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  1. J

    Display Port at 144hz

    Hi guys, just purchased a new monitor and I have seen that all display port cables can support 144hz at 1080p. This may be a dumb question but will they all also support it at 1ms response time? Just wanted to double check before i buy the cable
  2. D

    Which PC configuration should i choose for now

    I'll try to explain the situation as best as i can :D So here's the thing i've paused my Gaming YouTube channel (with 140+ subscribers) until i get my PC. Now the plan was to get a 1050 ti as it would've definitely a GOOD GPU for me. But now that the new GPU lineup i.e. the RTX and lower tier...
  3. Y

    Best budjet ram,overclocking possible?

    Hello, I have b250 chipset motherboard i am looking for best budjet ram which should i preffer?,also should i overclock ram speed on this motherboard?
  4. T

    Corsair Dominator RAM giving DRAM error light in new build

    Hey guys. So I tried to exhaust all my options before coming here. I’ve just upgraded three hardware components in my build — CPU, mobo, and RAM. When I go to boot, everything turns on normally and sounds as it always has...except for my monitors. I’m not even getting a POST! I can’t test...
  5. D

    Old 8mm Camcorder Issue

    I own a old RCA camcorder which only has a yellow and white port. When I plug in the yellow and white jacks into the camcorder and tv I get a black and white playback. Does anyone know whats wrong? I have 8mm tapes that were recorded in color. Thanks.
  6. P

    4pin ATX malfunction

    My Desktop PC Specs: 1. MoBo (Intel Essential Series - D945GCNL) 2. HDD - 500GB (Toshiba) 3. Graphics Card (Nvidia Zotac 710) 4. RAM (DDR 2) - 2GB 800 MHz(PNY) + 1GB 667 MHz (Transcend). 5. OS - Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) 6. New PSU - Intex Smart 450 Watt. Facing Problem/s: When 4pin ATX...
  7. macdiva

    Clean install windows 10 on nvme but how to uninstall os from current boot drive

    I’m purchasing a 256 GB 970 evo for my boot drive and basic system files. I already have windows 10 on my current hdd and want to keep the other files and data I have on that drive only. I am going to do a clean install of windows and the required drivers onto the nvme drive. How do I remove...
  8. G

    Looking to buy a new monitor question

    I'm looking to buy a new montior with 120hz or higher refresh rate so when I am playing windowed borderless games my refresh rate isn't locked to 60hz because of my 2nd monitor. This new monitor would be my 2nd monitor and my primary one is a 120hz BenQ which I love. My question is can I run...
  9. T

    404 not found on a specific network

    Hey, so I cannot connect to my website I hosted through bluehost and created in wordpress. The page displays the following 404 error: Apache Server at Port 443 This happened right after I changed the Wordpress URL and the Site URL under the settings menu in the wordpress...
  10. M

    Laptop for a twelve year old for school and drawing...loves Photoshop

    Hi, I need a laptop for my girl for school but that will also be good for her digital art wich she loves. She wants to be able to work with Photoshop because it can do layers. I was recommended and bought a Lenovo Yoga 730 (i5 Intel 8th gen, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD) today but we have not opened it...
  11. A

    Average ssd boot time on win 10?

    Hi,I have a kingston a400 240gb ssd in a laptop with 8gb ddr4 2133mhz in dual channel ram and an i3 6006u,and my boot time is like 16 seconds until I can use everything Is this a good boot time? P.S: It is in gpt,uefi and ahci
  12. V

    Ethernet connecting and disconnecting

    I recently ran a Ethernet cable trough the house (Cat5e with distance of 35 meters) and plugged it into my pc, now my pc keeps connecting, verifying and then the connection disappears. I tried changing the speed and duplex, it connected but the webpages didn't load in properly. If anyone of you...
  13. C

    Can only connect to 2.4GHz

    So my Dad uses the same WiFi as me and on his Network properties it says the Network band is 5GHz yet on mine it says 2.4GHz. I've recently bought an 802.11ac adapter to make sure I can use 5GHz. I have searched on command prompt using netsh wlan show drivers and it confirms I can use 5GHz. I...
  14. A

    Stuck pixel truly unfixable?

    Greetings! I have an ASUS MG279Q monitor and it's absolutely fabulous. I bought it because of the colors it displays via IPS technology and the 144hz refresh rate. But I have one stuck pixel. Mind you, stuck, not dead. It shows a red color and it's really bugging me, but I don't want to return...
  15. J

    hook up tv,dvd, sat box to receiver for 5.1 sound

    hi, how do i need to hook up my tv, dvd player, sat box to my receiver for 5.1 sound from tv and dvd? my receiver does not have an hdmi connectivity. these are the components: blu ray dvd player: samsung BD-J5100 tv: LG led tv 65UJ6540 sat box: att/uverse ISB7005 receiver: Pioneer elite...
  16. H

    $950 Gaming PC

    Main usage: -Video Editing -Photoshop -Gaming Working > Gaming ----- Build: CPU : AMD Ryzen 2600 Motherboard : ASRock AB350M PRO4 RAM : G. SKILL DDR4 AEGIS GAMING SERIES F4-3000C16D-16GISB 3000Mhz 2x8GB 16GB kit GPU : ASUS ROG STRIX RX570 OC EDITION 4G HDD : Seagate 2TB ST2000DM006...
  17. I

    Are NVIDIA drivers supposed to tell you to set up G-Sync each time you install new drivers?

    Every time I install new drivers it tells me to configure G-Sync settings in the nvidia control panel, but G-Sync is already turned on. Is this normal driver behavior? I also ask because G-Sync isn't really working for me in most games. I noticed FPS drops, which tells me it may not be working...
  18. J

    Can't get Windows 10 to boot from USB or Hard Disk

    I have an MSI GL series laptop ( I had it for a year and it died on me the other day, but my friend and I are able to...
  19. D

    Fix me stick will not boot up

    Toshiba pc. Older pc Click on icon, pop up says. Alllow app to make changes to device , click yes, circle runs , then disappears and nothing happens
  20. V

    Keyboard pressing multiple keys

    Hi! im having an issue with my coolermaster devastator 2 keyboard. It is pressing the letters B and V at the same time and N and M at the same time, the enter button also seems to be pressing together with the f12 key. All of this happens when i first turn my pc on and after 3-4 hours of on time...