[SOLVED] Samsung 860 Evo Data Migration Issue

Sep 21, 2020
Hey All,

Basically I noticed my boot time had started increasing as well as one of the drives starting to become tempermental so I decided to do a rehaul of my PC. I started off by getting a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB which I wanted to clone my Windows 10 OS onto as I had heard about the ultra fast boot times.

Yesterday I downloaded the Samsung Data Migration tool and begun cloning, once complete I shut off my computer and restarted by going into the BIOS and assigning the new SSD as the boot drive. The first thing that was off was that the boot time was the exact same on the SSD as it was on the HDD. Regarding my desktop, everything seemed fine as all was where it should be but the Add or Remove programmes didn't detect any applications. However, I can open some applications but not others. For example Battle.net - It loads and sits in the tray but I cant seem to do anything with it.

I then shut down the PC and unplugged everything but the old C: drive which has now made it the official C: drive. The boot time was still around 5 mins and very slow but everything was running perfectly fine and I could open all the apps that I couldn't on my SSD clone copy. Bringing us to right now which is that when I went to shut down my PC to redo the data migration I have now been stuck on the shutting down screen for over 4 hours. It isn't frozen - it just doesnt shut down - I don't want to do a hard shut down incase I do some serious damage to my old C: drive.

I am starting to think that the issue wasn't with the HDD after all and potentially its the OS that is starting to act up.

Does anyone see anything that sticks out to them as being the problem? Am I going to have to take the bullet and do a clean install on my SSD so basically losing everything on my C: drive.

Thanks in advance.
Sep 19, 2020
Hi there,

I know that this is quite frustrating, but you have simply cloned a corrupt OS, like others have suggested. You need to start afresh and stop thinking about cloning as a solution, because it is only going to complicate things further. Perform a fresh Windows software installation on your hard drive, which should solve your issue.

Hope this helps! Cheers!