format the first time a few months ago, when opened in explorer it works just fine, CD drive works and the CD itself has contents and setup launches ok. I recently bought a...
  27. I

    New Install of Windows 8 map drive issue.

    Hi, I reinstalled Windows 8.1 pro on my PC at work. I work for a software company and I am assigned Windows 8 support for people running our software. I have ran into a issue of able to access my network drives from installed programs in Windows 8. I created 4 mapped drives in window explorer, I...
  28. S

    Would this graphics card fit in my motherboard?

    I have a lenovo sharkbay motherboard and im looking to buy a nvidia gtx 1050 gpu. Would that gpu fit into my motherboard? Also, is my mobo an ATX or Micro-ATX? , thanks.
  29. W


    My new sansung TV has TEXT TEXT , 6 times at the bottom of screen. How do I remove it?
  30. N

    Help me with my system pls :)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently building a new PC and looking for your recommendations! I use it mainly for Gaming and Video / Photoediting. I edit 4k media, but I use proxies in Premiere Pro! I want a double Monitor Setup (which 27 Inch Monitor would you recommend?) What do you think about...
  31. M

    What pre-built PC do I want?

    So towards the beginning of the year, I started researching PC parts, and my ideal build. However, I don't want to go to the trouble of building it, and my computing needs and budget have grown higher and lower, respectively. So after some thought, I decided it was better to go with the...
  32. S

    My laptop is stuck in a "preparing automatic repair" loop and I want to install new windows because it doesn't want to reset.

    I'm trying to reinstall Windows 10 since I got a virus attack. I tried reinstalling using a DVD that seemed to be damaged so now I have a new one however its looping and doesn't want to boot from the dvdrom.
  33. T

    How to connect HA60 to my behringer xenyx 802

    I am a KJ and the mixer I've been using is a behringer 802 that I have my 2 PA powered speakers connected to. There is no internal fx and my singers complain there is no echo. I have a harbinger HA60 4 channel powered mixer with built in fx. How can I use all of these together to be able to use...
  34. I

    Acer aspire 5750g gpu problem

    I get the message "The NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged."When I play games, I click ok, close the game with the task manager, sometimes after about 15-20 seconds the pc freezes if not if i check in device manager the nvidia gpu has dissapeared and...
  35. S

    Pc mate motherboard faulty?

    Hello, I really need some help I bought brand new: And ryzen 5 1600 Corsair vengeance 1x8gb of ram MSI b350 pc mate motherboard Zotac Gtx 1060 6gb I could not get it to boot due to the bios being out of date of think, but some how it managed to boot after removing the CMOS and putting it back...
  36. E

    I3 7100 with GTX750 ti or GTX 1050ti

    Hello!!!! I am gonna upgrade my pc and I am confused,again. My current Specs. are : Intel Pentium G4400 Zotac GT 730 2gb DDR5 4GB ram 2400mhz ddr4 So,should I just get an I3 7100 with GTX 750ti or just go for GTX 1050ti and another 4gb of RAM?? The games that I play are: Dota 2 LoL(League of...
  37. D

    Best Build - Around $400 - Gaming PC

    Hello Folks, I want to build 3-4 PCs for my small gaming studio. Please suggest the best specification around my budget. Only for CPU - no need of monitor or UPS (even no need of Hard Disk) Work Load: Maya and Zbrush (around 50 million face) software Platform: Windows 7 Budget: USD 300-400...
  38. S

    amd 480 gpu clock jumps 300 1000

    clock setting stuck at 300 and i don't know why (solved)
  39. nembsuu

    Is this HDD about to die?

    Hi! So, the HDD in my little brothers prebuilt pc has been acting up. Before it would sometimes corrupt random files saved on the harddrive, but now when you open something from the harddrive, opened program shows up in task manager but doesnt actually open. This pc is barely a year old so if...
  40. G

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