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  1. W

    Monitor has black screen and won't respond to button inputs?

    Hi, I have a benq GL2460 1080p 24 inch as my second display but it isn't working. I started my pc up this morning and the monitor remained black, it will not respond at all to pressing the buttons on the side of the display even the power button, it just keeps a orange led. I tried unplugging...
  2. J

    Is a gtx 650-DC-1GD5 'Ideal' for gaming?

    I am looking to see if that graphics card is any good for my first build I'm going to do soon, I have a : I3-6100 cpu 3.7Ghz HyperX fury 16gb ram And a gtx-DC-1GD5 1gb 1tb hard drive H110M-D D3 motherboard I was wondering if that graphics is any good for a game like GTA or any cod franchise...
  3. A

    I need help with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 !!!

    I am using windows 7 64 bit ! I installed Skyrim Special Edition..Then when i launch it , i get an error "The Program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I googled it and found that this error will...
  4. jeff-j

    Best Router for Xbox Upnp

    So I have 2 XBox1 and 1 Xbox360 on our network, that are all wireless for the time being. I have a crappy netgear wireless router right now, but occasionally the thing locks up and need to be power cycled. When we have LAN parties and everyone brings their Xbox1 over the router constantly...
  5. J

    PC Build questions

    hey guys, I am about to build my very first gaming PC. Just wanna make sure it's compatible and wether you have any better ideas. specs: Case: NZXT SOURCE 340 Midi Tower PSU: AeroCool Strike-X Gamer ATX 600 watts Motherboard: MSI 970A Krait Edition CPU: AMD FX 8350 4,0 GHz CPU-cooler: ARCTIC...
  6. P

    i7 4790k cpu keeps overheating

    Hello I've build my first computer and everything seems to work fine but the cpu ( i7 4790k ) seems to be overheating when I put it on a stress test. (90-100c) I recorded the temps with coretemp and msi extreme tuning utility and the cores are at 40c when idle. 70c when being used a little bit...
  7. A

    [HELP] needed in assembling a new machine for Gaming.

    Hello there, Since my old system is officially dead. I am now moving forward to assemble a new budget system for gaming purpose. I live in India so it would be helpful if you could help me with Indian market price of computer parts. My budget is 35,000-40,000 Indian national rupees which...
  8. BlueFireZ

    Kernel security check failure??

    Hey guys I just received my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 a couple days ago and its great. I got this message saying "Kernel security check failure" twice while editing videos in Cyberlink Powerdirector 14. Is there a way to fix this? Is it somehow tied to Powerdirector?
  9. M

    Asus R9 290 OC Black Screen HELP!!!!!

    About a week ago my r9 290 while in game my monitor turn black after about 10mins of gaming I don't know the problem but I think it might be the graphics card. After this happened I downclock my 290 to stock settings core clock: 947 memory clock: 1250 and it worked fine after that here are my...
  10. D

    Need a super silent 135mm psu fan for my xfx ts 650w psu.

    should I look for the lowest rpm fan ? or will it not push enough air in. what is the minimal rpm required for a psu fan .
  11. RejectedPotato

    Windows 10 not working properly.

    The title is kind of vague, I know. Basically, I turned on my computer this morning to find ton of new issues waiting for me. Here they are: -Cannot right click items in taskbar -Cannot open start menu -Location of Documents, Pictures, etc. changed to default location [FIXED] -Chrome...
  12. T

    Anyone tried using Remote Desktop on their netbooks with Windows 10?

    My plan is to install windows 10 on my old old Samsung NC10 netbook with a N270 atom processor. I read few other forums, which states they were able to run Windows 10 on N280 atom processors with alright performances. My goal is to run windows 10 so I can run the Remote Desktop app to my main...
  13. A

    Best gaming laptop under 70000 INR / 1000$

    Budget - 70,000 INR Looking for a nice gaming laptop Want to play gta 5 40+ fps at medium or high , CSGO at 150+ fps at high Brands preferred - HP , DELL , ASUS , LENOVO Place where I live - Mumbai , India ! Place I can buy - flipkart / amazon / any local store Models I viewed at...
  14. MNebi

    Windows 7, says I am not connected but I am

    I tried the Microsoft Support Thread, it did not work. Ok, so Windows 7 says I am not connected, but I am! Can someone help, it's really annoying! This is what I'm dealing with btw
  15. D

    Cant see my Graphcis Card where it should be.. Is it integrated? and a few other questions.

    So I dont see the Graphics card where it should be so im thinking its integrated? So I have a couple questions, if you guys could help me out. Is my graphics card integrated? Would I have to remove it if I wanted to install a new card like a 470 or something like that so I could play some...
  16. A

    Which is the latest intel socket?

    Can someone clarify which is the latest intel socket please (and the latest intel chipset)
  17. J

    asus rog g750jz selling price

    Hi all, I need to sell my laptop ( so sad... ) because of personal reason, I kept it as a soon, perfect condition, how much do you think can I have for this? Asus ROG Display 17.3 Pollici Full HD, Processore Intel Core i7-4710HQ, RAM 16 GB, 2x SDD 128 GB Colore : Nero Modello: G750JZ-T4129H...
  18. G

    psu help pls

    My pc specs GTX 970 DirectCU II OC Strix Corsair Vengeance: 2x4GB 8GB 1866mhz Z87-A - Asus I5 4670 3.40GHz no k corsair: PSU CX750M 63A Hi all been thinking about getting another psu but need...
  19. M

    GPU Compatibility w/ my build.

    Hello! I have never done this before, so excuse me if I seem a bit newb-ish. I'm looking to get a graphics card for the Lenovo H500s desktop, which already has Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics, as shown here. I have the Intel Pentium J2900 CPU and a Lenovo motherboard. I opened up the PC...
  20. H

    High Vcore voltage on a i5 4690k?

    I'm planning to overclock my 4690k somewhere in the future. However, my core voltage is around 1.139 V on stock while running Prime95. When is run the CPU stress test in Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool it goes up around 1.129 V. I use CPU-Z to read the voltage, maybe it's not showing the right...
  21. P

    Is there an available 2nd drive bay on Acer Aspire E 15? I want to add a HDD.

    HardDrive bays in Aspire E 15 notebook
  22. B

    HP pavilion touchsmart 14-b164tu malfunctioning keyboard

    Hi, I have this problem with my laptop, the touchscreen and keyboard are not working properly. Sometimes they function well but most of the time they malfunction, as example when I use the down arrow key the window that is opened is minimized. Another is that, when i hit the 1 button the help...
  23. J

    Budget PC Build $800-$900

    Hey, This is is my first ever gaming PC build but I have a tight budget of $800-$900 Australian dollars. Is there any chance someone would be able to write up a build in that price range that would be able to ran most games at ultra or even Very High. Thanks Josh
  24. D

    How powerful is this gaming pc build?

    Hi! I have a build for a new gaming pc, and I would like to know in your own opinion on how good this build is. CPU- intel i7-5820k 3.30ghz 15mb intel smart cache LGA2011-V3 Six Core HDD- 256gb ADATA SP610 SSD + 2TB SATA III RAM- 16gb DDR4 4x4 Quad Channel Memory MB- MSI X99S SLI PLUS ATX...
  25. thelivingflesh

    2way xfire or 3way xfire for photoshop, editing & gaming on 1080p

    Hello, I need some recommendation here regarding the weak link in my pc and do i need to upgrade anything.... i want to game on maxed out everything at 1920x1080 in 3D stereoscopic mode!!!. and i work on photoshop and video editing sometimes.... x6271 was the score on 3dmark - stock everything...
  26. S

    PC Build for £600

    Hi there guys, So I've decided to build a PC... With the help of someone who can actually build PCs. Any way this is what we have decided on so far... But it's a tiny bit over budget, does anyone have any tips or suggestions or improvements etc? MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 Motherboard - Intel...
  27. Edgerunner

    pci express x1 to pci-e x16 adapter???

    Are these adapters worth anything? I have a GA-78LMY-UBB3 mobo and it only has 1 pci-e x16 slot but I ran into and excellent price on a second GPU. I was planning on waiting till Cyber Monday to get a new atx mobo and gpu but....
  28. M

    460w PSU Video card upgrade issue

    So I am currently running a 460w PSU in my computer, it is running by default at Radeon HD 5700, and i'm finally noticing it's not running things well enough for me. I am looking at upgrading my RAM and video card. I am good to go on the RAM but I am unsure as to where to go up too for video...
  29. Luker1759

    Do all motherboards fit in all cases?

    I was just wondering if I could fit the MSI FM2 A75MA-E35 mini atx motherboard in the Zalman Z9 plus case? However I may change my mind so I would also like to know which kind of motherboards fit in which cases so I know what I can get. I have little to no pc knowledge and I am planning to build...
  30. F

    Getting lower than expected performance

    I built a new computer about 3 months ago, I put a lot of money into it and I'm getting lower than expected results with most games as far as performance goes. Two problems that I had from the beginning were I'm not able to OC the cpu because it becomes unstable even with the slightest boost...