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  1. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Simplify Process of Creating Golden System Image

    Hello everyone! Recently, I've been looking for some type of software that allows me to create a customized version of a Linux distro along with my settings and tweaks made to it. In my case for multiple computers, what I've been currently doing has been a two-step process: #1 - I deploy a...
  2. I

    Question Random CHKDSK taking a really long time

    I turned my PC on yesterday and left the room, when I came back it prompted me to hit a key to cancel Chkdsk, I was too late and it already started doing it's thing. It has been about 14 hours now and it is only at 18% progress with an ETA of 65 hours and increasing. I haven't really had...
  3. C

    Question Got a SSD wondering If I can use my HDD

    So I just bought an SSD for my pc and I have a terabyte HDD that my pc has been using for a couple of years now. I want to reinstall windows on my SSD along with some other programs but I don't have the parts to clone over my harddrive right now. So I was wondering if I install windows on my SSD...
  4. L

    Question How to clone only C drive to SSD?

    Hi! I got a Crucial bx500 240 GB ssd recently and I am having some trouble in figuring out how to clone my c drive from my HDD which is 1 TB in total to the ssd. The C drive is around 200 GB and I have got 3 more partitions other than that. All of my programs, except few games are in the c...
  5. B

    Question Samsung 860 Evo Data Migration Issue

    Hey All, Basically I noticed my boot time had started increasing as well as one of the drives starting to become tempermental so I decided to do a rehaul of my PC. I started off by getting a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB which I wanted to clone my Windows 10 OS onto as I had heard about the ultra fast...
  6. E

    Question SSD Cloning concern/question

    I have a 1TB SSD, Samsung Evo 860 if it matters. My OS, Win 10 Education with WSL (Windows Subsystem in Linux(2.0 I think) and my steam library are currently installed to this drive. I'm awaiting a new 500GB Samsung Evo 860 SSD to use as my boot drive and a new WD Blue SSD. I'm wanting to...
  7. ntamas92

    Question <HELP > Unable to reformat old HDD after cloning to m.2 SSD

    so i recently got a brand new samsung m.2 970 evo plus SSD to replace my old 7200 rpm Hdd. i sucessfully installed it into my motherboard and used Samsungs data migration to clone my hdd onto the new ssd. now here comes the problem, if i boot up the system, the bios automatically reverts to old...
  8. System32_76

    Question How To Create Golden System Image Correctly on Linux?

    Hello everyone! I'm creating a Linux Mint golden system image with my apps and settings already configured for deployment to multiple computers. I'll be using the Clonezilla software to do this, unless there is software out there that is more effective and practical for this purpose. Are there...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] Old HDD not showing up after cloning it to new SSD using optical drive bay.

    I installed SSD into my friends laptop(Lenovo Ideapad 15-ibd), but I put it into optical drive bay, then cloned the contents of HDD onto the SSD, after that switched them. (It only has one slot for storage device, expect drive bay.) The laptop uses Windows 7 proffesional. The OS from SSD boots...
  10. DragonGunner

    [SOLVED] Disk Cloning and Spanning

    Hi all! I'm planning a complicated bit of computer surgery. I have (among other things) two 2TB SSDs, one as my boot drive and one one for games. The gaming SSD is nearly full, so the idea is to clone the relatively small Windows installation and accessories (all data on that drive, in all...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] About cloning my hdd to m.2 ssd

    So, I have the following setup on my PC: a 240gb kingston ssd (which has Win 10 installed and is SATA) and a 1tb hdd for general storage. I'm about to buy a m.2 1tb ssd, which I intend to use as a replacement for the HDD (due to a few reasons, I don't want to keep the HDD). So, I found out...
  12. M

    Question Storage upgrade cloning

    So I just bought a 2TB SSD and want to transfer the data from my current drives which are a 144GB SSD (OS boot drive) and a 1 TB HDD (storage drive). I would like to combine these two drives into one and save the 144GB SSD as a back up drive and have the new 2TB drive as the boot drive and storage.
  13. P

    [SOLVED] When using a USB to SATA hard drive says that there is no Disk inserted.

    So when I try and use a adapter to clone my hard drive over it says that there is no disk installed. I know that this is incorrect because I replaced my existing hard drive with the new one and it works fine and dandy. I am using the star tech adapter.
  14. O

    Question How to clone specific programs from old HDD to new SSD

    I have a 7 year old 1TB HDD that is probably on its way out. (Running slow) I have a new 500gb SSD arriving today. I already recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10 on the old HDD. Apparently there is free software by EaseUS that should allow me to clone across windows 10. But it costs money...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Cloning Non-OS HDD Without Losing Programs?

    If I clone an HDD that doesn't contain my OS, but contains other programs, to another HDD, will I be able to use said programs without having to reinstall them again? Does the cloning process preserve file associations and program settings? Or will I just have to reinstall all the programs I had...
  16. P

    Question When cloning from a HDD to SSD sector sizes differences help?

    Got a new SSD Samsung V-NAND 860 PRO 1TB when formatted and unformatted is incompatable due to the sector size, this has been on multiple different services e.g. Macrium Reflect and MiniTool. I really don't want to pay for other services. Anyone know how to fix this just ask for more specific...
  17. N

    Question Booting from USB drive without BIOS access

    Hi I use an Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G-50UW running Windows 10. I have forgotten the password to my BIOS (which I don't even recollect setting in the first place). I have bought an M.2 SSD into which I would like to migrate the OS using Clonezilla. However, that requires BIOS access (I know that the...
  18. mrhippo900

    [SOLVED] Cloning games from HDD to Sata SSD.

    Im getting a 1tb sata ssd soon. I'm gonna use it for mostly for storing games and mods for them. Is it safe to clone the HDD i have my games on currently to the SSD without problems? A few of the games are heavily modded. Was also curious since cloning works by copying the exact sectors of the...
  19. DCNOS18

    [SOLVED] PC wont let me boot to new SSD after cloning

    Hello all, haven't posted in a while since usually am able to figure these types of things on my own, yet this has me stumped. So, I recently cloned my 500 gb 960 evo to a 1TB 970 EVO using a pcie NVME adapter, and got the new one working fine. However, I want to try to format the old one so i...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Not enough unallocated space on the target disk.

    I just got a new SSD and am wanting to boot my OS off of it. I downloaded EaseUS Todo Backup but when I try to do a system clone I get a message reading, "Not enough unallocated space on the target disk. To make sure the boot ability of target disk, please delete partitions on there first." My...