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  1. R

    Question rog strix b350-f gaming motherboard compatible cpu fan recommendation

    I have a ryzen 1700x and that didn't come with a fan so i bought one and it blocks my RAM slots on my pc. i barely got my 16GBs in to the farthest slots. i don't need the absolute best but i need a recommendation for a fan. preferably with a link to the fan? please?
  2. Y

    Question Cpu fan won't spin until physically moved

    I recently got an antec a30 cpu cooler for my system (which previously could get to 100°c due to bad cooler). for some reason the fan won't start spinning until I open the case and move it myself, and only after that it spins regularly (if I stop it after it was running, it will stop again until...
  3. R

    Question PC doesn't fully turn off when i Shut Down

    Hi. I recently built a new PC running on Windows 10 OS. The first week or so it ran perfectly with no issue at all. The only problem now and it has lasted a few weeks is that when I Shut Down properly from Windows itself, the case fans, cpu fan and the RGB lighting all stay on unless I hold...
  4. doodledile

    Question PC freezes / solid green video playback / black screen flashes / CPU fan overworking

    Background: Relatively new Gaming PC (Jan 2019), ran like a dream until recently - experiencing unusual/disruptive behaviour as outlined below (screenshots included from Dropbox). PC is usually running all the time but not intensively - I don't play games (but do make games) so I don't exhaust...
  5. X

    Question Fans speeding up and slowing down?

    Hello, I am not sure why my computer is becoming so loud. I did turn my fan to be on automatic on my gpu and not sure why it was off. I want to find out which fans are ramping up so high and why. But is there some logs to look at which fans are doing this so I can maybe fix it or get some help...
  6. M

    Question Noctua nh-d15 or Dark rock pro 4 for Core i9 9900k

    Hey guys, I have recently purchased a Intel core i9 9900k and i am looking for an air cooler. After hours of mind numbing toil i have shortlisted 2 cpu coolers : 1. Noctua nh-d15 2. Dark rock pro 4 However i have not able to find a true comparison between them. Could you guys please...
  7. M

    Question Noctua nh-d15 or Cooler Master ma620p for Core i9 9900k

    Hey guys, I have recently purchased an Intel core i9 9900k and i am looking for an air cooler. After hours of mind numbing toil i have shortlisted 2 cpu coolers : Noctua nh-d15 Cooler master ma620p However i have not able to find a true comparison between them. Could you guys please suggest...
  8. seraphaye

    Question Cpu fan running at 5k rpm idle

    bought a new cpu, 8350 fx amd and stock fan but the fan is running high, temp never goes over 40 unless im running scans or playing games just high rpm IMO. I know i can buy i new fan may solve the problem and such but wondering if theres a cheaper solution, when i slow the fan does seems to...
  9. Tanyac

    Question corsairlink reports cpu fan 0 rpm after moving to a new case

    I moved my PCs insides to a new bigger case. It has a Corsair H115i cooler with 2 x Commander Pro controllers. There are 10 case fans. The motherboard is an MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC. I added nothing. I removed nothing. The fans are connected to the same C/Pro headers they were on in the old...
  10. Question Will The DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 Install in Optiplex 390 MT Motherboard

    PLEASE ITS An URGENT QUESTION If You Can Answer Fast it will be Much appreciated Can The DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 Install in Optiplex 390 MT Motherboard , I have a Difference PC Case , im Talking about the Ports and Spaces will it Fit ? Thats The Motherboard in, Picture Below : Please you must...
  11. T

    Question CPU Fan issues/question

    Hello, I am having some heat issues in my desktop build. Upon boot, I get a CPU Fan error which loads me directly into the BIOS. There I either see that the Fan is running "in the red" (lower speed than the BIOS likes) OR is shown as not detected. I can hear the fan spinning while this is...
  12. tensa01

    Question Can i control my RGB light via software or android application ?

    Hello everyone and nice to meet you all I have a msi z97 gaming 7 Mother board with a bunch of RGB fans and my question here is it possible to control the light color and effect via a software or an Android Application ? My Apologies i forgot to mention the name of my CPU FAN! It is the...
  13. jimaxwell

    Question Is there a fan I can move from FX-8300 to Ryzen 5?

    I'm rolling with an old FX-8300 chip and the CPU fan has given up the ghost. I had some great recommendations on building out a new CPU/MB/RAM/PS setup using a Ryzen 5. However, the neccessary ~$500 will not be in the budget for a couple of months. In the mean time I'm wondering if I could drop...
  14. Gottoms

    Question Set CPU fan to constant speed

    The heat sensor of my CPU is malfunctioning and giving higher temperatures than what the CPU temperature really is. Because of this my CPU fan constantly begins to run like crazy whenever I do the smallest of tasks on my computer. I went in the BIOS settings to manually modify the fan's RPM but...
  15. A

    Question Is there a seperate cpu cooler for submerging in mineral oil

    Hi Is there a seperate cpu heatsink design if you submerge it in mineral water, or is there a custom fan made to work better in mineral oil. And is mineral oil like more "thicker" as like honey or is it like water?
  16. R

    Question CPU fan stuck at 1050 RPM no matter what

    Hello guys. Today I ran intro a problem that I can't seem to solve. Specs: I7-8700 Asrock B360M-HDV Today when I turned on my PC I noticed my CPU fan is stuck at 1050 RPM (the stock one), if I change the configuration using the BIOS fan tunning program it simply doesn't work. Using any kind of...
  17. Z

    Question CPU at 100 degrees and CPU FAN keeps going at 0 RPM!

    Just got a new PC some months ago, and I keep getting notifications alerting my CPU FAN goes to 0 RPM. According to HWMonitor, my CPU is constantly around 95-100 degrees and my CPU Fan keeps shutting down and resets automatically in idling. It gets even worse when I play games, the fan gets...
  18. B

    Question Is my CPU throttling?

    Hello everyone. I'm running a ryzen 3 1200 currently running at 3.7 GHz overclocked. I was wondering that if I OC my CPU, it should stay 3.7 constant, right? (I'm not sure.) However, it doesn't ever reach 3.7 GHz EVER (And when I mean ever, I mean EVER), but rather 3.5-3.6 GHz when I'm running...
  19. N

    Question PWM CPU Fan always running on full speed

    Hi, I've noticed that my CPU fan runs at full speed all the time even though the CPU is barely used by the system (usually at 15-30% of usage) and is at around 30°C (85°F). My setup: MB: Asus Z170i Pro Gaming (BIOS version: 3406, 2017/07/21) CPU: i7-6700 CPU Fan: Noctua NH-D14 RAM: 32GB...
  20. C

    Good site for benchmark comparison

    I am looking for a good site for comparing different GPUs on different games. I remember finding one about a year ago but can't find anything similar now. Can you guys link me a few sites that compare the different GPUs?