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  1. C

    Question Benq GW2270 - Input VGA wont work

    So I bought one of these. Should have just gone with one with an HDMI but that's ok to late now lol. I built a PC and it is connected to the DVI port and works perfectly fine. To keep my xbox running and since I use an elgato to do fifa streams occasionally I decided to buy a HDMI to VGA plug...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] How to clean a monitor without making any marks or damaging it ?

    Hello guys. I got this monitor (BenQ G2222HDL) from dad´s friend unfortunate without power cable and any other cables but im planning them to buy soon. I watched the monitor specs on internet and its kinda nice monitor. I would definitely use it as a second monitor. But the monitor is very dirty...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Monitor recommendation

    Hi! I am looknig for a recommendation for a new monitor that's not too expensive. Currently I have been looking at the HP OMEN 27" LED G-Sync Z4D33AA and BenQ ZOWIE 24,5" DyAc LED XL2546. The HP OMEN is a 1440p res. and the BenQ is 1080p. My current setup is: Motherboard: MSI Z370-A Pro CPU...
  4. T

    Question 1440p ultra-wide monitor - 16:9 Issues

    Hey People, I have BenQ EX3501R 1440p ultra-wide monitor, I occasionally stream, and when I stream, I would like to use 16:9, however when I do this, it stretches to 21:9 anyway, any ideas on how to fix this ?
  5. bibeksaha

    Question Which monitor should I buy LG 22MP68VQ vs BenQ GW2480?

    LG 22MP68VQ vs BenQ GW2480 With which monitor should I go with? My main purpose is coding and programming. I sit like 40 - 45 cm from the monitor. These are the pretty much my only choice in terms of monitors availability in the market and budget.
  6. bibeksaha

    Question Which 1080p monitor is better?

    I want to buy a 1080p budget monitor and have narrowed down the choices to 24 inch 93 ppi BenQ 2480 and 22 inch LG 22MP68VQ 102 ppi. Which one is better for a coder/programmer?
  7. JitzeK

    [SOLVED] Benq xl2411 -b only 60hz?

    Hello, So I recently bought a benq xl2411 that was advertised as a 144 hz. I got it sended and it looks al good. But when I read the back it said this: 50/60 hz. It is a zowie one so I am a bit confused it is with a 1ms repsond time and cant find anything out if i type in the name: Benq XL2411...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Is this possible?

    Hello! so i have an Asus G11CB and its connected to a Benq RLhm..45.. something through the HDMI port on the GPU iso. I also want to add a second display, an Acer 27” KG271C monitor. Is it possible to do this using any port, there is a strange DVI looking port below the HDMI port on the GPU ISO...
  9. Review BenQ PD2700U 4K HDR Monitor Review: Pro-Level Accuracy, Attractive Price

    When you need a monitor with unfailing color accuracy, you generally turn to professional monitors, with their factory-certified calibrated screens, heavy-duty build quality and lofty price tags. But our testing has uncovered some diamonds in the rough. Some monitors can deliver everything a...
  10. D

    Question How to connect to hue 2

    Ok guys, so I messed up, I got some Chinese knock off case called chiptronex ( model is raptor rgb) and I purchased the NZXT hue 2 now I can’t connect those 4 fans that came with the case as they are 6 pins ( ikr -.-) so is there any way of connecting those fans to the hue or a cable to convert...
  11. Frank-Bouch

    Question My 2 screen setup not working anymore

    Hi, I have 2 screens plugged into my GPU (RTX 2060) my 1st screen is plugged in the Displayport for 144Hz and my 2nd one is plugged in the HDMI. Everything worked fine for weeks and today my 1st screen syas No signal detected. I tried everything to fix it and nothing worked until I unplugged...
  12. T

    Question AMD GPU broken connection or not?

    Hello folks, I have an issue with an AMD R9 270x (sapphire) that I was hoping someone could shed some light on. It's from a colleagues sons PC I built for him, apparently the screen has been going funny and then the PC is endlessly restarting with a blue screen. Sadly I've not seen this...
  13. Question RAM problems

    Hello, I'm just a quick note that I built my pc and kinda new regarding pc hardware. I have been using my PC for almost a year now and recently had this problem where my ram's only using 8gb instead of 16gb and its speed suddenly went from 3200 to 2133 MHz. I don't know when this problem...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Adata XPG SX8200 Pro (960GB) compatible with z170x Gaming 3

    So pretty much the title is the question. Is my motherboard z170x Gaming 3 compatible with Adata XPG SX8200 Pro (960GB) ? Does anyone know ?
  15. X

    Question What does this mean?

    Can someone explain what is this ? View: For the ram...
  16. H

    Question How is the Antec HGC GOLD Series PSU?

    In my region the Antec High Current Gamer GOLD Series 750W 80Plus Gold Fully Modular PSU is $95. Is this a good quality PSU, or are there better options out there for $100 and under?
  17. T

    Question PC not playing any games. Goes into fullscreen with huge black borders

    I have an xps 630i. Graphics cards are properly installed and read fine. Directx 11 in installed. Currently using windows 7 ultimate. If i try any game, screen hangs in fullscreen with huge black borders and smaller square in the middle of screen, anyone can help me and point me into the right...
  18. Dimasuumsi

    Question Asus X450CC new ram not recognized?

    So i just bought a 4 gb ram to upgrade my x450cc laptop from 4gb (total) To 6gb(total). It has 2gb on board memory and 2gb upgradable memory. Both the previous 2gb ram and the new 4gb ram was usable until it become unrecognized, the 2gb lasted a couple years and the 4gb stick lasted a whole...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] CPU Head-spreader: Do i really need it?

    So, im wondering, if i was able to attach some things to allow the cpu to be secured without the IHS, could i mount a cooler directly to the die without having any issues? If you could please link me a thread that has tested it and has results that would be GREAT! Don't just say no without...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Can anyone list some compatible motherboards for the ryzen 5 2600/2600x?

    Wanting to upgrade to a better CPU so i will need a new cpu and motherboard but im finding it hard to find a definate compatible motherboard for either of these cpu's (not sure which one to get yet). CURRENT CPU: i5-4440 CURRENT MOBO: LENOVO 10120 GPU: 1050TI RAM: 8GB+4GB DDR3 PSU: 600w any help...