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  1. schnellwech

    [SOLVED] Looking for Big-Tower - TOP Fan Space: 520mm needed (240mm+280mm AIO)

    Hi every1, I need a new case and I need to fit in the following components with AIO in the TOP OF THE CASE (this requirement is set, please no discussion about different spots ;) ): 1x EVGA FTW3 Hybrid (240mm) 1x Corsair Hydro Series H110i GT (280mm) Price doesnt matter. Closed / no window...
  2. T

    Question PC shorting in case, but works outside. PSU sparked ?

    Someone I know attempted building a PC, but once they powered it on, their Segotep PSU sparked with smoke. I have been working on this PC since then with a new Corsair RM850x PSU they bought. The problem is the PC will only post outside of the case and I have no idea why. I have built several...
  3. Volkamer

    [SOLVED] Is the Rosewill Nautilus interchangeable the with the Rosewill Challenger S?

    The Nautilus is out of stock on the site I'm ordering from.
  4. Astraios

    [SOLVED] be quiet! Silent Base 802 Case, or alternative for 45mm wide radiator

    I was looking into buying a new case in which I could install water cooling. I bought last year the Alphacool NexXxiS XT45 360mm Radiator V.2 and the smaller one 240mm XT45 V.2 since I planned to cool my GPU and CPU. I was expecting a "normal" GPU release and where I could get a new GPU since it...
  5. coconut_craig

    [SOLVED] American megatrends “case is open”

    After changing some fan cables around into different headers, my pc can not get passed American Megatrends telling me that “The computer case is open. Please make sure the computer case is closed properly, then press CTRL + ALT + DEL to continue. Fatal Error”. Is there a way to ignore this and...
  6. korey

    [SOLVED] What case to choose?

    Hi, I choosed 3 cases that are decent and can't figure out wich one to buy, what would you choose and why? 1st - Lian Li Lancool 205 [ LANCOOL 205/ 205M/ 205 Mesh - Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Chassis ( ] 2nd - Corsair 275R Airflow [ 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case —...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Acer predator orion 3000 new case

    Hi, I bought a predator Orion and I am wanting to upgrade the case as I want to upgrade the airflow and there is a lack of space. I need to find a case that can house a DTX/ATX motheroard that is 200mm by 321mm. I am wondering what cases it will fit in for more space? would It possibly fit a...
  8. DanijelPeder

    [SOLVED] Question about Case, GPU and PSU

    Forget about the old question I asked about the case and cpu cooler fittings. I decided i'd buy a new case and my pc is on my left bcs there is no space on the right for it, so I googled some inverted pc cases and found one that looks good and has good reviews, and that is Sharkoon Rev200...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] how long is the front led strip of the Msi vampiric 010x case? but of the 011c case?

    I want to replace the led strip of the vampiric case 011c with the led strip of the MSI 010x case, does anyone know if they have the same dimensions? thank you! msi 011c: msi 010x...
  10. DREDKNOT_2077

    [SOLVED] ECLIPSE P500A & THE ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 420

    In the ECLIPSE P500A case and the ENTHOO PRO 2 TEMPERED GLASS case, will mounting the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 420 in the front of the case with the tubes at the bottom position will the pump head reach the cpu to mount ? For both i plan to use a push-pull config.
  11. Y

    Question Fans making lots of noise, but only when mounted in case

    Hello everyone, Around a week ago I rebuilt my PC from a cheap case I got years ago into a nice looking build inside of an O11 Dynamic. I used 6 Corsair QL120 RGB fans, and they look great and worked great until 2 of them started making a really annoying sound today. The best way I can think of...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Bought an EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra Hybrid Gaming and need to make sure i have a case which can accomodate it ?

    So I was not aware that this gpu came with a liquid cooler, and I currently have a 280mm kraken x62 AIO. I have a nzxt h500i case, but Im pretty sure they both won't fit. I have a MSI MPG z390 mobo, 4x8gb ram. Anyone have suggestions on a case that would accommodate these specs that's not too...
  13. Jaiff

    [SOLVED] how do i know my motherboard supports argb?

    Recently I bought Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case Fan from Amazon It comes with three cables I know only one which I plugged on my motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. These are the connectors of this fan. I plugged only the PWM header only I don't know what the others go for? But the lights not...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Anyone know what brand this case is?

    So I want to upgrade my setup, but since this pc was bought 3 years ago I lost touch with the seller and cannot find the case model or brand.
  15. O

    [SOLVED] Where to buy additional rubber grommets?

    I have an MSI MPG GUNGNIR 111M case that only came with 3 trapezoid-shaped rubber grommets. However, the case has a total of 7 trapezoid-shaped holes and I would like to purchase 4 more trapezoid-shaped rubber grommets. Any assistance would be helpful!
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Lights keep glowing when pc is off and even unplugged

    Very weird issue where the lights on my pc (generic cyberpower case with da red rings) keep glowing after I have turned off or unplugged my pc. It started happening recently and is annoying because it's near my bed and the lights are obnoxious. They don't go away (I have left it off for 2 days...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Acer aspire 6930g hdd and ram cover

    some plastic around one of the screws of the cover that covers hdd , ram , gpu , etc ... have brokenn , so I have improvised with a larger and bigger screw , is safe to be that way ? PS: that screw does not seem to do much anyway View:
  18. Penrose

    [SOLVED] The power button on my case is broken?

    Hi all, so I've recently built a mini itx gaming system and the case I use is an InWin A1 Plus case. However after using it for a bit, the power button seems to be broken. It no longer clicks when I press it and instead feels rather spongey? (not providing any tactical feedback) however, the pc...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Having trouble mounting motherboard to case

    Hello everyone. I got my new pc parts today but I am having trouble mounting the mobo to the case. They both came without any screws and I am going crazy. My motherboard is the B450 Mortar Max and the case is the Deepcool Matrexx 30. I don't know how could anyone help me but it doesn't hurt to...
  20. gogowe

    [SOLVED] SF750 for R9 and 3080

    Hello, I am right on the way to upgrading my Workstation/Gaming PC. And somehow I fell in love with smaller compact builds. I already got all the stuff: MSI RTX 3080 Suprim X Ryzen 9 5900X Asus ROG Strix B550-E 2x SATA SSDs 1x NVMe AIO (Full Custom Loop planed) 16 GB Ram (32 GB upgrade...
  21. R

    [SOLVED] No more storage space, upgrading case, no more space to add ssd/hdd

    Hi everyone, I have 4 hard drives and an SSD plugged into my SATA ports, and my current case could hold, 5 trays (HD store family videos, vlogs, photos and cant be deleted, SSD is my OS). There are two things with this question, first is I'm running out of storage with the hard drives, 2TB each...
  22. RamboLBC

    [SOLVED] Azza 802 Case Thermals / Potentially killing GPUs

    Okay, so at the time of writing this, I am now RMA'ing my third GPU due to stuttering mid-game, all built into this Azza 802 Cube case. It always takes me about 1-2 months of constant use of each new GPU and then this problem happens, right on schedule each time. None of my other 4 rigs have any...
  23. jahlex

    [SOLVED] GPU both mounting holes were stripped out and now screws won't tighten

    I stripped out the mounting holes of my case and now the screws can't tighten my GPU in place, they still hold it in though just not tight enough. I have a few questions about this: Is it safe to leave it like this without doing any damage to the GPU or the PCIe slot? If not, will leaving my...
  24. PhysicalPsycho

    [SOLVED] How to remove pre-installed mobo standoffs

    Im wondering if I can remove the mobo standoffs since the standoffs are in the wrong places, and which tool I can use I have the MSI Vampiric 10X
  25. X

    [SOLVED] Motherboard to new case?

    Hi all, I have an Acer ATC-220-EB52. I'm trying to move the motherboard to a new case because it's bigger & will be my main case. I'm not sure where all the cables go now. My Acer ATC-220 desktop's motherboard serial number is DAA78L / Kara_MB 13127-1 348.01403.011. Is this the same as my...
  26. Y

    Question Fan RGB color reset each time computer is turned off

    My RGB fans are being controlled from the case for unknown reason in each time I turn off my PC the RGB color reset to the old color but if I restart the PC RGB color just stays. Any help or recommendation will be appreciated.
  27. Endre

    Question The crappiest case ever!

    Hello! This is my 5th PC, and I built it in 2019. After having my old case for a decade, I went to buy a new “shiny” one for the 5th build. So I chose the Zalman Z3 Plus (Black)...
  28. mauyed

    [SOLVED] i need help with my RGB Fans

    hello, so i have bought a new case which have 4 RGB fans and my AIO cooler 240mm have 2 RGB fans all connected together and i have connected them too a hub which is connected to CPU FAN 1 port thy are working fine till suddenly the lights were off but the fans are spinning what happened is the...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Use this 1970's Kenwood Amplifier as a Case

    I have an old Amplifier from the 70's that doesn't work any more. I am inclined to turn it into a vintage looking gaming rig (under $2000). Can it be done? I should have prefaced this with... I have no idea what I am doing!
  30. Dragonfire967

    [SOLVED] Will a server motherboard work with a non-server chassis?

    So stupid question (and probably overthinking this), but would an ATX Server-grade Motherboard work without any issues with a non-server-grade chassis and PSU? Reason I am asking is I am putting together a small server tower to run next to my gaming rig to host several servers off of for me and...