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  1. V

    750 Ti VRam problems

    Hi. I recently bought a used 750 ti from internet, its an Asus OC edition, it should have 4gb. But it only shows 1gb. Can i fix it or did i got ripped off?
  2. F

    What should I upgrade? FX to Ryzen or 280X to GTX 1080

    Hey, I'm gonna do a pretty big update pretty soon to my PC. I am gonna update both my CPU/RAM/MOBO and the GPU. But I'm gonna do them separate. Wondering if it's better to buy the GTX 1080 first or the upgrade to Ryzen 1600, 16GB of DDR4 Ram and the Aorus K5 Motherboard. Current Rig is : R9...
  3. A

    what parts can i upgrade to on a budget?

    i know my computer has some outdated parts. my psu is at 500w while my cpu is an amd fx 4300 quad core and graphics is amd r7 240. i just wanna know what i should upgrade to for decent prices and still be able to game farely well.
  4. Ali Tauseef

    Core 2 Duo for office use?

    [color=blue]I'm planning to get a Core 2 Duo E8400 PC with probably 2 or 3 gigs ram. The PC will be used probably only for checking mail and other small stuff. Is this going to be enough? Also will it be able to handle win 10?
  5. D

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF using MS Office's 2007 version feature to save file as pdf. I know its not the file's fault or windows fault because i maintain them at the best. Can someone please tell me if somebody faced this issue and if so, how did you fix it?
  6. B

    remote control ap

    hi have wifi bluetooth dvd/ tablet portable player..does not have a remote..is there a remote ap to put on android phone to opperate dvd player? thanks
  7. W

    Is My GPU Power Hooked up Wrong?

    So I have this old PC I received. I noticed it had a semi modular PSU, with four ports labeled PCIE/HDD(10pin) and two labeled HDD (5pin). The GPU is a R9 270 and has two 6 pin power connections, which runs to a Molex splitter which runs to a 5pin (4pins being used) connector that was plugged...
  8. M

    What's up with this site?

    .holy crap....so many ads and pop ups and refreshes on this site,,slowing everything down..... and 5 spam emails already...with for sales and crap......what's up with that.?
  9. O

    which best monitor

    Hey guys i am confused choose which best monitor for my rig mine are Intel core i7 6700k 32 GB RAM samsung ssd 250 GB hd 1 TB seagate hd evga psu 750w msi gtx 1070 gaming x msi z270 gaming pro I have 2 choice ASUS VG248QE 24" / 1ms / HDMI, DP / 144Hz / 3D / Justerbar / VESA or ASUS MG28UQ /...
  10. V

    Big problem with SSD! Files dissapearing!

    Hello everyone! I am writing to ask for advice for my main SSD, I hope that you can help me :) The thing is that it’s the second time that it has happened to me (the first was last Friday) Here it goes: I work with my MSI-GS60 2PC at my office of architecture, and I use Autocad, Photoshop...
  11. D

    Compatibility with old games

    I have a game, a game I loved as a kid. Found it in the mall yesterday. 3D Ultra Minigolf . Minimum specs 486-66 MHz, 8MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound card, SVGA. Yes, I understand my specs definitely cover that. But WHY can't I play it? How do I run in compatibility mode TO...
  12. D

    PC crashes while playing games after windows 10 update

    So I just recently updated my windows 10 on my PC and my games have started to crash after a few seconds of having them open, I have tried under clocking my GPU and games run for a bit longer but my PC still crashes PC specs Pentium g4400 Gigabyte RX 460 (just got it a few weeks ago) 8gb ddr4...
  13. J

    No power to brand new motherboard.

    Yesterday I was doing a case swap with my system. After moving everything from in case to the next I flipped the power supply switch in and there was no power to the motherboard. I made sure everything was plugged in and that the outlet was working and still nothing. I then tried another power...
  14. H

    can the pci express 2.0 gt 710 run in my pci expess 1.0 slot?

    please help i need to buy a new gpu fast and i chosed the gt 710 but can i run the 2gb gt 710 pci-e 2.0 in my x1 (1.0) slot please help?
  15. T

    NVME SSD installed on PCI-e x4 board doesnt show up in BIOS

    I have a Motherboard GA-Z170X-UD5 TH (F21 latest BIOS). I have a Samsung SSD NVME 950 PRO 512GB, with Windows install and AHCI mode. Everything works fine in this config. I have purchased a second Samsung NVME EVO 960 SSD and a riser card PCI-e x4 and inserted that in the PCI-e x4 slot. When I...
  16. B

    sdp650ss good enough for my specs?

    i7 7700k oc to 5ghz asus maximus ix code corsair dominator platinum 2x8 3000mhz gtx 1080 FE samsung 850 evo 240gb wd caviar black 2tb Should i change my psu? Its a sentey sdp650ss 650 watts 80 plus. http://www.sentey.com/es/sdp650-ss Is corsair cx650m better? Should i go for a higher wattage...
  17. Y

    Which of these graphics cards is the best?

    Hello! I am building a pc from old parts i've got at home and i cant figure out which graphics card to use. either the AMD 6450 2gb or NVIDIA GT 610 1gb, and i'm probably gonna overclock it depending on temps.
  18. J

    Intel or amd for more future proof gaming

    Hi everyone, about a week ago I was building a pc based on some bought parts in the topic. Yet I've sent mobo for some problems it has and they couldn't get me new one so I am thinking of cancelling Intel built which caused by Intel's explanations in computex. Looks like 1151 chipset will be...
  19. R

    Best ram for ryzen

    Whats better dor ryzen 5 1400 1 8gb 3000mhz or 2 4gb 2666 ddr4
  20. T

    PC Turns On But No Display on Monitor

    Hi all. So I attempted to overclock my Ryzen 5 1600 on an ASUS Prime B350 Plus. However, afterwards, it said the overclock failed and, when attempting to restore the origonal settings, it just got stuck in a boot loop. Now, the PC turns on, all the fans spin, but I get a "No Signal" error on my...