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  1. noobandstupid

    [SOLVED] No HDMI signal on boot , uEFI utility and Window recovery mode

    Motherboard: Asrock B560 pro4 GPU: AMD RX 580 CPU: Intel i7 10700F Recently, I entered the uEFI utility settings(F2). Then I turned on the Ultra Fastboot option ,now There is no HDMI signal on boot animation, uEFI utility and windows recovery. Tried to reset the CMOS tho shorted the CLRMOS1 pin...
  2. Formabd9

    Question Very first boot takes too long and CMOS date and time is wrong, after restart everything is fine - Windows 7 Ultimate

    The very first time I turn on my pc on a day it takes about 10-15 minutes (during which pc fans run normally, hard drive activity light is off, monitor is on, monitor power light blinks constantly and it doesn't display anything) to get to Bios post screen in which I get displayed that CMOS...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Where is the cmos reset on this mb? I can’t find the cmos reset on this mb
  4. jazuk

    Question No display after BIOS update.

    So I downloaded a BIOS update through the official ASUS website, flashed it, it said the flash is successful and the PC will now reset, and the screen went black and since it hasn't shown any signal on my display. All of the fans are on, all of the lights and peripherals are on too, I tried...
  5. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Unable to get into bios settings on MSI MAG Tomahawk Z690 WIFI DDR4

    Hi, I just build up my new system and I can't seem to be able to get into the bios settings. I've tried resetting CMOS, tried only keyboard in USB, tried holding SHIFT while powering off (so I could reboot straight into bios), tried hitting delete (what the manual tells me to do), tried all...
  6. Speedhemi10

    Question PC Will only boot to BIOS

    Hey so I’ve had this computer for about 3-4 years now and I’ve never had any issues with it, I have had windows 10 the entire time. And I was playing League of Legends with some friends the other day and when I went to leave the game everything I had open went to not responding, I didn’t think...
  7. ItsNightFall

    [SOLVED] Bios settings doesn't save.

    Pc sepc: Msi B450 A PRO MAX Ryzen 5 PRO 4650g 1 * 8 XPG Hunter 3200Mhz Bios: msi click bios 5 My ram was running on 2667Mhz so i enabled XMP. Then my PC turned On and Off twice before booting with default bios settings. (With ram still at 2667Mhz). I also tried testing other bios settings...
  8. K

    Question PC boots to UEFI after being unplugged for hours

    Hello there. Recently I've moved house, the first time I turned my PC on it booted to UEFI. So I setup some of my custom settings as they had been lost and continued. After shut down I switch the power off from the outlet (this is every day). The next day I turn the PC back on it boots back to...
  9. T

    Question Stuck on mobo splash screen after bsod

    After BSOD, the only way to fix the issue is cmos being reseated and clearing the jumper. then i can almost always go back to desktop and do what i like for a few days at times. But rest assured thst the problem does always come back. The main thing that helped was disabling the other boot...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Added new ram that wouldn’t boot with XMP enabled, now it won’t boot at all

    Ryzen 7 5800x RTX 2060 X470 MSI GAMING PLUS MAX 4x16g Corsair vengeance Pro 3200mhz I had just bought another 2 sticks of ram to upgrade my pc to 64 gigs. I noticed that my PC would boot fine until I enabled XMP, then my PC would only make it to a black screen and stay there. Im pretty new to...
  11. B

    Question Power issue?

    I just assembled my new Unraid build which is as follows: case: fractal node 304 mobo: MSI MPG B560I CPU: Intel Core i5-10600K Memory: PSU...
  12. stressato

    [SOLVED] Black screen after clearing CMOS battery and jumper ?

    Hi everyone. Due to the new update of the valorant anti cheat, a friend of mine needed to enable tpm 2.0 and secure boot, once the computer restarted it showed black screen and no POST, so we tried to unplug the cable from the power, turn off the power supply from the switch, remove the CMOS...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Clearing cmos on b150-hd3

    I'm 99% sure my motherboard is dead, was playing GTA V, before I play I usually open a program called MSI Afterburner and turn my GPU's clock all the way down or else I will be getting some crazy artifacts. Mid-game, PC shuts down, and does not boot up, literally dead, the only thing that...
  14. P

    Question How can I fix this boot problem?

    I already tried updating the BIOS or replacing the CMOS battery 2 times, and resetting the CMOS throught the motherboard, and when I do this, the error doesn't show up for a couple boots but it eventually comes back. I also tried changing the boot order in BIOS but the settings don't save (MSI...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot after being turned off/unplugged for a weekend.

    My pc is in my apartment where I stay from mon-sat, but I leave to go to a different house every sunday and go back to my apartment on monday, so I bring my laptop with me instead and leave my pc unplugged. Every time I get back, my PC won't boot. The lights and fans turn on, but no display, no...
  16. B


    Hello guys I have a problem. Two days ago I did a BIOS update on my pc with the usb flash drive method. I never changed any settings related to the motherboard since the first time I assembled my pc. So why I did it? Well, I had this problem where my cpu's stock cooler fan wouldn't stop...
  17. M

    Question DRAM led lights red after CMOS clear (Bios reset)

    I put together a budget system for very little money and everything worked out quite well, but whenever I wanted to restart the computer, I only got a black picture, but all the fans were turning and I could even blindly use the keyboard and mouse to use. After I shut down the PC using the off...
  18. Sharkbytes100

    Question overclocked ram to stock speed and now pc doesnt turn on monitor black while pc running

    overclocked ram to stock speed and now pc doesnt turn on monitor black while pc running ive tried resseting CMOS by removing and jumping it what else can i try
  19. stanley88845

    [SOLVED] Cmos needs to be reset if I want to enter the BIOS

    Hi all, everytime time I want to enter my bios I need to reset my cmos. I can boot to Windows fine everytime with no problem but if I don't reset my Cmos then I don't get the screen where you are supposed to press F2 or Delete to enter the bios, it just goes straight to Windows. As well as that...
  20. liakos

    Question Hardware beeps continues

    My desktop do a continuous beep, I can't event count them it last for 15 seconds then shutdown. I change CMOS Battery re-seated RAM and worked. After a while I close the desktop then I go open again and does the same beep and duration and if put the second dimm of ram starts all over. Can this...
  21. Justingieae138

    [SOLVED] Motherboard lights boot and vga

    Hey guys I recently changed cases and when I tried to turn it on to see if it was working I got 2 lights on my motherboard boot and vga and they will stay on for about a minute and then all lights will be off. I took apart my rtx 2060 as well and cleaned it up and put more thermal after getting...
  22. J

    Question Pc no display cmos battery error

    my pc was just working fine I switched ram sticks and now I am receiving a cmos battery error with no display and no ability to go into bios. I have an Alienware aurora r6 with gtx 1080 and 4 16gb ram sticks. I just replaced the cmos battery with a brand new one and still am getting this error...
  23. J

    Question New RAM showing Q-Code 41 on Asus Hero Mobo

    Purchased some Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3600MHz RGB DDR4 RAM to replace my single 4gb stick. Installed both new sticks into slots 2 and 4 and now the motherboard is showing q-code 41 and is stuck in a loop of turning itself off and on. I then tried to revert back to the old stick but that is...
  24. Lopsop790

    [SOLVED] Pc no display no usb works, suspected motherboard issue

    Hello everyone, today I upgraded from a ryzen 5 1600 cpu to ryzen 5 3600 on my MSI B350 motherboard and now when I turn on my pc everything lights up all fans spin but I don't get any display and none of my usb connections work. I tried doing a CMOS reset by taking the battery out of my...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] Automatic Repair Failed Screen After Successful BIOS Update

    So, the main problem is, when I updated the BIOS via mflash, it installed 100%, then it rebooted and got into a loop of trying automatic repair. After 6 rounds of trying that, I got the blue screen that says automatic repair failed. I don't really know what happened, it looked like it updated...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] SSD not showing up in boot pirority after CMOS

    So I've built my first pc and everything was going fine, I was able to install windows and everything. But I realized I installed the windows home instead of windows pro Since I have the key for windows pro I tried to install that version of windows but when I was seeing my boot priority in...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] i have to replug the cmos battery everytime i want to turn on my pc

    hey so as i said everytime i wanna turn on my pc i have to unplug cmos battery and plug it again otherwise its gonna shut down after 2 seconds
  28. C

    Question Windows 10 Freeze on load up

    I was recently adding new parts to an old computer when I was trying to connect the wifi chip (AC8265) to the motherboard (b36h4-ad) but was silly enough to attempt to plug it into a SATA power cable whilst powered on. The computer didn't work after however It attempted to load the computer and...
  29. J

    Question GTX970 dying? showed up in my hidden devices once then never returned

    Hello I have had this GTX 970 for nearly 4 years and in the last year occasionally it will just say "no video input" and I had to do really random things like remove the cmos, swap ram around etc. But since a few days ago I have been unable to fix it, nothing I normally do is working. I saw...
  30. xSelf

    Question PC starts and stops immediately after resetting BIOS.

    I tried to reset BIOS settings with removing cmos and putting in back in. after I did this and tried to power up, pc started and stopped immediately, I tried unplugging everything and resettings CMOS again but nothing helps. It just starts and stops after a second. Motherboard Model: P8H61 –...
  31. N

    Question Can't clean install windows 10 using usb

    I'm building a pc using a bunch of older components I've had laying around and now that everything is put together, I can't get windows to install. I have the flash drive selected as the boot (afaik, the bios is old and simple) but every time I try booting it the black screen says "loading...
  32. B

    Question PC turns on but failed to boot

    I Installed new ram the other day now my pc turns on but doesn't come up the MB logo and then screen goes black. I have tested the ram in other pc it works. I've took it out and run with just old stick but doesn't work now. All the fans come on etc just the LED on the MB indicates boot failed or...
  33. D

    Question Overclocked RAM on XTU, PC stuck on "Press the ESC key for start-up menu" screen when booted

    As title states, I just got this HP Omen 30L almost a month ago (Model#: 2H4A2AV) And I just added some extra RAM, and you have to do a workaround with XTU and the Omen software in order for it to let you overclock. I had done it before and it worked fine, however this time I accidentally...
  34. R

    [SOLVED] Do i need to change my CMOS battery?

    Hello, Starting a few days ago, whenever my pc has been unplugged from power for a while and i start it, it then starts for a brief second, and then restarts and i get to the American Megatrends screen where it says: Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting. After setting up Intel(R) Optane...
  35. E

    [SOLVED] When I overclock nothing happens, Specially when I turn off EIST

    Hello, So here are my specs i9-10900kf rtx 3080 colorful z490 vulcan x 20 colorful 32gb ram gamemax 1050w psu When I go to bios and change EIST ( Intel SpeedStep ) to off, Overclocking doesn't work anymore for some reason, I'm able to change the core clock in bios but when I do nothing happens...
  36. R

    Question Computer won't turn ON without CMOS reset

    Hey all! I bought a second-hand GTX 1080 ti the day before yesterday. I Installed it and also changed the thermal paste to my CPU at the same time. However, the computer wouldn't turn on. Tried putting back my old GPU, wouldn't turn on with that either. The only way I can get my computer to...
  37. B

    [SOLVED] GA35DX attempting to reset bios to factory *SOLVED*

    I have: ROG Strix GA35 I changed something in bios and now there is no display. Lights on, fan on, no beeps, solid orange on mother board plus the dancing lights dance. No display from the onboard either. I've tried hitting del etc even though there's no visible prompt to do so. I'd like to...
  38. Anonim_C

    [SOLVED] How much time does it take for BIOS settings to be reseted after I take out the CMOS battery?

    I am a lazy person and I don't want to lose my BIOS settings. I want to learn how much time does the BIOS settings stand without a CMOS battery. Will they be reseted if I change the battery fast enough?
  39. Anonim_C

    [SOLVED] CR2025 in a CR2032 holder for motherboard?

    Can I switch my 3V Lithium CR2032 CMOS Battery with a 3V Lithium C2025 Wrist Watch Battery? I have a wrist watch with a 3V CR2025 Lithium Battery in it. And my (dead) CMOS battery on my motherboard is a 3V Lithium CR2032. Can I replace my CMOS battery with my wrist watch's battery?
  40. ryu-

    Question Installed new ram on Christmas, worked for 2.5hours, never got a display again.

    On Christmas I received a 32GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600mhz RGB Ram, swapped out some HyperX Fury 2933mhz 16GB ram. The ram kept crashing my computer and freezing up whilst playing games such as GTA V, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and even small games such as Minecraft. - I knew that wasn't a...