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  1. D3K1DS

    Question New Gaming/Video editing build

    So I've been editing this list for some time and now I've changed it a lot. What do you guys think? Should I change anything else? I just wanna make sure I have a good list cause this thing is extremely expensive as you can see haha. The new build is below, but I also have the original build...
  2. Question Motherboard Issue - Help PLZ!

    So I’m in a little sticky situation. I decided it was time to change the thermal paste on my PC, so I did just that. I had a lot of issues taking off the seat sink that all the bolts including the backplate came off, no biggie. I proceeded to clean up everything and replace the thermal paste as...
  3. A

    Question Over clocking will not apply

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but usually when I have computer issues, you guys usually have answers, unfortunately after hours of online searching trying to find a fix, nothing has worked that I’ve found that had worked for anyone else! Simply put, my bios overclocks will not apply at all...
  4. xephos

    Bent Mobo CPU Socket Pins and still worked?

    So this is also based off my issue here, I decided to check on my cpu and see if anything was wrong with it. I checked the cpu, it was fine. The socket, however, looked like the pins bent gently towards one side in a circular motion. I'm pretty sure this happened due to time and not suddenly as...
  5. M

    I unsubscribed from my cable and phone provider. Now my internet is extremely slow.

    For the longest time my family has been with Bell Canada, (I live in the Greater Toronto Area). Recently, in order to cut down on bills we decided to get rid of our cable subscription since we mainly use the apple tv nowadays in order to watch shows/movies. We also unsubscribed from our phone...
  6. T

    CPU TEMP While gaming

    Hey guys i have a Cheap Gaming Rig that i built and I play alot of league of legends.. While playing league of legends and running a recording service in the backround my computer gets to about 58-60 Degrees Celcius. Is that normal? Also.. i live in a house with no AC at the moment and its about...
  7. O

    R9 280x vs R9 380 4gb vs R9 380x future

    Which card should I get? The 280x seems to do better than the 380 in most benchmarks and the 380x seems to match the 280x in most benchmarks. I would go with the R9 280x for 200$, but I'm worried that the extra 1gb of Vram on the 380x could make a massive difference in the future. Any thoughts...
  8. G

    Will an ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+AMD mother fit a Sentey® Gaming Computer Case Gs-6011 Blade tower?

    I am building a custom desktop and need help to figure out if this tower will work for the this motherboard, and if not I would like a list of towers that WOULD work for this motherboard ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+ AMD-motherboard Sentey® Gaming Computer Case Gs-6011 Blade- tower
  9. HappyHambo

    Do I Have to Gradually Overclock?

    I'm a beginner in overclocking (AKA never overclocked before, ever) and I'm planning on overclocking my 4690k once I get my Cryorig h7. I've been reading quite a lot about it and I'm a bit confused. In this article...
  10. G

    no video will open

    my youtube videos do not open but can get audio, removed Flash player because of problems with Firefox. Any other players I can use with "Tube" ?
  11. T

    Building A Cheaper Gaming PC

    I've been trying to build a gaming PC to be able to run games like ARK: Survival Evolved and GTA V at 60 frames on ultra. Not planning on playing on higher resolutions than 1080p... Is this build good and is there anything wrong with it? If so feel free to edit the build and link it below...
  12. J


    Hello, I have had two BSOD's today, whilst playing games. I thought it might be a driver problem, so I updated all my Graphics drivers and did all my Windows Updates. About 2 hours later, another blue screen, while playing Borderlands the Pre Sequel. I saw on another forum that it may be my...
  13. S

    LAN-to-LAN VPN for a business

    VPN question for a student: For a project a classmate and I are doing we have two businesses connected by a LAN-to-LAN VPN. Can the server with the VPN Server software on it be used for other services too, or is it preferable-or necessary-to have a separate server attached to a switch along with...
  14. P

    Playing at 140 fps, yet recording at 15

    I play games at 140 fps. Specifically, League of Legends, maximum graphics. When I hit record on Dxtory, 1080p, it records 15 fps even though I'm still playing on 140. If I drop it to 720p, I can hit 30 frames recording. Why is this? I have an AMD R9 270x and an i7 3.4 GHz processor. I've seen...
  15. D

    PC turning off randomly after installing new gpu

    At first I thought it was when I was knocking the PC but now it seems to just randomly shut off and then not power on again for a few minutes. It works for periods of 5 mintues to 1 hour before shutting off and I even managed to run the CPU and GPU at full load for a long duration so I dont...