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  1. O

    Question Mobo doesn't have any addressable RGB ports? (Crosshair VI Hero). Need to connect RGB fans (Don't know which RGB controller I should buy)

    Board diagram I just finished building a new PC in the Fractal Design Torrent case but have no way of connecting the RGB fan cables. I think there's a total of 10 of them.. I'm struggling to find any good RGB controllers that would work and most of them don't have that many ports to connect all...
  2. D

    Question Corsair SPEC-01 Maximum Cooler Height

    Hey guys I am considering buying the Noctua NH-U12S Redux cpu cooler for my pc. However, I use the Corsair SPEC-01 case, which says that the maximum cooler height for the case is 150mm. This is a problem, as the Noctua cooler's height is 158mm. I know that there can sometimes be a form of...
  3. mossi

    Question What is the quietest case you've ever used? with a tempered glass panel if possible!

    Looking for potential candidates to upgrade my case to and I love quiet cases. I'm not about the airflow, I don't really believe in it as my case hardly has any as all the fans are down to the quietest setting yet everything is nice and cool! I'm all about the acoustics but I'd like to go RGB...
  4. AbrahamMalpica

    Question Are there more PC chassis like the 5000D from Corsair?

    I need one chassis that let me mount the radiator of 360 mm on the top and that also support a push and pull configuration, just like the 5000D from Corsair. Please, thank you.
  5. Tennis987

    Question Small form factor case that fits an ATX motherboard?

    Hey all, I am building a small desk PC for my nephew on his birthday that he will use to play some light games like Minecraft and other's. I plan on giving him my old Ryzen 2600 CPU that currently sits in my MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard with a Hyper 212 EVO and was wondering what case's you...
  6. Chris 2224

    [SOLVED] Help needed with PC Case fans

    I have 0 experience with case coolers. I kind of understand how airflow works, so I'm planning on putting 2 intake fans and 1 outtake fan. I have an option of getting an entire case with built in fans, but I heard they are not that good and they connect directly to the PSU, so I might just get...
  7. A

    Question Need Help Building PC with old parts

    So I have some spare parts that are still it pretty good condition. I decided not to sell them and re-use them to build a system to give to my little sister who wants a PC but parents this year can't spend money on a brand new one. Hence why I offered if possible to build a PC from old parts I...
  8. cromsoi

    Question The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case"

    Building my first PC and I'm a little confused regarding the USB connectors. Got this message on a compatibility checker: The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case". Also, on PCPartPicker I got these two notes about my build, but I don't understand...
  9. Rock L

    Question downsizing to a smaller case

    Hi guys I work as a 3d artist and travel allot in my work lately, the problem is the size and weight of my PC. last time I was flying the flight company was close to not letting me travel with my pc since it was to heavy (with my flightcase the weight is over 30 kilos) . The case I got now is...
  10. C

    Question My computer case is open?

    Okay, so I was kinda messing around on my pc ( rather dumb idea but whatever) which is prebuilt and I accidentally turned the chassis intrusion thing on and now I can’t access my computer due to American Megatrends saying my case is open?? I’m not a very technical person ( which i why i bought...
  11. rigger922

    [SOLVED] Putting together a Mini-ITX system for my Wife need a little help and advice

    Hello Everyone, I'm putting together some parts for a Mini-ITX system for my wife, I have bought the parts she needed other then the Motherboard (This is were im struggling). Some quick details she will only be playing games like The Sims 4 etc so she doesnt need any major cooling or...
  12. Chris 2224

    [SOLVED] New case or additional fans on older case ?

    I have an old generic prebuilt case, with all components upgraded except the case, and I want to improve the system's airflow. Right now, I have no additional case coolers. Because of the case model, there is no way to mount front coolers, only side panel and one on the back. Since my pc is...
  13. O

    Question Front Panel Fans

    Hey everyone. I have large tower case, and I’d like to get more airflow going. However, I’ve been trying to find fans you usually see that are bound together with one plug that would go into the motherboard. Are there any tips for keywords md such to look ror? I’ve used triple fans, front panel...
  14. Beto Spopovich

    Question A question about fan compatibility

    Hi Everyone. I just can't find what fans should I buy for my PC. I got a Cougar Darkblader X7 for my build and I don't know what fans can fit in the fan-ARGB panel already installed in the case. . Here you can see the little fan ARGB...
  15. gamerbrehdy

    Question AIO rad dimension issues

    Hey y’all, So I’m currently planning a new system, which involves 2 280mm radiators. Finding cases is a bit of a challenge, but I did manage to find something, the Azza Celesta 340. Sadly, this case has an issue. The product-site states that you can install 2 140mm fans both on the front and...
  16. T

    Question 4 Pin Power Connecter for DIYPC case, no 4 pin connector on PSU

    Hello yall, I recently purchased a DIYPC Vanguard case which uses a four pin power connector to power the four integrated fans. It would appear that there are no available inputs on the PSU, and even if there were, it does not appear that the connector would fit being that the shroud is solid...
  17. I

    Question Will the Mugen 5 fit into max 155mm Thermaltake versa c23 tg?

    This case is really weird. You can only install a 155mm cpu cooler which is very low. According to some folks and statistics, the mugen 5 is the best low price/low height cooler. <-- Noctua might be better but is taller and more expensive. The issue is that it's 155mm tall, so now I have to...
  18. A

    Question Corsair 760t vs Corsair 4000D airflow ?

    Hello. I can buy the corsair 760T(that model case is old although I am picking a brand new one) or Corsair 4000D for the same price. No cpu overclock, The corsair 760T has a bigger volume. 60% more space. Which one should I pick? Which one will keep my cpu/gpu cooler? That is the 760T in...
  19. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] 200mm fans vs 120mm fans

    Hi, I was searching for a small case while I ve starting seen a lot of case with 200mm fans, and here my question. Is actually better 3x120 or 2x200 fans? For make the thing faster we will take for the 120 fans the avg of all the fans usually bought on the market and the same for the 200 because...
  20. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Sorting cases by size?

    Hi, There is any was to sort/search a case by size and gpu clearance? Somthing like a database of all case with a sorting tab for filetrs? Anyway I m looking for a case(atx) with a gpu clearance between 340-360(I d like 360 cause new gpus) and no more long then 40cm/42 with a good price and not...
  21. K

    Question which pc case should I go for?

    Where I live, pc cases are mostly expensive and shipping is twice the case price, so now I have these cases sold here to pick from: Zalman N5 MF = 67$ Xigmatek Lux S = 78$ Cougar Archon 2 Mesh = 87.6$ MSI Mag Force = 96$ I'm trying to save for better components but also trying not to go too...
  22. C

    Question Torrent Compact vs Be Quiet 500 fx

    I'm trying to decide between these cases for my new build. My only concern with the torrent is reviews saying cable management is hard. I'm mostly interested in having a silent pc so do you think the 2 180mm fans on the torrent would be quieter than the 3 120 on the 500 fx ? They both come with...
  23. M

    Question Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burner?

    Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burners?I want to be able to continue using my current pc's bluray burner with the new custom pc I will build, but it seems to me most of the new pc cases do not have a bay for an internal optical drive. Is there a way to make it possible with a...
  24. M

    Question The presence of electricity in the body of the computer case !!!

    Hi guys I recently realized that when my computer is turned off , the body of the case has electricity ! ( The back of the case has more electricity than other places ) And when I turn on the computer , the power goes out ! What's the problem friends ?! Thank you for your guidance
  25. W

    Question After installing the new Graphic Card this icon starts to turn red , is that normal ? and what does that mean?

    Before installing my new GPU the icon wasn't even lightening. now it turned to red.
  26. B

    Question HP Z8 G4 Motherboard , Please help me.

    Hi, I am in a desperate spot. I got my hands on a HP Z8 G4 motherboard with dual CPU and 24 ram slots but I cannot find any case that will fit this monster. I do not have access to the original case and PSU and contacting HP didn't help me at all. Is there any case that will fit this...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] External HDD disconnecting

    Today I was connecting an hdd that is on a generic usb 3.0 case on the pc case usb 3.0 port and it didin´t connected the first time , tried again and then it connected but after a while working on hdd it disconnects and disconnects all other usb devices on pc either even the usb devices...
  28. K

    Question Case and Radiator сompatibility ?

    Hello guys I am using this case I wanna buy AIO 240 mm or 360mm but I can't use 240mm to up cuz rams and motherboard vram coolers not fit This one is fit on my front? Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm or I can buy 240mm for front? Thanks
  29. akash13eng

    Question HP xw8400 alternate case

    Hi All, I am looking for an alternate case for a HP xw8400, Previously I had three of them but due to storage issue I took all the components out and threw the caeses away. Now I want to build this for my son but don't want to spend much. Mother board size is 33 X 30.5 cm which is bigger than...
  30. S

    Question Help

    I build a pc recently and it looks like we plugged the reset switch wrong When we clicked it nothing happened (like nothing fried on the board and also nothing happened like it didn't reset the pc) Is it ok if I leave it like this or it could damage in the long run Like does a reset switch...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Will this graphics card fit in my case ?

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on whether this GPU will fit in my case before I buy it. I have an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower PC The graphics card im looking to buy is an MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC - 2 Go model N750TI-2GD5/OC...
  32. Garrethawke94

    Question Would this PSU fit in a low PSU slot?

    Hello everyone, After 13 years it's time i rebuild my pc. Over the years i've replaced the graphic card and the PSU only. So i'm going to buy every single piece online and assemble it at home, like i did with this PC. I opted out for a Ryzen 5 5600x, MSI B550 A PRO, 16 GB ram, a 500 gb SSD...
  33. Ryflick

    [SOLVED] Is it safe connecting 3 Case Fans to Single PWM Fan Header?

    Heya all, I'd like to ask is it safe to connect 3 case fans to a single SYS_FAN1 Header in my motherboard? My specs : Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G Motherboard : MSI B450M-A PRO MAX AM4 GPU : MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR MK2 8GB OC GDDR5 RAM : Netac 2x8GB SR 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 SSD : ADATA SU650...
  34. Helecro

    Build Advice Please give advice on new case for my system ?

    Hello Gentleman, At the moment i have LianLi dynamic 11 Case, and at this point its starting to get too small for me after getting 3090 gpu and having to switch to 1600W power supply which is much longer than standard ones. Was looking around market and i cannot find any case that has support...
  35. toudei

    Question Will my Assasin III fit in XPG Battle Cruiser case?

    Hello everyone! I've built my first PC recently, but there's one 'but' - my case is not closing due to the small Motherboard B550M-PLUS (WI-FI) and the fact that my RAM is a bit high (If I understood correctly), so one of the sides of Assassin III is right on one of the RAMs, and I can't close...
  36. R

    Question will ASUS TUF GT501 black be good for adding more storage drive(HDD) in the near future?

    Hi, I'm thinking to buy this case and a little worried about my drives. i have 4 HDDs so i followed specs here and it said 4x3.5" combos. you know its for productivity purpose. in the near future i...
  37. Pirreboy

    Question 420mm with grill vs. 360mm without grill?

    I was wondering one thing about radiators. I have a fractal design define S (top picture, front picture). I do not have the front cover and the dust filter attached. Now for the dilemma. I can either fit a 360mm radiator with no obstruction in the front or a 420mm radiator in the top but with...
  38. TheRelentlessHunter

    Question New to liquid cooling and dimensions.

    Hey there! Let me begin by stating that I'm fairly new to assembling my own PC, but I've been slowly getting there. I have pretty much everything I need save for a processor (Ryzen 7 5800X) and a GPU that I have yet to decide upon. Getting back to the topic, I have realized that I would need...
  39. X

    Question Looking at getting some new components, will my mobo properly comnect to case?

    So I have a Cooler Master 690 II, and I want to put in an ASUS B35 ATX motherboard. Pretty sure it'll fit, but will the front panel connectors all wprl together? I really want to have those small luxuries, like power buttons and audio ports and hdmi ports, without reaching all the way around my...
  40. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] Custom PC Switch

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on doing a custom pc switch that is similar to a racing car Ignition Switch Panel. it requires a little help from an electrician, so I thought why not ask those who are familiar with electricity. To my Electrical engineers or those who are aware of electrical systems...