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  1. B

    Beeping/Clicking sounds on new HDD

    Hello, I recently bought a Toshiba p300 3tb hdd as a secondary disk for games storage mostly. I couldn't make it to show up in bios/uefi and it was making a weird clicking and beeping sound as if the head was stuck so I returned it and they gave me another one which I did manage to install it...
  2. I

    Will this Psu work with my motherboard

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade my pc but i am not sure if the Silverstone Sfx Series St45sf-g psu will work with my Dell 0DR845 motherboard (I know its old).
  3. kakolykia

    SATA cable length - Seagate's article

    Hi everyone! So i just found some text on Seagate's official site about SATA cable's length. http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/182453en?language=en_US It is stated that cables shorter than 12 inches are not recommended due to the timing and electrical interference. It sounds kinda...
  4. P

    Asus Strix Z270F and Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe

    I installed windows 10 on a Asus Strix Z270F M.B. on a regular SATA HDD and when i try to install the driver of the M.2 Samsung 960 Pro i get a warning message stating that the it can't find the device. So I believe its not even being recognized by the BIOS. Am I missing some configuration in...
  5. L

    GTX 1050 in a Inspiron 3650 Mini Tower Desktop

    I see that Dell ships some 3650's with a GTX 730. Anyone know what would happen if you tried a higher end GPU inside of it?
  6. N

    my pc is ok ?

    Amd phnenom 2 x6 1075T Asus M5A97R2 20.0 hyper x ddr3 12GB asus gtx 960 4gb crosair 650 watts 1 tb westen digital cooler nzxt
  7. D

    Pending Sectors gone after full format, but Reallocated count remains zero

    Hi! Pending Sectors showed up on one of my drives recently and started to increase until reaching 34, but none were getting reallocated and a couple of files were corrupted. Today I did a full format which dropped the Pending count to zero, but the reallocated count also remains at zero.. So...
  8. F

    Upgraded cpu no boot...

    DX4860... upgraded the cpu to i3-3245.... Computer won't boot up....Looking to update bios.. currently P02-A2.... i don't believe there is a current bios update.. what to do??? Reinstalled original cpu and works fine...Thanks for your time and efforts...
  9. S

    Better graphics card for older i5 setup

    Hello, I've got an older computer that I'm really just trying to get some better use out of rather than upgrade entirely. I'm honestly just looking to crank graphics on Skyrim a bit more and add some more graphics mods. Anyway, I've got an i5 650 @ 3.2 GHz 8 GB RAM NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT...
  10. S

    Displayport maybe damaged

    Hi, So yesterday evening I acidentally tripped over my displayport cable while trying to fix a fan in my PC (it was still connected PC to monitor), I thought I broke the cable because my monitor instantly gave me the ''no signal'' and ''no cable connected'' errors. The cable had one of the...
  11. S

    Corsair VS 550

  12. A

    screen wont start

    i have a toshiba laptop that when i start it up i hear the fan and all the other things starting but the screen wont start up