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    I am buying this new build in 10 days. Any recommendations?

    Hello everyone. So I am upgrading my old PC (i7 3770K + GTX 980 Ti) to an entirely new build this month and I wanted your kind input/advice regarding the new components. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($569.99 @...
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    I want change my old ssd (for MSI Z97 Gaming3)

    My old SSD is to small for me and i want buy bigger one (512GB or 1TB). Would be great if it would be fast as well and not sure if i can use any other then SATA one on my motherboard. Could you recommend good and fast SSD?
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    Amazon ROG Strix 1070ti for $397

    I currently have an msi gaming X 1060 6gb and it’s great. I’ve had it for 2 years now and I want to upgrade my gpu. Looking on amazon yesterday (11/12), the best deal I found was a evga ultra quiet 1070ti for $409. But today, the price jumped to $479. Now today, I look on amazon again and Asus...
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    Antop AT-108 Paper Thin Indoor TV Antenna Review: Skip It

    Another in a long line of small, flat indoor antennas, the Antop AT-108 is one of the lesser performers in the under-$20 crowd. Antop AT-108 Paper Thin Indoor TV Antenna Review: Skip It : Read more
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    [SOLVED] Computer won't detect sshd

    SSHD problem, my PC won't recognise sshd when plugged in, When I first got it I formatted it and everything I even put a few games on it however the sshd randomly started disconnecting so I tried a different port in the motherboard the same thing kept happening again. So I forgot about it and...
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    PC was working, now not so much. (HELP)

    Hello. I have been for 2 days trying to fix my computer after putting a new CPU fan in. I haven't unplugged anything, in fact I built the PC myself and the PC is exactly how it was before and after putting the CPU fan in. Just after putting it in, my computer would power on, fans spin, all...
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    what is wrong?

    So i recently had water leak on my pc, it leaked for 2 hours without me noticing, i dried it for 24 hrs and to my surprise, the computer could still turn on. That meant the psu was fine, my graphics card is a gygabyte radeon rx 560 and when i booted the pc its said "gigabyte insist on ultra...
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    Firewire card disappeared

    Hello all, I need some advice because I am stumped. I recently put some upgrades into my Windows 10 computer (16 more GB of RAM, liquid CPU cooler, Sound Blaster Z sound card) and upon putting everything back together my computer is no longer reading the IEEE 1394 bus card I have in one of my...
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    Laptop screen repair

    so recently i broke my laptop screen, so i took it out of the laptop and got the model, LP156WF6(SP)(M5). I need to find a replacement and found one here but i want to have one that is shipped from my country Australia...
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    Limited connectors PSU

    Hello ! I am building a PC with low power requirements for a solar system. I refuse to go with a Laptop or an inverter. I have 2 questions regarding the PSU connectors, would you help me please ? Heres the intended build Intel i5 6600 // or 6500 (Intel graphic 530) MSI h110m PRO m2 //...
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    [SOLVED] My PC Won't detect GPU

    Hello. My PC won't detects my GTX 1050Ti with the new processor: Intel Core I5 2500. The I5 has integrated graphics card, and my PC only uses it. It won't even detect the 1050ti in the device manager, or in the BIOS. With the old processor (Intel Pentium G2020), it detects the 1050ti, and it...