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  1. Z

    Bottom front fan lights up and spins for 10 seconds.

    So I bought a new case the other day, the Corsair Crystal 460x and it's working fine except this bottom front fan starts spinning until my PC boots into windows, but the leds are still on (it's corsairs rgb fan) I currently have it plugged into my motherboard. I switched connector to see if it...
  2. L

    Tor Browser 7.0 Launches With Firefox 52 ‘ESR’ Base, Multi-Process Architecture

    The Tor team launched version 7.0 of the Tor browser, which now includes the multi-process architecture of Firefox 52 "ESR", as well as a sandboxing mechanism for improved security (only available on macOS and Linux, for now). Tor Browser 7.0 Launches With Firefox 52 ‘ESR’ Base, Multi-Process...
  3. Callum Clarke

    4 Pin power supply on an 8 pin motherboard (Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2)

    I'm looking to order a new CPU for my build and I was wondering, I currently have a 65W TDP processor installed and I am looking to install a processor with a TDP of 95W. Will a 4 pin connector be okay or will I need to get a molex adaptor or even an entirely new power supply?
  4. Sam130214

    windows 7 activation, product key is invalid and it's not letting me change product key, OEM version. (don't want hacks)

    About 23 days ago, I was upgrading my grandma's laptop to windows 10, but before that, i had to install some tiny updates through windows update (already downloaded). I started the download for windows 10 (assuming that it won't install on its own or the tiny updates would finish installing...
  5. R

    Seasonic or Enermax

    Hello, I have to buy a new PSU for my computer and I am undicided. My two choices are Enermax Revolution X't 530W and Seasonic M12II 520 Evo. Enermax PSU is 80 plus gold and Seasonic is 80 plus bronze, but people say that Seasonic capacitors are better. What's the better choice? The price...
  6. K

    Skylake Pentium Build

    Im on a budget of $275.00 USD for a PC and Im in a split decision about the two Skylake Pentium models they have, which are the G4400 or G4500. They both have integrated graphics and I just want to be able to play my games in 720p@60fps. Is it worth the extra 20 dollars to buy the G4500 with...
  7. K

    Too much at once?

    I'm about to put a new motherboard in my oldish system. I'm currently running Win7, but I put in a SSD which, dual boot, is running the Win10 preview. Have lots of memory and storage. I assume that in a month or two I will move the Win7 stuff to Win 10. Currently, Win7 is 32-bit, but I want to...

    asus auto tuning, now not booting

    I recently did a build with an Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0. It was working fine, but I decided to try the auto tuning feature, just to see. Well all I have now is a paralyzed system. It will go to the ASUS screen, but won't allow F2 or DEL to access the BIOS, nor will the direct bios button get me in...
  9. S

    Is the corsair carbide spec 03 any good for pc gaming?I'm building it with an asus gtx 980 and i5 4690k,If it's not good can y

    Looking for a good gaming case,I don't care about the budget
  10. K

    PC Crashing on high stress

    Hello, before I will discuss the problem I will post the specs, eventhough I don't know the exact brands because I did not built the system myself. ASRock B75 Pro-3 Intel i5-3570 Nvidia GTX 660 OC 8 GB RAM (One stick) 1TB Harddrive @ 7200 rpm 750W Power Supply Whenever I start playing a game...
  11. W

    Is the I7-5930k really worth it?

    I just dont see the advantage of the I7-5930k over the 4790k I've looked at a lot of reviews and such and no one seems to think it makes a noticeable i missing something i mean i know the obvious on paper advantages but real world does it really perform in the gaming world and as...
  12. J

    Windows 7 over windows 8

    I have a used HP A900 that I loaded windows 8 on It had Vista. how can I remove windows 8 and reinstall windows 7 from a repair disc?
  13. Confused Idiot

    Help With Buying Gaming PC

    I'm looking to buy a gaming pc preferably 950 dollars, I prefer prebuilt, though if I must I will build, But I'm worried If I build I have to pay lots of money for shipping lol I want it to include EVERYTHING I need to start gaming, monitor Wifi adapter,OS, I do not need a mouse or keyboard but...
  14. S

    Good Build for my needs

    I found some builds online at newegg deal First build Second build This will be my first time making a PC so I would like to start off with a good basic build for my needs. I already have a laptop but the specs are not good. This laptop was given to me from my school so I...
  15. G

    will wifi adapter work with pci to pcie x1 ?

    I bought a wifi adapter that runs on pci e x1 but I have a graphics card that takes two pci slots and the pci e x1 is right below my pci e x16. So pci x1 is blocking my gpu. So I was wondering would this wifi adapter (rosewill n600pce) would work with a pci to pci e x1 adapter? I dont think...
  16. TwistedFury

    Msi motherboard 990fx pci-e lane 1

    My MSI board has had this problem since I got it, but when I use the first pci-e lane which is the x16, there's no output, but it's fine on my x8, how do I fix it? From my Android device.
  17. Jill Scharr

    Target Malware Found on Home Depot Card Readers

    The same malware behind last year's Target data breach may have been used to steal millions of credit cards from Home Depot stores. Target Malware Found on Home Depot Card Readers : Read more
  18. A

    minimum wattage needed

    i7 4930k (oced 4.5) Asus rampage iv gene 32gb gskill ripjaws 2133 EVGA Titan 500 gb ssd samsung evo 3tb hdd seagate EK l240 watercool kit with gpu wb corsair 350d my seasonic 750 m12II died, need new psu. xfx 850w black or evga 850w g2 ?? can't find a 750w, will end up with a 850w, each psu...
  19. klewlis1

    Which is better at cooling my overclocked FX 8320

    I have a H70 /w 2 Swiftech Helix fans running p/p on a FX 8320 overclocked to 4.3 GHz and i am still getting alot of heat output behind my pc. I'd like to make a dent in that heat output as i live in a 10x10 bedroom and it gets pretty hot in here. I was thinking of going with a H100 or a Noctua...
  20. A

    Pre-applied thermal interface material?

    I just bought this processor brand new, and it says it has pre-applied thermal interface material. Does this mean I can go ahead and throw the processor and heatsync on to the motherboard without adding any paste?