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  1. M

    Dead Ethernet port? What should I do?

    Recently my Ethernet port does not seem to work. I tried a different wire that I know works with my friends computer and I updated the drivers which did not fix the issue. Every other connection on the back of my computer like usb and hdmi ports seem to work. The light for my Ethernet port does...
  2. S

    list of games

    My laptop has 5th gen i3 processor and 4 GB ram ,2GB Intel 5500 graphic card and my laptop is running in Windows 10 .Please tell which are the games I can play ?
  3. A

    PSU is missing power cables to run graphics card

    i bought a GTX 1060 6gb GPU and the recommended power supply is 400w. my computer has a 550w PSU but lacks the correct power cables (8 pin /6 pin & 2 pin) i read up on it and people tend to say that you shouldn't use adaptors for poor dispersal of the correct wattage and instead to upgrade my...
  4. L

    Black Screen with cursor after Windows 10 reset. Is the reset complete?

    Recently the screen for my laptop went out and I did not find it to be worth it to get it fixed so I want to try to sell it for parts. I hooked it up to a monitor and did the Windows reset option to "Remove files and clean the drive" to remove all of my personal files and make them harder to...
  5. S

    Processor for LGA1156 socket Or something else.

    Hello everyone This is my PC : Cpu : i5 660 3.33 GHz Motherboard : 5498A51 1156 LGA Ram : 8 with 3 sticks GPU : Ge Force GT 640 4GB I play games and i work on this Pc , i wanted to upgrade my CPU to something better but then i saw that the CPU needs to be the same with Motherboard socket...
  6. W

    High-End computer is loading slowly and games perform strangely.

    I've been having issues with my computer, it's been loading slower and also pages will temporarily stop processing for a few seconds before running normally again, and whenever I play videogames the problems vary like Skyrim will always stutter during combat, new vegas will sometimes stop...
  7. K

    Will a ddr3 gpu work with my ORK936 motherboard

    I have an ORK936 motherboard by Dell currently running Debian. I want to enhance the graphics performance and therefore wants to buy a gpu. Will I be able to use a ddr3 gpu with it? Here are my pc's specs CPU Intel E2180 @ 2.00ghz Ram 3gb ddr2
  8. G

    What is "Processor Number" enable/disable in bios

    I have an old Pentium 3 PC and in the bios is an option "Processor Number" with enable or disable, its in Advanced - Device Options. What is this and what should i do with it?
  9. B

    How to get 5Ghz priority through Access Point on dual-band router?

    Hello everyone! I'm a Windows 7 user. I have got an Archer C7 type Dual-Band Router and I would like to make 5G as priority over 2.4 G. Thing is, 2.4 G suffers from packet loss for like two weeks. Before that, my computer was always connecting to 5G and packet loss was not an issue at all. Now...
  10. A

    Do you have to plug in a Graphics Card in order for the computer to power up?

    I have been building a computer for a couple months now and have all the parts except the Graphics Card and SSD. I have connected my power supply connectors to all the proper ports and have tried to power it up. I have a older graphics card in as a replacement in case I need a graphics card in...
  11. J

    Motherboard cpu header

    My motherboard is a asua p8z77-v lx I was wondering if I can put two fan on cpu header push pull. Look at two CRYORIG 120mm pwn or the 140 pwn
  12. G

    3 pin Chassis Fan connected to Motherboard not spinning

    Hi guys, I currently have a problem. Yesterday, I was tweaking the RPM of the chassis fan that came included in my case when I bought it. My case is Tecware Alpha. The chassis fan was connected to my Motherboard at that time, and SpeedFan showed it's RPM while I was tweaking it. Suddenly, I...
  13. J

    Can someone help with User Bench Error?

    Hi guys, can someone help me understand this error i get on userbench when completing this build, i have all components now except the mobo. The error i get is showing at the bottom beside the mobo. Userbenchmark PC Build Comparison Baseline Bench: Game 45%, Desk 54%, Work 39% CPU: AMD FX-6350...
  14. ToxicThing

    BENQ GL2250M Wall Mounting

    Is it possible to wall mount BENQ GL2250M? If so, do you get the kit in the box or you have to buy it sepparately?
  15. MART3R

    Will an FX 8350 @4ghz bottleneck an RX 480?

    Im currently running a GTX 960 OC'd with this CPU and it doesnt look to be getting bottlenecked at all, will it still be the case with an RX480? Im thinking about upgrading to dual RX 480s because I can get them both for almost the price of one but Im wondering if it's even worth it if my CPU...
  16. C

    Kaspersky 2017 Antivirus destroying WLAN capabilities

    Kaspersky is interfering with WLAN receivers in 2 of my computers. I have several devices that can all without issues connect to WLAN access points, hotspots, routers. However 2 of my computers, one with a fresh win10 and the other with Win7 have massive problems getting access to WLAN. Most of...
  17. D

    Is this old GPU compatible?

    XFX GeForce 9400 GT (512 MB) Graphics Card: Asus ATX P8H61 Thanks (P.s this GPU will be used for...
  18. P

    Dead Laptop Screen HELP!

    Hi all ! Got a good one here for the pros ! Laptop Model: HP Probook 4510s ( Intel Graphics ) OK so a while back my laptop screen and keyboard stopped working, so I disassembled it and have put all the remaining hardware it in an acrylic box ! Its now a desktop :P It was working fine with...
  19. ericsantos

    Laptop HDD on desktop?

    so i just wanted to throw in a extra HDD for photos i've edited/when i wipe my SD cards for my camera. (Basically strictly for photo storage). can i just completely wipe out and install my old laptops hdd onto my desktop? thanks!
  20. Y

    First time build - help?

    Watched a YouTube video and this PC looked really good. I need help finding the parts for the UK! I have found some but I will link everything: - found in UK...