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  1. L

    GTX 1080 Not Detected- Fans Spin

    gtx 1080 not detected Previously had a GTX 660 connected via DVI in the system. Replaced it with a Gigabyte GTX 1080 WF. The fans spin but the card is not detected (not in device manager). Tried to download Nvidia drivers for the card but it gives an error "Drivers cannot be installed with this...
  2. H

    How to check RAM frequency?

    I have Kingston 2x2GB ddr3 RAM. I am using CPUZ to check but on SPD tab the frequency is 667Mhz. While buying the retailer said that it's 1600MHz. Do anyone here know any other way or tool to check RAM frequency?
  3. S

    High End Pc Pronlem

    Alright so I just recently put together a PC that took me awhile to get, so this is even more stressful. It's pretty high end (Specs Below) and it still struggles to do a lot of things like fire up quickly, run games as well as it did ( First day I put it together ran Rainbow 6 Siege at 250 fps...
  4. T

    What GPU should I choose

    Hey, I'm planning on buying a new pc. Based on my budget I'm going with a gigabyte a320m, ryzen 3 1300x and 8 gb 2400 ddr4. I want it for games, not searching to play in high/ultra, just want to play in a nice framerate. So according to that I have a doubt in choosing my GPU. Im beetwen an rx...
  5. F

    280x stuck at 300 core clock and 150 memory clock

    280x stuck at 300 core clock and 150 memory clock no idea why but showing up in gpux and msi afterburner i tried a clean install with DDU and alot of other "solutions" but nothing is working maybe i did the "solutions" wrong please help
  6. W

    Facing system freeze last's up to 5 seconds

    Specs:- Core I 7 8700k Asus Z370F gaming board Corshair Vengence ddr4 2400mhz 8*2gb Gtx 1070 G1 gaming Seagate Barracuda 1tb + 2tb Cooler master 212 led turbo windows 10 pro 64 bit -------------------------------------------------------------------- My system is freezing for 5 to 7 seconds when...
  7. S

    Audio driver issue, please help

    I've been using Win7 for years with no issue at all, switched to Win10 few weeks ago and shit happened. I'm having severe problem with audio drivers, spent almost all of my free time in last 2 weeks trying to fix it, installing numerous versions of drivers, and then uninstalling them after a...
  8. G

    gpu power for monirtors

    can the asus strix gtx 1080 run two 1440p 144hz monitor(the px277 monitor) or do i need to upgrade to a asus strix 1080 ti for these monitors Note I dont want to wait for the rtx cards or pay for cards $1000+ Thank you
  9. B

    Crashing when playing any game

    I made a similar thread in an other forum section but maybe it wasn't the correct one, so I'm trying my luck here. I would really appreciate some help! I have a gaming PC, a bit old, here are the configs : https://gyazo.com/b5dd0d25036b2b5b3037139f5886bacd Suddenly today, it started "crashing"...
  10. J

    Dell xps, Asus or msi?

    Hi I need a laptop mainly for photo Edit, heavy Excel.. And Maybe 1 hr battlefield 1. I dont need the best graphic.. Ive been looking at Dell xps 15 9570 with i5 8300h 16 GB ram, 1050 4gb non ti.. (isnt it only ti that has 4 GB)? 1080p screen.. I guess Dell xps is the one with best screen...
  11. J

    Pc part compatibility check

    Hello i am making a pc without gpu because i am waiting for the new ones to come out. Can you please tell me if this will work together. Motherboard : GIGABYTE Z370P D3, Intel Z370, DDR4, ATX, s. 1151 Processor: INTEL Core i5 8600K BOX, s. 1151, 3.6GHz, 9MB cache, HexaCore RAM...
  12. P

    i have a lenovo 720S-15ikb, and it has a thunderbolt 3 port, can i charge it through that?

    So i bought this laptop like a month ago and i was wondering if i should get a power bank to charge my laptop through the usb c thunderbolt 3 connection, and i cannot figure out if i can charge it through that or no, please help me
  13. R

    CPU Upgrade For my PC

    I have an HP Compaq 6005, i was wondering if upgrading my cpu to an AMD II X3 B75 was possible. Thank ya.
  14. A

    Should i hold off upgrading?

    I use my PC for gaming only and have recently been considering an upgrade to the new gen of processors, but I'm not sure if i should just hold off for another year! I'd basically be building a whole new computer as I'd need a new MB and RAM? My main concern is upcoming games wanting the newer...
  15. M

    AC input 230V fixed vs 110-240?

    So, recently my new PSU (Seasonic ECO-430) died with a bang, thankfully without taking my pc down with the ship. Power cable is not directly plugged to the wall, I'm using UPS. Its input voltage is 230V fixed, but output from my UPS is 230-236V (it has a small indicator display). My PSU is...
  16. D

    Help relating PSU

    I'm building my first gaming pc. These are the parts... i5 8400 Gigabyte B360m ds3h motherboard Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB oc dual fan 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk 120 Gb SSD WD Vengeance 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM Antec VP500PC Power Supply Corsair Spec-01 Cabinet LG 1080p 22MP68VQ 75Hz Monitor I'll be...
  17. G

    Looking for a game that I dont remember the name

    I've been looking for a game , the game was with a mice as a spy the mice was wearing a black suit and black glasses and you could colect all sorts of costumes and the game was having 100 levels.It is from 2000 to 2015.Please help me!!!
  18. cloudstrife465

    I7 8700k vs ryzen 2700x

    I confused on what I should do current setup I5 8600k Msi z370 gaming m5 motherboard Ssd m.2 250 wd black for os Seagate 2tb firecuda for gaming 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 gskill tridentz I am upgrading to the i7 8700k shouldni return these for ryzen 7 2700x Purpose is gaming and streaming Was also...
  19. I

    Ethernet cable not working. multiple errors, yellow "!"

    As above, errors include default gateway not available, windows can't communicate with the device or resource, modem experiencing connectivity issues etc. Tried multiple fixes for all errors and nothing has worked. Any advice, could it even be just a dodgy cable?
  20. E

    Ryzen 2 ready X370 Motherboards?

    Are there any X370 Motherboards that can already support the Ryzen 2600 out of the box without having to manually do a BIOS update myself? If so, what are the cheapest ones? (£)