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  1. killercody44

    [SOLVED] Swapped computer now half works?

    So I just swapped my hardware to a new case. After doing so it powers on, but doesn't power mouse or keyboard. However when I plug my phone charger in to the same ports it charges. Also when I hold down the power button it doesn't shut down. I am not sure if I just plugged something in wrong or...
  2. bobbyboi

    Question I can't take out case brackets for GPU because it pushes my motherboards capacitator...

    Title says all. Heres a photo. View:
  3. Zeekqtt

    [SOLVED] Will these 5 items work together CPU/MB/cooling/memory /gpu
  4. skrabe

    Question Case LED lights not turning on

    Okay so, my LED strip lights are not turning on AT ALL. The led strip cable connects to some sort of "connector" and the connector has a power SATA cable which I connect, but the lights still dont turn on. What am I doing wrong? BIOS is not recognizing that my SATA port is used. Pictures of the...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Which one should i get? Asus TUF Gaming GT501(black) vs be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

    Asus TUF Gaming GT501 be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900
  6. B

    [SOLVED] PC making buzzing/electrical sound but when ı touch the case it stops

    When ı entered a game like Forza 4 ,witcher 3, world war z, cs:go, valorant etc. etc. etc. pc making a buzzing/electrical sound but if ı touch the case it stops(continuously), pushing the psu cable into the case it stops(continuously), and I folded the paper and put it under the left front foot...
  7. L

    Question can i connect ARGB motherboard to ARGB case for syncrhonize?

    i have pc case Gamemax Brufen C3, this case have ARGB LED on front also have the controller RGB on it but i want to synchronize this RGB case from ARGB header motherboard, but how i do that? because this case only have 3 pin ARGB male cable and if i want to connect into my motherboard header it...
  8. JCondori

    [SOLVED] Mini tower to Tower

    Hello, I have a dell optiplex 3060 ssf, I'm thinking of upgrading, but I'm concerned about space issues, I came up with the idea of maybe moving the parts to a standard case. Could there be complicated problems with this possible change ?, as for example perhaps with the connectors of the...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Help me choose between SFF cases

    Looking for a SFF case that supports 3 slot cards and at the moment I've narrowed it down to 3 cases: SSUPD MESHLICIOUS Sliger SV590 v2 Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these cases or if there are any other cases that would be good. Cheers, TW
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Looking for an SFF case for my Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme ?

    I am planning to build a SFF (as small as you can get with a triple-slot) and was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions for cases.
  11. H

    Question Case came with fan hub, question about connecting sata cable

    So my MSI MPG Gungnir 110r case comes with a fan hub with space for 6 fans. I’ve connected all the fans and they are powered fine on separate 12v headers. Now the fan hub has two cables coming out of it, the 3 pin RGB cable and a sata cable. I have connected the 3 pin rgb cable to my jrainbow1...
  12. Inchbrayock

    Question How do i control the rgb of my fans with software for the CIT Raider case?

    How do i control the colour of my rgb fans with a software on my pc for the CIT Raider case Case-
  13. T

    [SOLVED] PC Rear Case Fan Issues

    So I have a Lian Li Lancool 215 case, a Gigabyte Aorus x570 eilte mobo. the pc is built and runs perfect. however, if i unplug my monitors, peripherals etc... only leaving the psu plugged in and start my pc ALL fans work and run, then i plug in my peripherals and monitors and turn on the rear...
  14. KKun

    [SOLVED] Possible to build water cooling in Sharkoon VG6-W?

    Like the title says, is it possible to build a 240mm watercooler (Corsair Hydro Series H100x) in the Sharkoon VG6-W case? If yes, how would you do it (ex: First the Radiator, then Fans exhaust)? And additionally would that water cooler be good for my CPU?
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Any ideas on how to improve cooling?

    Currently when at 100% gpu load I am reaching 80c and over on my gpu. My cpu temps are fine as they hit a max of 72c. I was going to buy 6 identical high rpm fans and put 3 at the front and 2 top and 1 rear for a push pull config. (3 push and 3 pull) My case is this...
  16. Iver Hicarte

    Question Vertical GPU Mount/Bracket for Asus TUF 6700XT GPU?

    What's a COMPATIBLE vertical bracket/mount for my Asus TUF 6700XT? My case is the Lian Li 011 Dynamic Mid Tower Case, I am familiar that Lian Li makes their own vertical GPU mounts, but the issue is, here in the place I live in, the only available Lian Li vertical brackets are for the 011...
  17. Arbitrarythought

    [SOLVED] Header question

    I have multiple fans with 3 pin and molex connector. Can i plug in the first fan to motherboard header and the second fan into the first fans molex connector for power from the first fan? Sorry if confusing, and to add no i am not attempting to plug molex into psu.
  18. FeelsGoodMan243

    [SOLVED] PC Boots outside of case but doesn't work inside of the case

    I had my PC in a repair shop for over a month now. The guy has ordered an abundance of replacement parts of the same brand to test. Originally the issue was a faulty power supply that blew out my old motherboard. Though once he ordered new parts. The pc still didn't boot. However, today he...
  19. P

    Question Computer Case's RGB lighting turned on randomly for the first time ever?

    I've had my computer for about 2-3 years now and yesterday the RGB lighting on my case turned on for the first time ever while watching a youtube video (about 2-3 hours after boot). I didn't even know it had RGB... The LED light button on the case never worked until yesterday, but after the...
  20. B

    Question Case with good airflow for a 3080 ti and an eventual cpu upgrade recommendation with limited brands available

    Hey. I'm looking to buy a new PC case since my current one doesn't have enough airflow (cheap MS case). However, in my country only available brands are NZXT, cooler master and chieftec and they are literally 100-200 euros. I am ready to pay this much however I'm not sure if some of these cases...
  21. C

    [SOLVED] What options do I have for better airflow?

    Hello, Last autumn I built my first PC and... I've made mistakes :D I got the Gigabyte Aorus AC300W case which has the front covered with only a few holes to use for airflow. My second mistake was getting the Gigabyte Aorus 360 water cooler. The issue is that I cannot place the cooler on top...
  22. AmeedMv

    [SOLVED] Corsair 4000D Airflow Case RGB & Airflow Tips

    Hey y'all hope all is good. Below is my current part list which I am hoping to buy next month. I wanna know what would be the best fan configuration for the 4000D Airflow from Corsair and which ARGB fans I can use without breaking the bank. I have included a CM Sickleflow 120mm 3-pack in the...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] Case Fans cant connect to mobo (NZXT case)

    Hello I have the NZXT 510i case which has multiple case fans with the connector pins as shown in image. However there is no where to put this type of connector on my mobo? View: (case fans connectors) Mobo is a Z590-A-PRO. I have been using the pc for a few...
  24. F

    Question Small MicroATX case recommendation?

    So I'm doing a bit of a PC overhaul, and I've decided this time I want something smaller. I've settled on most of the specs. Specifically here what matters is I'm going for an ASUS TUF gaming B550M Micro ATX Motherboard. Problem is, I'm struggling to find any actually small micro ATX cases...
  25. P

    Question Do I need a new case for new build

    I'm planning a new build using the Ryzen 5700G, 16GB RAM (tbd) and the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk. I plan to re-use my existing HDs and CD/DVD drive - a total of 3 SATA devices. I'm not so sure about the case (an older Antec with 3 5.25 external bays, multiple internal 3.5 bays and 2 x USB 2.0...
  26. eslam.topsecret66

    Question Buy 5000 series cpu or waiting for am5 ?

    These days I'm thinking of buying an amd Ryzen CPU 5900x, but I see that the company will launch a new cpu with a completely new socket. Should I wait or buy now? I know that the new platform will get improvements such as support for ddr5 , I already have b250m gaming 3 + i5 7400 + 16 gb ram...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Top Mounted AIO in Cooler Master TD500 Mesh

    I'm planning to use the CORSAIR iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 360mm AIO in a TD500 Mesh case from Cooler Master. I only want to mount the AIO at the top. Will that be possible? I saw their website, saw a bunch of videos. But I'm not completely sure. Have any of you done that? Thanks for your time!
  28. G

    Question Middle case-fan doesn't spin anymore ?

    Hello Guys!! I'm new on the forum, i hope it's the right section. As by title, my front PC fan doesn't spin. i give you some details: I built the PC 1 year ago and I connected the fan's cable directly to the power supply. The Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB Midi-Tower case has 3 front fans...
  29. yalsammarraie

    [SOLVED] What case will fit my pc specs with a 360mm rad on top ?

    here is my pc build ( ) i am thinking of the p500a but its a bit expensive and i want other case reccomendations for these specs the 3070 Palit is about 300mm long what case can comfortabily fit my specs and keep the rad on top ? is the p500a good enough ...
  30. Radeuz

    [SOLVED] Should i remove top right exhaust fan?

    You can see fan setup in case. Is top right exhaust fan pulling fresh air coming from front top fan? Should i remove it soo CPU cooler can pull more air?
  31. JoeTProsser

    [SOLVED] Will everything be okay with my glass front case?

    Hello all, So I've bought a PC and used a glass fronted case because I have a few pets and my room is tiny so it gets pretty nasty in here on times. My last PC was an absolute trainwreck so I thought I'd try a glass front instead. I have a Masterliquid ML120l V2 on my processor as well as...
  32. Vxlphy🇮🇹


    hi, so i need to buy a case for my pc, i was going for a Corsair 220T RGB airflow, but i also wanted to buy an nzxt h510, which case should i buy?
  33. C

    Question what do i need to buy to make these leds work

    So ive had this case for a while and i didnt really care about the leds, but i want them to work now, and i assume i need a fan controller or a header on my motherboard to plug these in also some leds work somehow my case is the aerocool shard and...
  34. ageo

    Question Is this fan orientation okay? [Case Airflow]

    I was testing a bunch of different fan orientations and this one in particular did the best in terms of cooling. From the regular Neutral Airflow to this for comparison 35c to 29c idle and 57c to 51c load on the CPU. 40c to 38c idle and 65c load on both with the GPU. Is it worth the cooling or...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] A case that could fit all my parts.

    Hello. I'm looking for a new case big enough that could fit all my parts nicely and not tight against one another. (i will explain) Recently I upgraded to a EVGA 3070ti ftw3 and recieved a bundle with Lian LI Strimer Plus 24pin cable + two 8pins for the GPU. The problem is that when the two...
  36. viqzz07

    [SOLVED] Front Header doesn't match my motherboard layout.

    I recently bought an NZXT H510 to replace my old case. Everything was going well until i tried to plug in the front panel cable. It didn't match the pins on my motherboard. Any solutions? Motherboard: Asus Z87 Plus
  37. benx21

    Question [Solved] Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite v2: PC won't start with case fans plugged in

    Hello, I just assembled my PC and everything works fine. It boots into my old Windows installation.But when I plug my case fans into SYS FAN on the motherboard the PC won't start. No reaction whatsoever. When I pull it out it works, except I have to press the power button twice the first...
  38. T

    [SOLVED] Swapped power and reset buttons, now PC turns on and fans blast at full speed, but doesn't boot up.

    I installed some new RAM, and upon restarting my PC realised the power button from my 12 year old PC case doesn't work. It's a physical problem not an electric one (the plastic has warped and can no longer be pressed in), so I swapped the power with the reset button, which can be pressed in...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Will a 240mm rad fit in a Corsair 220T?

    Hey seeing if anyone has experience building with the Corsair 220T case. I wanna know if it's possible to fit a 240mm rad on the top of the case. I've read that you need low profile ram. Ppl are saying 34mm. I have the new Corsair vengeance pro sl stick which are 44mm in height. Will that be...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] What size is this motherboard?

    Hello. I have this old PC that I'm using as a NAS server, but I really don't like the case since it doesn't have capacity for that many hard drives. Therefor I'm currently looking for a new case, but I can't seem to figure out what case I can buy that can replace it since the motherboard is...