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  1. kikani.kautik

    how to fix spinning blue circle next to mouse cursor in windows 7 ?

    Hello everyone !! I have major issue in my PC please read all point. how to fix spinning blue circle next to mouse cursor in windows 7 ? - i am trying to resolve it since 6 month - i had installed windows 7 more then 5 time may be os problem but not resolved then after - i have replace...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Confused on M.2 SATA drives.

    I'm trying to buy a new SSD for my laptop from crucial but when I go to their main website and type in my laptop's model, it says the drive isn't compatible. Here's what I'm trying to buy: The old SSD that died/IO'd on...
  3. Salvinha

    Windows freezing in games - Bad PSU?

    Dears, hello. Recently (August) I built a gaming machine, and below is the following configuration: Asus ROG STRIX X470 F-Gaming Ryzen 5 2600x (I did not choose superior because I was already targeting the next generation of Ryzen 3xxx) EVGA GTX 1080 FTW (already has little more than a year...
  4. T

    Is my PSU enough for max. performance?

    Setup:- GPU - ASUS NVIDIA ROG-STRIX-GTX1080 CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700X MoBo - GIGABYTE GA-AB350M RAM - 16gb OS - Win10 Preface:- All temps are fine I can run all games fine current PSU is 550W corsair Despite the fact I can run all games fine, I was expecting a bit more performance out of this...
  5. E

    what is the best GPU

    What is the best GPU on AMD Build Coputer? is it Nvidia or AMD..
  6. D

    i7 8700k coolermaster 212 evo?

    so at the moment i´m rocking an i5 6500 with the coolermaster 212 evo but im planning to upgrade to an i7 8700k, can the 212 do the job of keeping it cool at stock speed? at least for a while, later im going to change the 212 for an noctua nh-d15(not a big fan of water cooling), once i get the...
  7. B

    CPU red light turned on on my motheboard don’t know what’s wrong

    I’m having problems with my i5 7600k (this has happened twice this year) what happens is the cpu just completely dies or breaks something like that. The first time it was the motherboard and the cpu because it just completely wouldn’t turn on at all and I ended up getting a new motherboard but...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Fullscreening games forces "Out of Range" on monitor

    My monitor black screens and says "Out of range" every time I full screen a game. I play Overwatch, R6: Siege, CS, etc. but I have to use borderless windowed for everything. I've had this problem for about a year now and I stopped trying to fix it a while back. I would assume it's a hz issue...
  9. L

    Lost operating system

    My hardware is out of system.
  10. M

    i5 4690K@4.3 GHz@1.075V

    Temp is 68 degrees C after 1.75 hours in Prime. Temp in the room is maybe 65 F/18 C. (Heater would start working at that level. I may be wrong, but it would start a few degrees above the current temp, right? I turned it off right away, though I may turn it on when its really cold, for the night...
  11. N

    looking for expert counters

    How do you count to 10
  12. A

    Disk defragment broke my HDD

    Greetings, Tom's Hardware community! I seldom use forums online, but in this case, I think that I cannot avoid it. Since you already read the title, I will list some facts regarding my case: The hard drive I am using is a Toshiba SATA 1TB 7200rpm drive via an encasement. This means that I...
  13. brandonclone1

    [SOLVED] Pen only touchscreen (disable finger touch input)

    How can I disable finger touch input while leaving pen input enabled on a touchscreen tablet/PC? My HP zBook x2 is a detachable workstation that I use to draw pixel art directly on the touchscreen. However, when resting my hand on the screen while drawing, the touchscreen fouls up...
  14. A

    Microsoft Surface pro 4 disassembly. What SSD is supported?

    Hi, I'd like to upgrade my current ssd to a higher one as I, simply due to storage. As i'm away for work a lot and cant connect to the internet, since being in remote locations. I have an external hard drive to watch movies on etc, but would rather just use the surface only. I have dissembled...
  15. S


    I have a cooler master masterliquid 240 and it is just excessively loud. It literally sounds like Niagra falls and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I've tried going into my bios and setting a custom curve and all that but, it is either dead silent of louder than a waterfall which makes it...
  16. A

    Old Computer with New Life

    Name: Asinto CPU: Core i5-2500k Motherboard:Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 CPU Voltage: 1.31 (Bios currently set), but my core voltage on my CPU-Z shows 1.320-1.334+ (fluctuates a little depending on load) CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier: 100.26 Mhz, x45 Turbo on all cores Clock Speed: 4.5 GHz RAM: 24Gb (2x8...
  17. A

    USB port powers on computer...

    Recently rebuilt my computer; replacing Motherboard, CPU, RAM, and graphics card. This new build has an odd hiccup i cannot work my head around. The power button is only capable of turning the PC off, it will not start the computer as it used to. When I was plugging in my Keyboard, the PC...
  18. H

    I am looking to upgrade my PC components, but I am unsure what would be the best for my current system

    Hello, I have had a gaming PC for a little over 2 years now, and I am looking to upgrade some of my parts. Previously, I had bought a pre-built iBUYPOWER desktop, so unfortunately, I do not know a lot about the "building" or modification process (pertaining to gaming computers. In short, I...
  19. O

    CPU Temperature is high on i7 8700

    Hi, My cpu temperature is high from computer starting. At the beginning temp is 55c & while i am running normal task, it stays from 61c-70c. I have run Intel Extreme Tune 5min stress test. @ 100% load, cpu core temp goes upto 85c. I usually run 3d animation & vfx software. Now I am concern with...
  20. G

    Surprise! Wireless ISPs Throttle Video Streaming

    Northeastern University researchers discovered that wireless ISPs, including a satellite provider, throttle streaming video services and not other apps. Surprise! Wireless ISPs Throttle Video Streaming : Read more