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    Can I/how can I install more RAM on a ThinkPad X200?

    I want to have 8GB of RAM on it
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    New pc build hdd problem

    So im starting a new pc build project and went to fresh install my Windows OS. But it seems like it cant create a partition on the hdd. I opened it at diskpart from a secondary OS and it came up with an error. I can't list the error cause it's in greek but a rough translation would be "Cyclic...
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    [SOLVED] ASUS P5G41T-m LX3 stuck on windows logo after adding another 2GB RAM

    Hi All, I have problem regarding with my old computer. SPECS: Motherboard............ ASUS P5G41T-m LX3 Processor................ C2Q Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz RAM ....................... 3GB (2GB & 1GB) 1333 MHz Here is the scenario; I'm planning to upgrade my 1GB to 2GB, so I bought 2GB of RAM and...
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    Noctua fans cooling dipped too low from theoretical max speed

    So I currently have the following system: evga 280 clc with 2 Noctua NF A14 ippc 3000 fans. Another same Noctua fan on top panel for exhaust. One 120mm stock fan on rear exhaust. i7 8700k and msi z370 A-pro motherboard. I find it strange that when I cranked the three Noctua fans up to their...
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    Can't find my answer and new to building pc's

    Can you by any chance start up your PC without ram and storage and just the cpu? Or will that mess the system up.
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    Did I lose performance?

    Ok so I bought RX 580 and Ryzen 2600X. I never updated the graphics driver since it was already installed when I built the pc. But I decided to update the graphics driver for more fps. And I did it and I got in trouble, I lost a lot of performance so I had to reset the pc and download a graphics...
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    How much is a GTX 1080 worth after mining?

    Hi there! I'm looking to upgrade from my 1050ti and now have a decent budget for a gpu (350$ USD). At this price point I was going to go buy a brand new MSI GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G, but my roommate (who is a miner) has just opted out of GPU mining and said he'd match that price for a used 1080. The...