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  1. Parker Le Nerd

    Question Need help restoring files from backup!!

    Hey, So I was having some problems with my old surface pro 4 when one day windows corrupt itself due to some odd circumstances (I tried everything and it was definitely corrupt) after trying to get windows back onto the drive (it diffident work) I decided to get a new surface. It just arrived...
  2. F

    Question failed restore with EaseUS Backup

    I am using the free edition of EaseUS ToDo Backup and run into problems with restoring in a specific situation. I was doing regular full backups of a Win7 system partition, located on Disk 1 (not sure if it matters, but when I installed Win 7 a long time ago, I forced Windows to use that...
  3. HerbertSherbet

    [SOLVED] Creating a cohesive backup shared between a Windows and Mac computer

    I want to make a single backup of all my family photos on an external hard drive. I then want to clone that backup for redundancy. I also want some way of automating changes (such as writing, deleting, and organizing into folders) onto the redundant drive. These are photos that will be taken...
  4. mikekazik1

    [SOLVED] Are docking stations more reliable than external USB hard drives?

    I had a Western Digital Passport from 2011 that died on me a few months ago. I was thinking about getting something else so I can do external file backups. I came across some hard drive docking stations that you can stick regular desktop hard drives into and have that be your backup device...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Too long path

    when trying to migrate windows server 2012 R2 to 2016 via Robocopy . .. I have a problem that can't be skipped named -the path is too long -, something like that! how can I solve this ?
  6. Mem Boi

    [SOLVED] Using a Raspberry Pi to Automatically backup USB sticks

    So I want to use a Raspberry pi or something like to automatically update my flash drive when I plug it in. I Sorta did this with my laptop but I really don't use it that much. So my Idea is, at the end of the day, plug it in the raspberry pi, it auto back it up. It would also serve as a place...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Ok to run Pc off of back up generator

    Hello I have been hit by a few storms that my community has lost power for days from one just happened last night and I’m still without power so I have a Generac 20,000 Watt home standby backup generator that runs off natural gas and I’m wondering if it’s safe to run a gaming Pc with it if it...
  8. Q

    [SOLVED] App to automatically back up older versions of files on Windows 10 (other than the built-in File History feature)?

    I need an alternative to the built-in File History feature in Windows 10 for several reasons: 1. I've used File History for a while, and I noticed that even though it is set to save files every 10 minutes, it doesn't actually do that. If I work on a file for a few hours, it only saves the...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Backup Drive: New HDD vs Reused Laptop HDD

    For my PC build I have a 500GB NVMe SSD, but I also am planning to add extra storage in the form of hard drives. This storage will rarely be written to/read from and is just for backing up pictures and videos. I wouldn't mind paying fifty bucks for a 2tb HDD, but I was wondering if it would be...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Would a RAID-0 SSD array significantly increase loading speed of an older laptop?

    I'm currently using an older ASUS G75VW laptop with an 860 Evo SSD drive and have noticed that certain programs like Photoshop, Premiere Elements and larger games take quite a while to load (8-15 seconds). I already own a second identical 860 Evo SSD and was wondering if I would see any notable...
  11. Luisdent

    [SOLVED] backup storage solution

    I'm having an incredibly difficult time finding a safe and simple backup solution i can afford. can anyone offer any ideas for my situation? I'm running two systems that i use together. a windows 10 (latest version) pc and a macbook pro laptop (newest os and patches). i have external exfat...
  12. Ihaveaquestion9000

    [SOLVED] Best solution for RAID 1 setup?

    Hello! I just bought and received the WD My Book Duos in order to use it as a RAID 1 Backup for my Data. To my amazement it has enabled hardware encryption which can't be turned off. This is unacceptable for me as it destroys the whole purpose of RAID1 and data recovery - so i will be sending...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Must all drives be in RAID?

    I was wondering If all drives in a PC had to be in a raid configuration, or if you could have say your OS on an SSD and then have to HDD's in a RAID 1.
  14. E

    Question Whatsapp backup - Three phones

    Hi everyone, I have to change my phone and I'd like not to lose Whatsapp chats. I know the deal, but this time it's a little more complicated. There are three phones involved: A) the old one, to be dismissed. It's my personal phone, with all personal chats. Android. B) the one I use for work...
  15. [SOLVED] Two system drives while creating System Image

    I am replacing my old HDD as it's crashing a lot and so deciding to buy a SSD but when I'm trying to create a system image, the program is showing two system drives. Actually, I have two hard disks in my pc. I even tried to unplug the other hard disk(which is not crashing) and the OS still boots...
  16. V

    Question Cant backup C drive Volume is locked by another application

    Hello, iv tried various programs to try and backup my c drive but i keep getting similar errors saying volume is locked or being used by another application. I've tried running backups in safe mode as well as closing all background tasks i can but still get this error. checked the drive and no...
  17. A

    Question Will my Windows10 Backup work under these conditions?

    I recently decided to upgrade my storage space on my PC, but I’m worried with how things are setup that my system image will not work. I’d like some advice on two combinations. My previous setup is one 120gb m.2 ssd as an OS drive, and two 1TB SSDs in Raid Zero format. I’m replacing it with two...
  18. M

    Question Is there any way to block automatic iCloud backups through my router rather than going on each individual device?

    So for starters, I have a rather large family and a very slow internet connection due to where I live. Recently I've been having an issue where late at night my internet drastically slows down to the point where it's almost unusable. I figured out that if I turned off my router (Netgear R6900P)...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Does Motherboard Raid 1 work on TR3 TRX40 motherboards?

    Does Motherboard Raid 1 work on TR3 TRX40 motherboards? just seen this. Having had hard drive failure before causing me catastrophic problems and setting me back tow years as it have all my portfolio and uni...
  20. M

    Question Macrium Reflect, GPT & MBR

    I want to use Macrium Reflect free ver to clone an SSD so I can boot from the clone HDD. The SSD is GPT and 250GB but so far I only use ~80GB. The HDD is MBR and has two 250GB partitions. Can I use 'clone' to copy the recovery partition, the weird FAT32 26MB partition, unformatted 16MB...
  21. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrading OS and doing clean install - best backup options?

    I have a Lenovo Y500, currently running Windows 8.0. I also have Windows 10 installed. I want to do a clean install of Windows 10, but I want to keep my Win 8 files and programs. I plan on initiating the clean install from Win 10. What's the best way to backup my Win 8 files and programs to...
  22. L

    [SOLVED] Best way to Back up pc (like Mac Time Machine)

    As the title say what's the best way to back up my pc so if I lose a file, I get a virus, I have a drive failure, ecc. I'd be able to recover my system with no problems? Time machine is the only thing I miss from Mac Os since switching a long time ago.
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Will a 4TB Hard Drive work as a secondary backup drive on an older Sata 2 motherboard

    So I'm planning to purchase for my computer a 4TB Seagate IronWolf for backup not for booting from it and I'm wondering if this will work. My CPU is an intel i7 860 and my motherboard is an ASROCK H55 with SATA 2. On it i have a primary SSD (Windows Boot Drive) and the new Seagate will be...
  24. Shaun98

    [SOLVED] Need help with encyption

    Hi, I have recently encrypted my system drive using veracrypt but I have multiple other drives for storage of games and files. What im trying to do is encrypt all my hard drives and backing them up to back blaze. How would I be able to back them up without anyone else gaining access to my...
  25. S

    Question Backup to VeraCrypt encrypted drive

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 with several encrypted HDDs and an SSD, and an external 5TB USB3 drive, now also encrypted with VeraCrypt. Before I encrypted the external drive, I was using Windows 7 built-in backup to backup to the drive. Now that the external drive is encrypted, W7 no longer allows...
  26. S

    Question New motherboard, does backup work for windows reinstall?

    I built my PC, and I want to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 from an i7. I need a new Mobo, and I'm just wondering whether or not I need to reinstall Windows or buy it again because of the new Mobo. Thanks!
  27. C

    [SOLVED] Easiest Way to Auto Clone M2 to External SSD Daily

    I have two M2 drives in my computer. One for data and one for OS and programs. The samsung 960. Was hoping I could just buy two large SSD drives and clone to each of them through external docking station. Is this possible? And does Samsung have a software or is there something better. Want...
  28. G

    [SOLVED] Best long-term storage solution

    Which is the most suitable medium for long-term backup storage? As in 10+ years of very reliable storage with little chance of data loss. I need to back up mostly media files, videos being the bulk of it (some hundreds of gigabytes). I would use it for doing backup operations once every few...
  29. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Battery Dead Android Data Recovery

    Hello guys . So recently my phone (Xiaomi redmi note 5A Prime) fell into a pool of water . After letting it dry the device could turn on but was completely unresponsive . A day later the device was completely dead . i opened it up and show that the battery was in terrible shape with bumps and...
  30. ptferg1234

    [SOLVED] Use a backup image of Windows 10 on a new SSD.

    Currently waiting on a new M.2 SSD to arrive and I just need to know how to properly use the image of the SSD. The SSD has Windows 10, programs, settings, a game or two, and some mods. I used Macrium Reflect to make the image and it's stored on one of my hard drives.
  31. NightHawkRMX

    Question Good free way to backup data onto a nas.

    Hello, I just got my NAS complete and hopefully will run for more than a day before going offline like last time. Specs: Intel Pentium N3530 Quad Core 8gb DDR3 HP S700 120GB SATA III SSD set as Windows Storage share because I couldn't figure out how to make it a cache drive for the HDD. Seagate...
  32. mxritz

    [SOLVED] How to backup an external HDD?

    Ok, so I just recently bought a new portable hard drive (WD Elements), since my previous external hard drive failed. To prevent stuff like that I would like to backup my data regularly. Do you guys recommend any software, or online clouds that are free and easy to use?
  33. piggy_rambo

    Question UPS Recommendations for gaming PC

    I'm wanting to get a UPS to provide clean power and backup power to my new gaming PC that I will be building soon. I have looked online at power supply calculators and seen that my new gaming PC will use about 600 - 700 watts at full load, I also want to factor in my five monitors and speakers...
  34. A

    Question I was able to migrate OS and boot successfully but what are in these other partitions on old HDD

    First I would like to say that this website and forums are awesome. You all have so much knowledge that you are willing to share. With your help I was able build a computer while blowing right past my budget by thousands.... I had a old HP PC and was going back to school. I already hated to even...
  35. O

    Question Windows 10 backup and file history of multiple internal drives

    Hello, Windows 10 allows me to selet multiple internal and external drives for backup. After it backs up it's shown that it's backed up on the backup drive but file history only shows my C drive no other internal drives are visible in the file history. Is this the way it's intended for Windows...
  36. X

    Question Can I backup my PC using my home UPS?

    Would there be any compatibility issues? My home UPS is 1500 va. Logically, I'm gonna connect my case and monitor to a power strip, which is connected to a power socket. In case of a power outage, power will be directly supplied from my home UPS. If a power strip would cause issues, what would...
  37. ASDID

    Question I need some Backup BIOS from Asrock x370 Fatality Gaming X

    Hello, I need someone who has an asrock x370 fatality gaming x and make a backup of the bios please send it to me, since my bios is brickeo and I need a backup because the one that is downloaded from the official page is not the same
  38. C

    Question RAID 0 & RAID 1 + offsite backup drive risk factors

    I currently have around 12TB of data (pictures) spread across several external drives and one drive being in Raid 1 and I'm trying to clean the mess I've made now. So I recently purchased two 24TB G-RAID drives because I wanted to simplify how I store my pictures with the added redundancy...
  39. Wheel in the Sky

    [SOLVED] Will RAID 1 work with an SSD and HDD, and is that a good choice?

    I am building a new computer very soon, and have 2 things I want to accomplish: I would like to use an SSD (only) as the main drive, with everything on the SSD. This is an upgrade from the current HDD-only computer. I would like to not lose any data if the SSD fails. Cloning the SSD to a...
  40. A

    [SOLVED] File Recovery After Failed OneDrive Backup

    Hi there, I was attempting to perform a clean install of Windows 10 on a family member's computer, something I've done easily in the past. I was making sure to backup on the local files, using the family member's OneDrive account. Unfortunately, I didn't check to make sure the files backed up...