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  1. R

    Question My fan lights aren't working properly?

    So I was playing a game on my computer when it suddenly restarted the system, and I noticed the fan lights stopped working since then, but after a few minutes the fan lights turn back on to the red setting which is my most frequent setting. and if I switch the light settings using the button to...
  2. somedude601

    Question System locks up after extended/hard use, possible CPU/cooling issue

    Hey all. I have a bit of an issue. (A pretty big issue) and it’s one that’s recurring. I’m pretty sure it’s hardware related and pretty sure it has something to do with the CPU/fan. After a certain amount of use, especially if running games or other somewhat intensive programs, my computer locks...
  3. joelmappa

    Question CPU Fan error,CPU overvoltage error conflicting information on hw monitor?

    Hello everyone,I tried changing thermal paste on my cpu today and I did spill a bit to the side of the golden pins in the back but I made sure to clear it.Regardless the issue is that when I boot the PC it says CPU Fan Error and CPU overvoltage error and the bios screen shows worrying values. I...
  4. L

    Question What is the sponge name thing under cpu fan and under the heatsink exahust

    Under the cpu fan and the heatsink exhaust, there was a something that is like a light tape of sponge. But they are gone now. I think from heat. View: https://imgur.com/a/T3F8qQ8 View: https://imgur.com/a/qhp8xUT Those pieces, what are the name of them and are there alternative I could use...
  5. steins

    Question I bought a Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB, its working fine but how do i use the rgb?

    bought a Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB, its working fine but how do i use the rgb?
  6. benjamin_a_hu92

    Question Fan hub sync to the CPU fan

    Hi guys! I need help with fan connectivity. If i buy any fan hub (for example a DEEPCOOL SC790), and i connect the fan hub to the motherboard secondary cpu fan header (in this case "water cooling CPU fan header" on a H370 AORUS GAMING 3 MBO), all the fans connected to the hub will react to the...
  7. V

    Question can’t install spring lock screw’s from cpu fan, help?

    sorry if i’m doing this wrong, i never posted on a forum before ^^^ my boyfriend recently ordered me a new cpu for my computer, i had a ryzen 3 1200 and he got me an amd 5 5600. i had no trouble installing the cpu, however, i cant seem to screw in the fan. he said that the screws are ‘spring...
  8. V

    Question New build not POSTing

    So I have been trying to troubleshoot this issue with my new PC build but nothing has gotten me even close to figuring out what is wrong with it. To keep it simple, the CPU fan cooler does not turn on when the motherboard is powered. It's not the fan's problem either, I plugged the fans into...
  9. S

    Question 3-Pin CPU Fan to 4-pin connector

    My motherboard is AsRock Z370 Killer SLI/AC. I have an i5-8400 with stock cooler, which is making a lot of noise now that summer is upon us here. I'm thinking about changing the cooler with ID-COOLING SE-214-XT ARGB. However, reading the description it says the fan is 3-pin, while my motherboard...
  10. M

    Question How to undervolt or cool a Ryzen 5 5600x ?

    Hello , I have a new build and ive noticed the cpu temps are 95-80 c under load ,less than 60% use , around 4.3-4.6Ghz and the voltage running at max 1.3 all the time almost,ive tried replacing the thermal paste , it went normal 60-80 under load and after 30 minutes its back to 95c , i use a...
  11. PeterGriff12

    Question Fan is Detected in BIOS But Not in Windows

    I disassembled my PC (pre-build Lenovo AIO) for cleaning. When I put it all back, the fan was no longer detectable in any software I tried (Lenovo Diagnostics Tool, SpeedFan, HWMonitor, MSI Afterburner). In the BIOS the fan status is reported as "operating", and it does seem to be working fine...
  12. N

    Question Unable to control fan speed through bios or speedfan.

    Unable to control fan speed through bios or speedfan. My CPU and Exhaust fan can either run at full speed or at bare minimum. CPU Fan - connected to motherboard's CPU FAN header 4 Pin Exhaust/Rear Fan - connected to motherboard's H AMP FAN header 4 pin Both the fans are 4 pin and I am not...
  13. tanday

    [SOLVED] my pc fans run like V12 car engine

    so suddenly when my pc getting heated a little bit around 56 Celsius degree the cpu fans start running very crazy it keeps speed up and slow down randomly for a while then stay at high speed and its very loud. Is there a proper way to fix this? I got my thermal paste renewed, pc cleaned with air...
  14. J

    Question Hyper 212 LED fan broke

    Hello, everyone. My contact points of my Hyper 212 LED fan just broke. Therefore I can't attach it to the heatsink anymore. I was looking at Coolermaster's website. And I could only see fans for the Hyper 212 Black or EVO. Are those fans worse or basically the same? And can I use them with my...
  15. T

    Question Which type of fans to use in my PC, "airflow fans" or "static pressure fans"?

    Basically, I'm looking to improve my cooling situation and buy 4 new fans with higher rpm but I'm having trouble deciding what type of fans I should buy for this NZXT case setup, (NZXT S340) The PC case doesn't really have the best space as I can only fit 4 x 120mm fans (1 back / 2 at the...
  16. Mdsp3

    Question Fan header low voltage, motherboard no beep sound

    Cpu fan header low voltage that causes my motherboard to not start. I tried to connect the 4 pin cpu fan to the 3 pin system fan and it has high rpm while on the cpu fan header it has low. I think this is what causes my motherboard to not beep. What could be the fix?
  17. F

    Question CPU fan was unplugged for months...

    So I was having an issue where my PC would just randomly crash across a variety of "normal use" situations (Browsing Chrome, watching movies with VLC, using file explorer). Sometimes it would hang for ages before crashing, sometimes it would just switch off. Event viewer also logged it as a...
  18. E

    Question First time setting up AIO ---- question about fan warning from BIOS ?

    First time AIO user here so i'm a bit confused on the proper setup for an AIO when it comes to fan monitoring. In the bios the monitoring for the AIO does show up and I can see the rpm if that matters. I've tried looking into this a little bit but i'm getting conflicting threads of information...
  19. Ranen Mannin'

    Question CPU Fan erratic, even though CPU is cool and fan replaced

    ASRock Z170 Pro4 mobo i3-6100 Thermaltake 95W Gravity A2 CPU Cooler, 92mm 4-Pins PWM 1200~3500rpm Aluminum Extrusion CPU Cooling Fan 16 Gb DDR4 ram PNY GeForce GTX 960 2 GB XLR8 Elite OC Corsair CX450M PSU Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Out of nowhere, I...
  20. T

    Question orange static PWR_LED light on motherboard, PC wont turn on

    Hello, To start, I was planning on putting an old HDD in my computer so that I can read the data. I properly and safely turned off my PC and unplugged it. I opened it up and after realizing I didnt have the proper screw driver for the job I put my PC back together, plugged it in, and proceeded...
  21. sicklyhare

    Question Strangest Issue when powering a newly built system

    So the system I built for my friend has the strangest issue and I need help figuring out what is wrong with it. After everything is plugged in and powered on I hit the power button to start it up and the cpu fan makes a brief high pitched squeak and then nothing happens. No movement, nothing...
  22. raduenea

    Question Asus Motherboard 2 cpu fans

    Hello, I have an Asus motherboard with 1 x CPU Fan (4 pins) and 1 x AIO Pump (4 pins). I want to buy a new CPU cooler witch have 2 fans (4 pins). Having on my motherboard only one CPU Fan can I use AIO Pump as well for CPU Fan ? Thanks
  23. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] How to turn off LED on a Fan

    I have the DEEP COOL GAMMAXX GTE V2 (Blue LED only) and I'm wondering how to turn off the light of the fan since its really annoying. the fan comes with only 1 cable which is the 4 pin fan header, nothing else to control with, now is there a way to turn off the Blue light? I've an Asus b550 rog...
  24. AntonioHimself

    [SOLVED] CPU Ramping up all fans

    This may be a really dumb question but is the CPU, whenever the temperature increases, meant to make not just the CPU fan ramp up but ALL the PC fans? i don't think I've had this issue before... asking because i have 6 fans (2 for water cooling) (4 pc fans) and as you can guess... it gets loud...
  25. kgod

    Question cpu broken?? fan took it out

    so i had to take everything off my mobo to get it fixed and i needed to take a cpu off. wouldnt come off so i twisted it a bit and realized the thermal paste was making it stick so i tugged on it. cpu and cpu fan came out and i had a mini heart attack. nothing seems bent/broken so would it be...
  26. Jackattack99

    [SOLVED] CPU fan immediately on as soon as i flick power supply on without pressing powr switch

    My computer i just built for my basement isnt posting and is doing weird stuff ive never seen before CPU fan immediately turns on as soon as i flick power supply on, zero post verified cpu /ram/psu/gpu all fine working order(tested on other comp) , tried with onboard graphics also and...
  27. A

    Question CPU Fan compatibility ?

    I want to know if the CPU fan from a Foxconn 2abf motherboard is compatible with a Dell Optiplex 790/990 MT motherboard ? Both have LGA 1155 socket. Ty
  28. MadDogYouMadDog

    [SOLVED] CPU Fan doesn't work but PC runs fine ?

    So my prebuilt system comes with an i5 7400 with the stock cooler and on inspection ive noticed that the cpu fan doesn't spin at all. Ive checked afterburner and it runs at 80+ during demanding games but usually stays under 70 when playing less demanding games. It idles at around 60C. Ive...
  29. AForceGaming

    [SOLVED] PC shuts off after few minutes ?

    Last night I took my PC apart because of a display problem, I removed the GPU, RAM slots, the CMOS battery and the CPU. The problem was fixed and the display works now, but the PC shutsoff a few minutes after turning it on (shuts off when the Windows 10 boot logo appears). I believe this is...
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Where do I plug my CPU fan and my PWM hub?

    I just got a new case with some fans that have a PWM hub and I don't know which spot to plug them into my mother board, please help and thanks in advance. the motherboard I have is a ASRock B365M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard the case I have is a Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass ATX...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] CM HAF 912 plus optimal fan configuration

    I have the Cooler Master HAF 912 plus case. My pc specs are: 9900KS Dark rock pro 4 3080 ti aorus master Z390 aorus master 3600 Mhz ram 970 Evo plus SSD what is the optimal fan setup in this case for the best cooling? Currently this is my setup: Intake: Intake front: 200mm Cooler master fan...
  32. B

    [SOLVED] My PC suddenly started making this weird noise

    I was playing some games yesterday when suddenly my PC started making this sound View: https://soundcloud.com/blazebubble-967430087/voice-009 The noise was followed by a vibration that I could feel on my desk. I restarted the PC and the sound was gone but tonight, all in a sudden, it came...
  33. R

    [SOLVED] My cpu speed is stuck at 0.77 Ghz for some days. What could be the problem?

    1) Laptop's fan stopped working. It spins for a second, there is a noise and it stops. This keeps repeating. I am using a cooling pad for laptop and there is no heating issue so far. Idle state temperatures are 35-40 deg C. When I use moderately, the temperature goes to 45 C. And when I run an...
  34. I

    [SOLVED] Spun cpu fan backwards while cleaning

    So I heard that while cleaning your pc you should hold on the fans so that it wouldn't spin.... So I totally did the opposite of that, will there be any problems? I stopped immediately after it started spinning tho, and what's the reason to hold it so that it wouldn't spin?
  35. C

    [SOLVED] CPU fan only spins when plugged into sys fan

    I tested all the pins CPU1 CPU2 and sys fan with a different fan. They all seem to be working fine. The cpu fan only runs if plugged into the sys fan. How can I fix this?
  36. C

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to connect all case fans to the cpu header of the motherboard through a splitter?

    Right now i have 1 chassis fan and the cpu fan, where the chassis fan is connected to a molex (running always at 100%), and the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header. Im looking into moving to a new case and I'll have to add some fans. New setup will be 4 case fans and a cpu fan. Im...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Can corsair hydro h45 cooler fit mitx chassis

    I am going to buy a new chassis and cooler but I have a matx motherboard and I overclocked my processor but my cooler is too bad so I think to buy a corsair hydro h45 and Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L. and I need to know if the cooling tea will fit the chassis
  38. joshua.man

    [SOLVED] Need advice on most likely cause of PC boot-loops and freezing ?

    My computer is a few moths old now, the issues seem to be getting worse over time. I am sure this is a hardware issue as I have installed a new windows on a new drive and it persisted. All the symptoms are seemingly sporadic which makes it extremely hard to figure out what is causing it. Here...
  39. F

    Question How do I control my Thermaltake RGB cpu fan?

    Have a Thermaltake UX100 cpu fan which is permanently set in rainbow colors, which is very distracting for my peripheral vision. Looking for a way to change it to a static color like blue or white. Have tried RGB Fusion 2.0, iCUE and Armoury Crate, none of which have detected the cpu fan or...
  40. Jaymz2000

    [SOLVED] Need a tie breaker -

    Cryorig H7 OR Cryorig M9a Using an AMD chip. I like the look of both of these, I just don't know the better performer, I believe the H7 is slightly bigger in fan size, but slower in rotations and Vice Versa for the M9 but is about $25-30 cheaper, which I'm not trying to go all out on cooling...