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  1. JDLiang

    Question Asus 24 LED FHd Monitor stuck at 69 hz

    The refresh rate of my two asus 24 FHD is stuck at 60hz. I have a rtx 2070 super, tomhawk b450 max, and a ryzen 5 3600x. I have tried to use different adapters like dvi to hdmi and dvi to display port but none of that worked. I also tried to update my gpu.
  2. ajinkys

    Question PC COMPATIBILITY CHECK RY5 3600 + 2060 SUPER + X570

    Hi Please help for compatibility check for Motherboard and Ram Also, advise any bottlenecking issues in the below build. Anything below is overkill do mention. Purpose - watching movies in 4 and playing all latest games in ultra setting. Looking to build a rig which is bit future proof...
  3. J

    Question Xmp settings in maximus xi hero

    Hello, When i choose xmp1 i get a message with a yes or no The message is: Would you like to enhance the system performance with the xmp settings? Selecting no applies intel stock settings Do not select 'no' if you intent to overclock the cpu Choosing no still changes the profile to xmp1...
  4. Question Connecting an ARGB 5m 5V WS2812 LED Strip to Asus Z390 F Motherboard

    Hi, I have bought a 3m 60 (LED) ARGB LED strip from Aliexpress. The link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32995915537.html I am afraid to connect it to the motherboard. Would it work if I directly connect it to the motherboard ARGB header or do I need an adapter for the strip? I have already...