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  1. THRobinson

    Antenna - 802.11b/g/n Compatibility

    I was looking online when I saw a simple mod for a Linksys E1200, to remove the internal antenna, and add an external one for signal boost. LINK My question is, I see a lot of 10dbi antenna on eBay for sale, which is what I am after (old house, dense walls, need a boost) but all seem listed as...
  2. Danny OShaughnessy

    System suddenly shut off and won't start

    Hey guys, This morning I was browsing the web on my PC when it suddenly shut off for no reason, all lights, fans, everything shut off. I unplugged the power cable temporarily and put it back in, the lights and fans came on for about half a second then went off again, and this happened a few...
  3. D

    Windows 10 Questions

    Can I reserve windows 10 on two devices with one Microsoft account?
  4. G

    How much would my pc sell for if I were to sell it?

    I would like to know your opinions on how much you think my pc would sell for. PC Specs: CPU: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 960 SSC 4GB Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Hard Drive: Seagate 1TB 7200RPM RAM: Corsair XMS3 8GB (2X4GB) 1600MHZ DDR3 Case: Zalman Z11 Plus OS...
  5. N.Broekhuijsen

    ASRock's X99E-ITX/ac Pairs X99 Chipset With Mini-ITX, Will Cost $249

    ASRock announced how much its Mini-ITX X99 motherboard is going to cost. ASRock's X99E-ITX/ac Pairs X99 Chipset With Mini-ITX, Will Cost $249 : Read more
  6. B

    CPU for digital artist

    Between the I7 2635QM 2 ghz quadcore or the I7 2620M 2.7 ghz dual core which one would run photoshop and small 2d animation tests better? I have choice between a computer with either of these processors and I wanna know which would be the better option in the long run? Thanks for the help!
  7. H

    Cannot overclock my GTX 970

    I can't overclock it , even a little bit. Any game gets crashes yes everything is up to date, bla bla. I have the MSI GTX 970
  8. M

    High Ping and Packet Loss on Laptop But Not on Other Connected Devices

    I have a laptop and a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone connected via wi-fi to my home network. I use a Virgin Media Superhub in modem mode and a Buffalo WHR-1166D router. The laptop and mobile phone are connected to the 5Ghz band. The laptop uses an ASUS USB AC56 wireless adaptor. I have a...
  9. G

    Google Announces Android Pay To Integrate With Multiple Mobile Payment Services

    Google's Sundar Pichai talked about Android Pay, an API that can support multiple payment services. Google Announces Android Pay To Integrate With Multiple Mobile Payment Services : Read more
  10. H

    Samsung 840 Evo low iops issue

    I just installed my first ssd today, and at first things were great. Everything installed nicely, and I was getting maximum sequential read/write and mad iops read/write, and the sdd I felt was reallllly fast. Then my friend was checking his email and the of blue screened and auto restarted. I...
  11. D

    Can not access bios

    Can not access BIOS. After it says it is "Entering Setup..." if goes to a black sceen and nothing will appear, even after 10 minutes. F11 works in the idea I can pick what device I want to boot from, but I can not access the BIOS itself. I can start my OS fine with no problems. It is only BIOS I...
  12. Dunlop0078

    AMD duel core optimizer?

    I just noticed i have AMD duel core optimizer installed and launching on startup my question is do i need that for any reason with my amd fx 6350 6 core?
  13. D

    Dual Monitor Issue

    Hello, I have a user that has dual monitors, and when she maximizes a window it locks and she is unable to slide it to the other monitor. She can double click and move it as well as minimize and move it to the other screen. It is just when the window is fully maximized she is unable to grab...
  14. R

    Core i5 vs core i7 - I need help making a decision!

    I'm currently running core i5 2400 3.1 GHz on my desktop. I was wondering if the core i7 4900 2.4 GHz will be an upgrade or a downgrade, or just simply not worth it, cause it'll just be the same? Which one will run games better? This question may be very silly considering it's 2nd generation...
  15. TechCIDLC

    Best download manager for Windows

    Which is the best download manager?
  16. Rokeugon

    PIcking a new PSU ? need help

    so i really need to hurry and pick and new PSU for my PC , because my current PSU wont last long and wont manage my new graphics card i know this much , its a HP pavilion elite 340uk and is in a Mid-size ATX case everything listed on my pc can be found here...