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  1. O

    [SOLVED] Question about fans.

    I wanna buy new case fans but I really don't have any knowledge about fans. So I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. I do not have a price range. [120MM] Thanks
  2. X

    Problem after fan replace and thermal paste Strix r9 390

    I am getting what looks like memory screen problem after fan replacement and thermal paste on my ASUS Strix r9 390 Boots up and goes into repair mode in win 10, boot picture screen has vertical 1 inch memory blocky distorted graphics. Oh and yes it does it on other machines the same. Anybody...
  3. L

    pc shuts down random

    i build a new system a few months ago, since a month or so i am getting random shut downs. my screen turns black and fans start spinning at 100%. its not specific when playing games, mostly it happens when just in desktop or when i am wathcing youtube. i already did the memtest, intel cpu...
  4. blight_89

    Opinion on my PSU

    Hello to all, I bought a new PSU yesterday, and I wanted to know if it'll work well with my system, and also if this PSU is any good in general Here are my system specs CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 Motherboard:ASUS H81M-R Ram: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 MHz 4GB ( HX316C10F/4) SSD/HDD: HDD Toshiba...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] How to install MSI drivers?

    I'm currently setting up my new build and need help installing the drivers for my mobo, which is a B450 Tomahawk. I already downloaded the files from their site on this PC but I'm not sure how to properly install them. Do I have to go into BIOS? Or put the files on a USB from another computer?
  6. J

    [SOLVED] New build do i need more cables or what

    Im doing a new build and im trying to salvage as much as i can. Im using a corsair tx650m psu and i have a prime a320m-k mobo. I figure my 24 pin goes into the according slot on my mobo and the 8pin marked cpu goes into the atx12v 4pin slot. Problem is my gpu has an 8 pin i need to connect and i...
  7. M

    Hi!! i,cant connect my bose cinemate II in a in a tv LG65uk75 dont have exterior sound, please help me.

    my bose cinemate ll is not sound on my new smart tv lg65uk75 webos... what can i do?
  8. D

    Which laptop out of these 2 should I get?

    Hi guys Which laptop config should I get for casual gaming, Lightroom & Photoshop, and occasional video editing? I tend to multitask quite a bit (happy when I can at least keep 10 tabs open in Chrome when I'm doing video editing for instance). Choice 1: GTX 1060 MAX-Q 6GB / 16GB DDR4...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Why doesnt my pc turn on?

    Hi guys, im really sick so i cant write normally. I build my pc 2 weeks ago and it didnt turn on because my motherboard didnt support the 9th processor. At that time i accidently connected the 6+2 to my cpu and 4+4 to my gpu. Now i am scared that that maybe killed my cpu. I have connected...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Installing on SSD or NVME in a new computer

    Hi, I have a new computer with an M.2 MVNE drive and SSD both are 500 GB. In the windows drive installation I can't tell the difference between them (and I want the windows on the M2), but it show one drive as 465.8 GB free space and the other as 447.1 GB. Which one is the MVNE? Thanks
  11. J

    Best 24" 144hz monitor

    Afternoon all - following the latest Nvidia freesync enabled driver im finally taking the plunge on a 144hz monitor. I currently have an Acer 27" 1080 60hz monitor which I bought a couple years back before I upgraded my PC. Reducing to 24" now as cant afford a 1440 resolution 27" so I have a...
  12. Paul Wagenseil

    Best Windows Antivirus 2019

    Kaspersky Total Protection is the best antivirus software overall, but Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is best for customers on a budget. Best Windows Antivirus 2019 : Read more
  13. C

    my x5360ud asus laptop always has BSOD

    my laptop always goes to BSOD at random times. i checked in my event viewer and the asus system analysis.exe is at fault (i think) i dunno what to do, any suggestions?
  14. I

    Laptop internal card reader not working - Video -

    Hello, i have a msi gaming laptop, & my realtek internal usb card reader , stop working few days a go and not working again any more, my system is windows 10 and never change the system. in the fistr part on video the SD is not inside then i put inside but the reader appears and disappears and...
  15. N

    cyberbyte computer store

    I'm looking a a motherboard (gigabyte Z87X OC) for only £50 on the Cyberbyte Computer Store and i am sceptical as to wether this is a scam website or not. If anyone has any experience with this website please proceed to answer this thread the website seams to be very bare and none of their...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Asus RT-AC66u or Sonicwall TZ 205 for firewall and VPN

    Cold rainy day, nothing better to do than mess around with computer stuff. I have to decide between continuing to use the Asus router or should I switch out for the Sonicwall. Home/office. 4 of the Asus at the main building, ubiquity long range wireless to reach the shop and another Asus. I...
  17. Hello man

    Help me find a NAS solution!

    Hey guys, While I am an avid system builder, I am new to the world of NAS, homespun, purchased or otherwise. Here is my problem: I am a college student, but I am also a professional photographer. I handle sometimes upward of 700 30mb raw files at once, and I can't stand having them in...
  18. itzxethan13

    why am i getting frame rate drops on battlefield 5

    well when i play games like Tom Clancy's The Division and pubg and put the settings as the optimized right settings it allways drops fps especially when i play Tom Clancy's The Division it allways lags and goes bellow what it should be and is not smoothe specs MOBO: H110M-K motherboard cpu...
  19. A

    Lagged frames, Streamlabs

    Alright so while I am streaming high intense games, my GPU goes to 100% while the temps are about 63o. Now when I stream with that GPU at 100% I get lagged frames which makes the game look stuttery while maintaining almost over 100fps. I have tried limited FPS to 60 but the GPU is still at 100%...
  20. P

    RTX 2060 Compatibility

    I have Asus Rog Strix B350f gaming motherboard which is gddr5 if I buy the new RTX 2060 Graphics card which is gddr6 will I be able to connect to the motherboard?
  21. R

    Everything on my pc doesn't run full usage. WHY?

    So I play any game on steam and Im stuck with 30% gpu usage and 30% CPU usage on all CPUs. I have Ultimate Performance enabled in power plan, and my gpu is overclocked, and I do have performance mode on Nvidia's power plan. Here is my benchmarks and images.
  22. S

    Gtx 1050ti 4gb causing reboots

    I have gtx 1050ti, I accidentally pushed the core clock to additional 300 on msi afterburner, and since my system is facing random reboots. I have tried uninistalling the after burner and also did a clean windows install, still I am facing random reboots
  23. prince_xaine

    XPS 410 - SATA III Add-in Card

    Specs: Motherboard: XPS 410 Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 @2.9 GHz Graphics: PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Memory: 8GB (4x2GB) Samsung DDR2 @800 MHz Storage [SSD]: Kingston A400 120GB Storage [HDD]: Western Digital Blue 320GB Power: 350W XPS 410 So the motherboard only comes with...
  24. P

    Is my ssd having hardware faulty?

    Hi, guys. Thanks for your time reading this. So, I just bought this Kingston A400 ssd (480 gb) to replace my current OS hdd drive like 2 weeks ago. btw, I am using gigabyte H61m-s1 with sata 2.0 port. From then on, my pc is experiencing freezing and lockup for up to 7 to 12 s. This lockup...
  25. D

    Q9550 with gtx 750 ti

    Hello i have a intel q9550 8gb of ddr3 ram 1333mhz 500w power supply and currently a radeon r7 240. I am thinking of upgrading to gtx 750 ti 2gb.Can you guys give me other cards recommendations and also upgrades?
  26. M

    [SOLVED] PC Build help/suggestions

    So im building my frist EVER pc here folks! Before i get dumbstered by u guys for my decisions, i wanna ask for some advice. Im going to use a GIGABYTE B450M DS3H with a potentially ryzen 5 1400, or a ryzen 3 2200g( which saves me abit of precious money ) and as for GPU i managed to get my...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] Stuttering issues, CPU or GPU?

    Ok, i'm not very knowledgeable with these type of thing so i'll say what i know of my issue. When playing any type of game i'll get a random stutter and my screen would freeze for a good second, i won't be able to move my mouse or do any action. This stutter also happens when i'm on my main...
  28. G

    [SOLVED] Replacing 40mm fan on 1U PSU but lower RPM. Will it work?

    I am going to replace my original 1U PSU's 15000rpm 40mm fan with Noctua 5000rpm 40mm fan to reduce the jet engine noise currently coming out of it. Will that work fine or lead to any fire hazard? Since the airflow will be reduced by 1/3rd. Please help me find a solution to reduce the PSU...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] USB and On-board Sound Crackling ASUS Z170-A, HDMI Sound Works

    The other day I noticed the sound began to crackle through my 5.1 system when gaming, or moving the mouse around while watching a YouTube video. My system exhibits the same issue using a USB headset (Rosewill RHTS-8206). I scoured the forums and tried many of the suggestions made by prior users...
  30. J

    Can't enter BIOS

    (FYI I don't understand a lot of what I did and the correct terms for things) I just built my first pc and was trying to get my monitor to display from the GPU's HDMI port and wasn't having any luck. In the bios I went to advanced settings--> Advanced/system agent(SA)-->graphics configuration...
  31. Lyelyei

    [SOLVED] Will there be compatibility problems with these ?

    Hello buying new parts for my pc and i wonder will there be compatibility problem with these parts ? intel i5 -9600k HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16GB kit 3200MHz MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON
  32. N

    [SOLVED] Aorus Z390 Won't Recognize Hard Drives

    New build with some old parts from my previous system. I cannot get get the mobo to recognize the hard drives, neither the ssd or the hdd. Windows install media doesn't show either of the drives as an option. I'm fairly new to PC building. Have been scouring the internet with no luck. Gigabyte...
  33. H

    [SOLVED] Pinout Diagram for HP 717372-002 aka EliteDesk 800 G1

    I am building a new computer from this motherboard, of which many are for sale on Ebay, so this will probably be helpful to others. I have searched HP's website and the www in general and cannot find the specifics for this particular layout. As stated, it's an HP EliteDesk 800 G1, the P?N...
  34. M

    New MSI MEG z390 ACE not getting 1000Mbps. Previous board and other laptops reach 1000mbps without issue

    Hey guys, I am at a loss here and was hoping someone might be able to advise. I recently swapped out my old Asus Crosshair VI Hero and Ryzen 1800x for the MSI MEG z390 ACE and 9900k. I did a completely new install of windows. The issue I am facing is that I cannot reach over 100mbps (I have a...
  35. B

    Asus ROG STRIX B360-H stops at post

    The ram led comes on at start up but doesn't stay on. Nothing gets displayed to the screen. Motherboare: Asus ROG STRIX B360-H Gaming CPU: i5 - 9600k GPU: ROG STRIX RTX 2070 PSU: evga Supernova NEX 750B RAM: 2X8 Corsair DDR4 2666MHz
  36. K

    [SOLVED] Concern about my pc

    Context: there were people trying to fix our AC and they turned off the power to the house. So I was playing games and they turned off the power without me knowing And my computer turned off and restarting saying something about a asus anti surge, my pc just restarted and returned to normal. I...
  37. Y

    [SOLVED] Does my g31m es2c support core 2 quad q9400 with gt 1030 gddr5 2gb

    I have mobo g31m es2c and I would like to upgrade the computer so I want to buy intel core 2 quad q9400 and gt 1030 gddr5 so it will be fine ??
  38. V

    [SOLVED] Want to upgrade my old pc

    Hi guys.I have 2008 pc with Foxconn P43A01 motherboard with 350W PSU Wondering if i can put this things on it Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9650 Corsair 4gb DIMM 800Mhz Pc2-6400 Nvidia Geforce gtx650ti As far as I know, this should work but wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.
  39. K


    Hey everyone. I need to know, will my case be compatible with my motherboard RGB-wise, I.e, has enough RGB 4-pin slots? Mobo...
  40. A

    is the biostar TA890GXE motherboard combatible with zotac gtx 750ti 2gb ?

    is the biostar TA890GXE motherboard combatible with zotac gtx 750ti 2gb ?