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  1. G

    To Buy or Not to Buy...?

    I have a 10 year old Dell laptop with Windows Vista and a battery problem that keeps me attached to the cord 24/7. I also have a newish(<3years) Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I occasionally use the laptop for Windows Office and when I want to view a webpage in full version not mobile version. I use the...
  2. PhilipMichaels

    Gmail, Google Photos Getting Big AI Improvements

    A Smart Compose feature is coming to Gmail, while Google Photos will get a number of one-tap functions powered by artificial intelligence. Gmail, Google Photos Getting Big AI Improvements : Read more
  3. D

    Should i be unsticking this before mounting the cooler into it?

    As the title says, I'm about the mount in my Ryzen wraith cooler and I do not know if this glued thing is supposed to be taken off. Any suggestions?
  4. Q

    What Is The Fastest Memory Fully Compatible With Intel i9 7980XE?

    My understanding is that faster memory ratings no longer make sense beyond a certain threshold unless you're a hardcore overclocker who wants to dabble in messing with memory overclocking. I used to be overclock crazy, but after a while of being that way I realized that OC is really more...
  5. K

    Wifi doesn't work

    When I try WiFi it doesn't work with my router (virgin) but it does work with Ethernet when i do have WiFi it is very slow(6mbps), on other devices the internet works and is fast (200mbps)
  6. S

    Whea Uncorrectable Error

    I get Whea Uncorrectable Error. Blue screen every pretty often how do I fix this I've seen your other threads about this error but I don't understand what to do. So I will ask again please help me. Sorry for my broken English
  7. K

    Is DDR2 4GB obsolete from the market?

    Hello and love from India! I'm searching DDR2 4GBx2 800MHz RAM for my DG41RQ MoBo. But to my surprise I cannot find a single online store having 4GB cards anymore. Do you guys know where can I find one or couple of them?
  8. F

    Bios wont recognize HDD

    So my HDD Recently failed, and I bought a 1TB seagate drive off my buddy.He said he recently wiped the drive. I plug it in, power up the system and theres nothing there. If anyone could help me fix this i would gladly apreciate it, Hard drives and storage is my weak point in tech. System: i3...
  9. J

    upgrade my old pc for gaming

    hi, thanks you for your help i have : motherboard:k9n6sgm-v ms 7309 ver.1 processor: amd athlon x2 5200+ 2.8ghz ram:8gb ddr2 psu:435w hdd:seagate 120gb 7200rpm and i want to buy a gpu (from 60 to 100 euros with vga(d-sub) port to play overwatch in low (maybe medium graphics )50 or 60 fps amd...
  10. mprospero

    Face-Off: Sonos One Beats HomePod, Google Home Max and Amazon Echo

    After evaluating sound quality, design, smart features and more, the Sonos One is the smart speaker to beat. Face-Off: Sonos One Beats HomePod, Google Home Max and Amazon Echo : Read more
  11. The One Above All

    Can't decide on a new monitor

    Now then here is the problem people,i am planning on buying the 30" acer z301 ultrawide monitor,but i read so many bad things about it,mostly severe ghosting,and if i'm not mistaken,there are both IPS and VA versions of this(although i'm not sure),now which one would be better?I just want a good...
  12. B

    Computer Suddenly Won't Boot

    Thank you for your reply. What happened was..........at the end of the evening the computer was shut down normally after being able to use the computer normally. But the next morning (when the computer was turned back on) is when we noticed the computer didn't boot. so... to my way of thinking...
  13. T

    My Crucial M500 SSD turned into a read only paper weight

    My dear tom's community, I'm in need for advanced knowledge. About two weeks ago my almost 4 years old Crucial M500 SSD, 240 GiB, m-sata drive turned into a read only device. I had this drive for Windows 10 only. I taked really good care of it. I set all my "Documnets", "Images","Videos"...
  14. U

    DVD ROM missing after installation of SSD

    Not too long ago I upgraded from a Hard Drive to a SSD. I moved the OS over and all is well and working except that my DVD ROM is now not opening/can't be found on device manager. I'm a novice with all of this (albeit I installed some ram and that SSD) but I was wondering if the cord that's...
  15. C

    My computer won’t turn on at all.

    No lights, nothing. Is my pay dead or is my motherboard dead. I unplugged everything and unscrewed everything. I also adjusted the video card, as well as everything else just to see if anything was loose. Everything was fine, I screwed everything back in and still nothing. What’s the problem?
  16. D

    Adding graphics cards

    Can you add a second gtx 1060 to the i5 7400?
  17. A

    Integrated graphics not working - please help!

    So after putting my pc together (not my first build) with the following components: Asus Prime H270-Plus Intel LGA1151 ATX Motherboard Intel Core i3 7100 Corsair Value Select CMV4GX4M1A2400C16 4GB (1x4GB) DDR4 (x2) Kingston SSDNow A400 120GB SSD Windows 10 64bit OS I am unable to get any...
  18. E

    how to clean 'oil-like' stain off monitor

    I've got these really weird oil-like stains on my monitor and i can't seem to get them off. I think they may be smudges from little droplets of oil or whatever from food as sometimes i eat in front of the monitor. This could've happened 3-6 months ago and it's almost like the smudges have...
  19. T

    is 21:9 more demanding than 16:9?

    Is a 21:9 resolution more demanding for gaming than 16:9?
  20. T

    Transferring Windows 10

    I have a completely new build and would like a clean install of Windows on it. I was looking for cheap copies of Windows online but sites like G2Deal etc scare me and I don't particularly wanna pirate it either; however, nor do I wanna pay £100+ for it. I already have Windows 10 Home edition on...