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  1. M

    Question Can corsair hydro h45 cooler fit mitx chassis

    I am going to buy a new chassis and cooler but I have a matx motherboard and I overclocked my processor but my cooler is too bad so I think to buy a corsair hydro h45 and Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L. and I need to know if the cooling tea will fit the chassis
  2. joshua.man

    Question Need advice on most likely cause of PC boot-loops and freezing ?

    My computer is a few moths old now, the issues seem to be getting worse over time. I am sure this is a hardware issue as I have installed a new windows on a new drive and it persisted. All the symptoms are seemingly sporadic which makes it extremely hard to figure out what is causing it. Here...
  3. F

    Question How do I control my Thermaltake RGB cpu fan?

    Have a Thermaltake UX100 cpu fan which is permanently set in rainbow colors, which is very distracting for my peripheral vision. Looking for a way to change it to a static color like blue or white. Have tried RGB Fusion 2.0, iCUE and Armoury Crate, none of which have detected the cpu fan or...
  4. Jaymz2000

    Question Need a tie breaker -

    Cryorig H7 OR Cryorig M9a Using an AMD chip. I like the look of both of these, I just don't know the better performer, I believe the H7 is slightly bigger in fan size, but slower in rotations and Vice Versa for the M9 but is about $25-30 cheaper, which I'm not trying to go all out on cooling...
  5. danielsuperone

    Question Can I disable the RGB on my CPU fan?

    Hello, I have a P8H77-V LE motherboard and as my cpu fan i am using some cooler master fan, my whole pc is blue and my fan is red, is there a way to disable the rgb on that fan? I dont want to replace the fan neither or remove it, i just want to find a way to disable the RGB lights on it...
  6. Balenci

    Question My CPU fan isn’t spinning and PC won’t boot, just a black screen ?

    My cpu fan stopped spinning and everytime I start my pc it turns on, no cpu fan and just black screen. My gpu also goes up to 100% fan speed as soon as I start it. (My fans also make a loud noise for like the first 15 seconds when I start it then goes to normal but that has been happening for a...
  7. Aditya0547

    Question Please Need Urgent Help!

    I have a laptop Compaq presario cq57-408tu The problem is when I press the power button it's shows an 90b error and my fan is not running and it automatically shuts down after in few seconds without even booting upto starting windows logo. I am now thinking of changing the CPU fan myself but I...
  8. NiallUK

    Question After adding and removing a GPU, CPU fan now stuck at 100%.

    On one of our PC's, there's a slot for a 2-slot GPU to sit. I took a Quadro 600 and installed it into the case. Upon boot, I received three red beeps, and three white beeps. These beeps mean an issue with the GPU, so I decided it wasn't worth it and removed the GPU. Now, over the course of 20...
  9. T

    Question NHD15 fans stop spinning momentarily

    So I bought the D15 for my system set it up, saw a pretty decent decrease in temps overall and under load, but I noticed the outer fan that I could see, would slow down sometimes. I chalked it up to the system controlling it, because I didn't adjust any of the CPU fan settings and instead left...
  10. korey

    Question Does CPU OPT Fan matter?

    Hi, I recently bought a new case and I still have some of my old coolers from my old case, it would be a waste to just throw them, but they are not the best, the case costed 25$ and it came with 3 included blue led fans, so I don’t think they are the best, and I was wondering if I could use one...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] CPU Fan Error, everything else works fine

    As the title says, I'm encountering a strange issue. My PC has worked fine since I built it in late 2019, and this is it's first big issue. Seemingly overnight, the CPU fan has stopped functioning. I see it start to spin upon power up, then it just stops. Sometimes it tries one more time, but it...
  12. M

    Question Unusual cpu fan wiring in laptop

    Update: After getting the tool I needed I was able to remove the cover from my laptop fans and see their circuitboards. This let me see for certain that while the two GPU fans use three wires (power, ground and sense), the cpu fan is using power, ground and pwm, with the pwm wire plugged into...
  13. omerdai

    Question Help Motherboard light problem

    Hi, I have my pc for a tear now and I don't usually have problems with it, today I wanted to check something with the RGB fans and by mistake one cable has disconnected and I reconnected it since then something really strange is happening, the front RGB fans are stuck with blue light the CPU fan...
  14. L

    Question Case fans noise not getting quieter

    I've recently had to send my father's 1TB Adata XPG S40G SSD and his Aorus B450M for repairs due to a few issues (the backpanel audio was not working and the system sometimes couldn't find the SSD) and I had to take it apart. Today I've got it back together and the fans are way louder than...
  15. [SOLVED] Dynamic CPU fan running high all day

    Hi guys, Up until yesterday or today, my CPU fan has been running at high speed for no apparent reason that I can see. It's a Prism cooler for Ryzen 3700X, and it normally changes speeds dependent on CPU temp. This speed will come on when playing Call of Duty and such, but usually very quiet...
  16. R3dLite

    Question very bizarre cpu fan rattle issue... electromagnetic interference maybe?

    Scenario: I have a Thermaltake case, all tempered glass (View 31), and a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 RGB Black cpu fan on my cpu (i5 9600k on an Aorus B360 gaming 3 wifi board). It had not produced any significant issues until the following occured: I had the system off, and was working on the...
  17. M


    Hello guys. I have a CRYORIG H7 QUAD LUMI cpu cooler. The fan is not working properly so im trying to find a cheaper solution than buying a new cooler. Can i replace the cryorig's fan with a pwm fan and connect it to the CPU FAN header? Thanks in advance.
  18. C

    Question CPU fan speed error on ASUS Vivopc X M80CJ

    So i have this asus m80cj which is a prebuilt compact gaming pc, essentially a console. I opened it up and cleaned it a bit and also applied new thermal paste on what i think is the gpu, i then took the cpu cooler fan off. Just unscrewed it and cleaned it a bit, i didnt unplug it. When i turned...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] CPU cooler

    Hello, recently i have bought new cpu : ryzen 7, 3700x, 3.6GHz, 32mb. I have problem with its default cooler. No matter if im playing, not doing anything at all, after system starts fan is starting to spin way way faster and make a lot of noise for few seconds then it back to normal and start...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] What should I do for keeping my system colder

    Hi there, So im changing my cpu from core i3 9100f to core i5 9400f! Here's some questions... I'm worried about my coolness! I mean already my case has only one usual air cooling fan and my cpu temp is not bad... I use from its maximum power tho! Cuz i work with after effects I just wanted...
  21. Julsram

    Question PC turns on by itself

    Hello! if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I recently bought a OMEN 25L GT12-0060 Desktop Computer. I decided to change the preinstalled CPU fan to a Noctua NH-U12S. I installed it and now my pc is instantly turning on whenever I plug it to power and after 15seconds the led...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] CPU FAN and Motherboard

    Hi everyone, I bought a used motherboard with the cpu already installed. One of the 4 screws securing the cpu fan to the motherboard is completely loose and there is no way to tighten it. Could this give any problem or would the system still work? Thanks so much.
  23. R

    Question CPU fan not working on b450 a pro max

    Hello, as the title says when i enable smart fan mode in bios it just doesn’t spin at all if disable it it just keeps on full speed which is loud. Any help appreciated edit: mobo - b450 a pro max, ryzen 5 3600, 16gb Hyperx 3200, Rx 480 xfx, power supply cooler master 500w, noctua nhu12s. Ive...
  24. Something Rando

    [SOLVED] I am thinking about changing my fan but I have heard I need to take out my motherboard, can I do it without taking it out?

    just wondering can I change the CPU Fan without taking out the motherboard. This is my case https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aerocool-Gaming-Mid-Tower-Lighting-Perfect/dp/B077D9YWHT My CPU is a intel i7-3770 and my motherboard is a gigabyte z77x-d3h. I don't want to take out the motherboard since when I...
  25. K

    [SOLVED] CPU fan error 90B - No min fan speed

    I have a cheap Win10 HP desktop PC 570-p033w that suddenly started having cpu fan issues. It's basically stopping completely under idle and then roaring back to max speed after a second or two, slowing back to normal, stopping again, and repeating this cycle over and over. If the cpu is under...
  26. J_9

    Question I Cant Control The CPU Fan

    i bought a ZX-H61c motherboard (https://ibb.co/NY6R8jx) and i cant find the setting for the CPU fan, i get 99c while playing and 35-55c on idle, i tried multiple softwarez like SpeedFan and they couldn't detect the fan i was looking for hidden menus but couldn't find any tips on how to do so or...
  27. Korayaydemir

    [SOLVED] Why is my CPU too hot compared to my GPU ? (Laptop)

    I am using a laptop, this is the exact model if that helps ( https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GL73-9SC/Specification ). My CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, and its temperatures get a bit too high when gaming (90-100 degrees). I've already got recommended to renew its thermal paste...
  28. E

    [SOLVED] What am I missing here? Why this cpu fan doesn't fit?

    Hi guys, I need some help here... I got Ryzen 5 1600 (AM4) and I bought new cpu fan for AM4. This is original AMD cpu fan (RGB) But seems like it doesn't fit to my mother board (Gigabyte A320M-DS2), even though that's an AM4 processor and AM4 fan The old fan have 4 philips screws. The new fan...
  29. E

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    So lately my CPU fan speed ramps up to 3.8k rpm (highest its gotten) then dips down to 1000 rpm is there a way i can stop this from happening ive already changed the fan curve in the bios and it still does it i have a wraith max cooler that came with my 3700x it wasn't doing this before it only...
  30. [SOLVED] Dual fan cpu cooler intake or exhaust?

    My airflow look like this. So my question should I change the CPU fan airflow to both left/right or should I just let it be?
  31. T

    [SOLVED] 3700X Aftermarket CPU Cooler

    I currently have an ML360R but in the past couple of months the pump has started making some strange noises so it is getting returned for a refund. I am looking at switching to Air and getting an NH-D15, I was wondering whether the temps would be alot worse than what I currently have? I was...
  32. gloomi

    [SOLVED] CPU fan suddenly not detected, and AIO n/a, please help!!

    So I had someone over to build my PC for me yesterday, we tested everything, everything was good and working (minus the aio pump). He left, I took the PC to my room and plugged it in and went to bed. Now to the next day, I just tried to turn it on to test with my new monitor attached, and now...
  33. [SOLVED] Cooling/component fans issues

    I'm about to organize a major computer cleaning and my warranties (except for the PSU) are about to expire. So I decided to tackle this issues that's been plaguing me for a while. Every time I use my computer, my fans make strange noises .... sometimes it sounds like a fly was cought between the...
  34. theKickingCyclist

    [SOLVED] First PC Build Fan Attachment Help!

    Hi guys, I'm building my first PC. After the first time it wouldn't power on, so I've taken it apart and trying again. Whilst trying to connect the case fan to the MOBO I'm having this issue. View: https://imgur.com/9Vd8tHi As you can see I have a 4 pin fan attachment on my MOBO, however, I...
  35. I

    [SOLVED] Screen goes blank and cpu fan blows really hard

    I regularly get these two problems: either the cpu fan starts to run really fast and loud. Or the my monitor goes blank as if the hdmi cable is disconnected. Mind you that the monitor is brand new. I get these problems randomly like while browse the internet. I dont play any games or perform...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] PWM fan hub question (first time builder)

    Hi! I just finished my first ever PC build using the Fractal Design Define S2 Vision Blackout case and have some issues with how to set up the fan hub. The case has 4 fans which according to the manual should be connected to a PWM hub to the back of the case. The manual also states that the...
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Can the CPU fan header control LED brightness?

    I'm usually pretty good about Googling solutions but I can't seem to figure this out. From what I understand, the 4 pin CPU has PWM, which lets you control the fan speed and lights. I just can't figure out how to control the LED on my fan. My MOBO is an MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max and I have a...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Cpu fan wont spin anymore

    Processor overheated, i cleaned the cpu fan and after that my cpu fan wont work anymore. But my pc works fine... help
  39. zstrange20

    [SOLVED] Very worried about cpu and taking off cpu wraith cooler rgb!

    Hello I'm wonding if anyone knows any good way to take this cooler off i heard alot of people have broken or bent there pins well taking this cooler off and im very quite worried of doing soo. I want to get a cooler for my cpu because its runs really hot at about 80c+ and somtimes getting close...
  40. kandrosc

    Question New Build Shows No Display

    Hi all, I'm a first time PC builder so please go easy on me. I have finished my first build, and am not getting anything to display, and am wondering if it is even booting correctly. Additionally, my mobo has EZ debug lights, and when powering on, all lights accept cpu flash on for about half a...