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  1. D

    G.Skill TridentZ on X99

    I was wondering if the 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4-3333 kit works on X99. So if anyone can anwser me I'll appreciate it.
  2. M

    What is better for Gaming?

    Out of these 2 laptop specs, which is better for gaming?(CSGO,COD) 1. Intel Core i3 5020u with 8gb ram Or 2.Intel core i5 5200u with 6gb ram
  3. C

    Missing SSD in my comp.

    I just installed a sandisk ssd plus in my comp. drive shows up in bios and in device manager in Win 7. But it does not show up in my computer. Device manager says it is working, but how come I can't see it? Help please
  4. Heathclor

    Is this a standard motherboard?

    I want to move my computer components to a case that is better than my standard prebuilt computer's. What I need to know is if my current motherboard is a standard size. The computer's model is an asus M32AD, the motherboard has an intel socket and what I think are model numbers on the...
  5. N

    Need help building a new gaming rig for a budget under 1400$

    Hello all, I have not built a gaming rig in about 4 years, I had bought the Alienware 17 gaming laptop fully maximized for around 4000$ 2 years ago and had it stolen last year, which sucks. It was my first laptop gaming experience and I want to go back to desktops, so I need recommendation to...
  6. T

    Looking for recommendations on a case that has 10 3.5" and two icy boxes

    hi guys i am looking for a specialist case that has to be able to house 12 3.5" HDD plus two icy boxes container a further 5 drives each don't need cd driver space this needs to be atx and well ventilated any suggestions ? Regard Trigger
  7. D

    Can I clean motherboard using mouthwash?

    I have a g41m-vs3 motherboard that isn't working. It is quite dirty, is it possible to clean with mouthwash? It is 97% alcohol. The reason I ask is because I have a bit here, and my spirits is finished. Want to use it with a soft brush.
  8. apolloe11even

    My Gigabyte GTX980ti ExtremeGaming WF3X fans seems acting abnormal

    Hi everyone. is there any concern? i don't know if it is GPU's cooler functionng or malfuntion ! this is my rig : GAZ97XGaming 3 MOBO i7 4790K 4.6GHz 16GB TridentX 2400MHz GigabyteGTX980ti XtremeGaming 6GB 1000WATT GREEN.OC GOLD PSU GREEN FUSION Chassis X5 Gaming 27"ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q...
  9. B

    Modded skyrim build

    My current laptop, if you can call it that, is the massive RoG Asus G74SX. I've had it for nearly three years and am looking to move to a desktop, since that is basically how I am using my Asus anyway. I've heard that desktops are faster and more powerful, and was wondering if this build would...
  10. G

    Kaspersky Internet Security Review

    Kaspersky Internet Security is a solid antivirus package from one of the mainstays of the industry, but is weaker at detecting sophisticated malware on Windows 7 than some of its competitors. Kaspersky Internet Security Review : Read more
  11. J

    Question about operating system

    Hey guys so I have 2 desktops lets call it A and B. I no longer used desktop B and desktop A is the one I currently use and have amd cpu and I want to upgrade to intel so obviously I will need to buy a mobo as well. The question is if I buy a new mobo + intel cpu and put it on desktop A do I...
  12. D

    No display, computer shuts down HELP!

    My computer was on and I literally tipped it up off of it's side by 2-3 inches and the whole screen froze. The sound was frozen on an annoying EEEEEEE sound. After that, there was no display. The computer would turn on and off 1 second after it turned on. I took out the video card and ram...
  13. M

    how to correct the error code 0xc0000428 in installing windows 10 22 AIO ISO

    how to correct the error code 0xc0000428 in installing windows 10 22 AIO ISO
  14. S

    Replacing Hard Drive

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 and the hard drive is failing. I need to replace the hard drive, but I don't know how to install windows 7 on it. I do not have an installation disk, but I do have a repair disc. My question is, can I boot my computer with the repair disk and reinstall windows on my...
  15. A

    Smart tv question

    Can i change my smart tv channel from another network, at my workplace for instance. Just thinking if i am out and about and remembered there was something I wanted to watch or forgot to record. I have Sony w706b tv
  16. S

    Can I fit a muti-core am3 skt cpu into asus m4n68tm le v2 mobo?

    I have a self assembled desktop pc with a single core CPU( AMD Skt AM3) in an Asus m4n68tm le v2 mobo . This is very old now, and needs a slight boost to prevent bouts of 100percent cpu usage when playing or editing video. Will I need to make any alterations to the motherboard other than...
  17. X

    any last help?

    I'm just about to buy this build. Ive settled with the z97 mobo in case I want to overclock with a cpu that I get down the road but for right now I just don't see the point in spending an extra 40 dollars for a k series and then have to buy a cpu cooler to overclock it. What do you guys think?
  18. Fluxify

    Mouse Like Razer Deathadder 2013

    I need a mouse like the Deathadder 2013 that is able to go to 1800 DPI, no mouse acceleration, and side buttons.
  19. J

    What GPU Is best?

    What is best GPU for the MSI 970 gaming motherboard AMD? just looking for some good picks.
  20. C

    Headset microphone not working, even with adapter.

    Hello guys! So, I've bought a plantronics headset with two jacks. To my dismay, my Asus laptop only has one audio/mic plug. I've then bought an adapter (2x3,5 female to 3,5 male). It has 3 rings on the male plug so it should be the right kind of adapter. However when i plug it in, my laptop...
  21. J

    "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" amd windows 7

    Since i have built my first PC earlier this year I've been having this problem with it. The screen blackout and then recover (as you probably already know). This usually happens when I'm using an internet browser but happens when i am playing games as well. When the display comes back the audio...
  22. R

    Buy used i5 3570K with GB GA-Z77X-D3H for $260?

    Hi, is it worth to buy used i5 3570K (it had run for one year on 4,5 Ghz) (Liquid IHS, without warranty) and mother board GB GA-Z77X-D3H (two months in computer and with warranty)? Price is around $260. Is it great deal?
  23. R

    i7 4790k Temperature Question

    Hello again- sorry for posting a second thread about the same question as before, but I accidentally selected a solution before the problem was actually solved. I'm really more confused than I was the first time! I originally had a problem where my computer's CPU was idling at 40C, though when...
  24. X

    GTX 970 SLI or 980 Pease Help!

    I currently have a 970 in my system. For Christmas i will be receiving money and want a GPU upgrade. I was wondering iff i should sell my 970 and get a 980 or get another 970. I will be able to afford both solutions and i have a good enough power supply. Any help is appreciated and i thank you...
  25. J

    Asus Croshair V Formula

    Hi.Just bought Asus RAIDR SSD and dont know how to boot my pc in UEFI mode.My bios is EFI.How can I change it to UEFI?
  26. P

    New Build, System cannot pass POST.

    Good day lads. I've recently gutted my rig and replaced most components after a PSU failure on my old rig. Parts are as follows... Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 rev 1 RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4GB at 2400mhz CPU: i3 4150 with Hyper 212+ GPU: MSI 280x (not installed since failure to boot)...
  27. T

    Video card does not send video to display?

    I have a relatively old card, a geforce gt 630 and I tried it in my Gateway, win 8 rig and I plugged in all the cables correctly. But my monitor received no signal? I had to remove the card and hook the VGA back into the integrated ports and it worked. I let a certified PC tech take a peck at it...
  28. C

    which is the safest clock for overclocking FX 6300 with the standard heatsink

    I don't want to get a new heatsink, the cpu temp, as shown in core temp, is stable at 21 to 30. Can I safely overclock it to 4.0? I mean without a professional cooler?
  29. D

    Is this a good computer for BASIC stuff?

    I was looking for a laptop for stuff like email, siring the web, basic stuff. I found a laptop with these specs: CPU: AMD Turion X2 TL-70 2.0 ghz OS: Windows Vista home premium RAM: 4 GB Hard drive: 90 GB GPU: Radeon xpress 1150 I know this is an older computer, I know it has vista, but I...
  30. 7

    In layman's terms, what are Instruction set extensions for the CPU?

    I was comparing the i7 3770K vs i7 3790k. My thirst for comparison and more information led me to this website and URL: It seemed fairly clear that the 3970k is the better choice. But then I scrolled down (a ways; about 3/4 of the way...
  31. J

    New PC has Display Problems? PLEASE HELP

    This might be a bit long. Just got a new acer computer, it has a nvida geforce graphic card. Set it all up and connected it to my old LCD monitor via the VGA cable, no signal kept on popping up and I can't access the monitor menu unless it has received a signal. I tried connecting it to one of...
  32. H

    Gsync upgrade worth it?

    I can afford the $200 gsync upgrade kit for my 144hz asus monitor. Is it worth it? And yes i do notice tearing and stuttering quite a bit. I do have a capable gpu.
  33. L

    Wifi Printer connected to a switch is not visible to the machines on the main router

    I have a situation where I have a router connected to cable modem. I have a wire run through that to a switch on the upper storey. This switch is really another router with disabled DHCP, and connected to main router through its LAN port. Both the router and the switch are setup as wireless...
  34. akashdrummerboy

    Hard disk formatting

    How much time will it take to format a secondary WD blue 1TB internal hard drive? i just brought it yesterday... i want to knw the proper steps regarding the setup and installation...a proper step by step procedure... and the time it will take if i format it normally not quick format.. I need to...