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  1. R

    Question PC keeps cycling on and off. I've run out of ideas. Do you have any?

    Hi fellas. So I've got this PC that keeps cycling on and off, every time I turn it on. I've tried reseating the RAM in all possible combinations (and tried just one at a time), cleared CMOS and now after buying a new PSU, tried that one on for size. It's still cycling. Do you have any ideas...
  2. L

    Question black screen, no POST, becoming suspending... CMOS battery?

    weeks ago I was using my laptop normally when it decided to suspend. I turned on again with keyboard and as soon as I typed the PIN code, it decided to suspend again. a more couple of times of this and my laptop started to don't turn on. in the next day, at morning, I was able to turn on my...
  3. David-6144

    No post after clear CMOS (can be closed now)

    So I misclicked my ram speed in my mobo and a black screen appeared after saving and reboot. No single video output, tried clearing the CMOS 6 times (1st time for 5 seconds, waited 10 minutes, nothing) 2nd And 3rd holding the cap for 10 seconds and both waiting 20 minutes for any output or...
  4. T

    Question First Build Issues

    ORIGINAL POST This is my first build. After I set everything up it would not boot. The CPU cooler fan spins for a few seconds then shuts off then...
  5. K

    Question Computer Hangs at "Loading Operating System"

    Hi everyone, I was trying to install windows 10 on my hard drive, but it wouldn't boot to the USB, it just stalled at "Loading Operating System". So i pulled the hard drive and used another computer to install it onto that hard drive. Now it does the same thing with the hard drive. I tried...
  6. J

    Question Big issues adding new ram

    Recently I tried to add more ram to my pc, going from 2x8 go to 4x8gb. But when I added the new ram the pc would power on but no picture would be displayed and the red memOK light came on. I pressed the button to do a memory check but the computer remained dysfunctional. I took the two new...
  7. C

    Question Question about multiple SSD

    Hello everyone, I have a 120gb ssd and i want to upgrade to a bigger one, prblly 480 or 500. I also have 1TB hdd. My question is, if i upgrade do i loose any performance by keeping all 3 disks? Like having windows on my 120gb ssd , games on 480gb ssd, and have the hdd for music and maybe games...
  8. Zheats

    Question 16GB installed on computer but only 8gb is being used...

    I recently just upgraded my CPU, Ram, and Motherboard, and when i come to see the system information, it says '16.0 GB (7.95 GB usable)' My specs are: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M AM4 mATX Motherboard Ram: Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 DDR4 2666MHz Vengeance LPX DIMM Black CPU...
  9. O

    Question Help me with RAM compatibility

    So I have this ram currently installed in my system. It is 2 sticks of Adata ddr4 2400(17) Model# is: AD4U2400J4G17-B It is on an msi B250M Bazooka running an I5 7400. I want to add in another 8 gigs to bring me to 16. Can I install this TEAM RGB ram in the other channel without issues...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Help with my PSU

    So.. I think my psu is starting to die considering its from like 2011-2014.. I’ve been thinking If I should order a Corsair VS450 450W or a 550W one? Also are any of these compatible with my mobo or components and If they are compatible which one should I get? specs are : i3 4170 GTx 1050ti...
  11. S

    Question What should i upgrade for my pc

    at the moment these are the parts i have and i want to know if i need to upgrade my motherboard for a new processor to catch up on todays game standards and if i need to upgrade my mother board would i need to upgrade anything else?
  12. D

    Question Standard GPU Ports

    I'm looking to buy a WQHD monitor with 144hz. GPU is a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 970. For that Resolution and refresh rate I'd need Displayport 1.2 or higher. Nvidia's website says 3x DP 1.2 for a GTX 970 while gigabyte doesn't say anything about that on their website, so I don't know what version...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Which one of these PSU's is better for my rig (budget)

    First of all, I'm currently living in Venezuela so I don't have many choices plus I'm on a tight budget. I'm trying to choose between EVGA 500B, Thermaltake Smart 700w, and EVGA 750 BQ. Safe to say that the EVGA 500B is a lot easier for me to get for different reasons. This is my current system...
  14. G

    Question Switching mobos

    Hi I currently have an Asus prime h310 plus with a i7-8700 and I’m planning on switching to a tomahawk b540 with a amd ryzen 7 2700x. Since I have a prebuilt pc would switching mobos and cpus like that be okay? Or should I stick with intel?
  15. J

    Question Hello! Can I run a rx570 using a 450watt psu

    I was hoping to buy a mid-range GPU. My first option was the GTX 1050ti..... But the rx570 supports most of the latest games. So I thought of buying it, but then only I realised the 500 Watt Power consumption It would be awesome if anyone could help PEACE!!
  16. Saucydrip

    Question i want to get my ryzen 7 1700x a new cooler

    Ok so I have a 212 hyper evo and on idle im getting 30-40 celcius on idle and 70 after 2 cinebench stress test i wanted to overclock this to the max potential of 3.8ghz maybe even 4ghz anybody know a good cooler with easy installation?
  17. A

    Question Bios update for Foxcoon 2aa9

    Hello , I,m looking for and update to this motherboard , i have 6.10 American Megatrends Bios, its a foxconn 2aa9 motherboard , from an hp p6600es , chipset 780G , AM3 ,Thanks :)
  18. C

    Question Okay So i wanna Over clock my gpu

    I have an HP Omen 870-224 I5-7400 8gb Single channel ram 1tb & 750Gb Hard Drive Gtx 1060 3gb 500 W Power Supply I have installed MSI Afterburner now I just need to know what's best and what not to do obviously don't mess with VOLTAGES