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    Question Require help in PC Build

    Hey guys I will be building my first ever PC very soon and I have selected all the parts I'd like to go with. Here is the list- Ryzen 5 2600 Sapphire RX 5700 MSI B450 Tomahawk EVGA 600W 80+ BR ( Non- modular) G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB (2x8) 3200MHz (F4-3200C16D-16GVKB ) Kingston A400 SSD 480GB...
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    Question Is my computer build compatible

    Hello, I am new to pc building and i wondered if someone could check my current build is all compatible; i have used pc part picker but i have heard that it isn't 100% reliable. I know i need to get a GPU but i don't know what to get, could someone also help me with that? i don't game much but i...
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    Question Is This RAM Ok For My Laptop?

    I want to upgrade my laptop's ram from 4 to 8gb. I have already found what i think is a suitable ram for it but just to make sure i want to ask you guys if this ram will fit my pc. Here is my ram: and here is the ram i want to buy...
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    Will a Zotac GTX 750 TI be compatible with my motherboard?

    (My grammar & punctuation is bad) I am not very good at tech stuff and budget is $60 so I'm thinking of upgrading my gpu by getting a GTX 750ti and i found one that cost $59.68 which is a "Zotac GTX 750 TI 2gb 128bit DDR5" its also a second hand but the reviews are good, i want to know if its...
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    Question Is the SODIMM slot and pinout for a Raspberry Pi CM3 the same as a standard SODIMM slot/pinout?

    This is kind of based off my previous thread (, but are the pinouts for a Raspberry Pi CM3 and a DDR2 SODDIMM pinout the same? When examining the pinouts...
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    Question Dell PowerEdge SC1430 Graphics card compatibility

    So, to make things clear... there's not much information on this server's GPU compaibility. It's picky about video cards, it's locked in the BIOS, however it supports some of them. If anyone knows additional ones, please let me know. Here's the list: These are the ones I haven't tried, but I...
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    Question Are these parts compatible with a NZXT H400? (The nzxt h400 isnt on pc partpicker btw)
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    Is i5 4690 + MSI Z97 Gaming 5 worth it for $230 today?

    I really need to replace my mobo and procie because of sound problems. So I've seen an offer for 12000 philippine peso I could get an i5 4690 and MSI z97 Gaming 5 which are a huge upgrade from my i5 3330 and h61 mobo. But is the price for the 4690 and Gaming 5 worth it? Computer parts are a bit...