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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Dell precision t3500 and ryzen 5 3600

    Hi there. I wanted to know if Ryzen 5 3600 3rd gen compatible with my Dell Precision T3500 which has 09kpnv motherboard. if not then please suggest the best gpu instead of a processor that is compatible with this motherboard. I have 8gb of ddr3 ram, Amd hd 7470 gpu, and an intel Xeon W3565...
  2. R

    change Dell N4030 CPu

    Hi I found an old Dell N4030 laptop in my office which monitor was broken when I took it to the repair shop, they said this old version of laptops are capable to change the cpu because it's not soldered or glued to motherboard but may be the motherboard could not work probley with new cpu and...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Odd issue where my Dell Precision M6700 Laptop locks up and freezes all Ethernet wired devices in my home (but wireless still works)

    So I, like many others, have multiple hardwired and wireless devices connected to my home Xfinity system (using their modem/router combo). I don't think the issue is with the router and here's why... I have 2 desktop PC's hardwired to the modem. I also have an IP phone system hardwired. I...
  4. A

    Question Should I buy a new Lenovo IdeaPad 5 or a used Dell XPS 13 ?

    Hey! I am going to buy a new laptop for 600 - 700 Euro and had decided to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14 ”with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 2.3 GHz and 8GB RAM. But now I am thinking about if I instead should buy a refurbished Dell XPS 13 9370 with Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6GHz and 8GB RAM. Which do you think I...
  5. P

    Question Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series VERY slow/lags/sporadically unresponsive

    I've been having this problem for over a year. My Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series laptop has been getting progressively slower to load. Also, once it does start up, everything is slow to respond to input. Opening an app, the browser, a notepad document, ect., can take up to a minute to open...
  6. pouya.1991

    Question Problems with refurbished Dell gaming PC

    Hi, I have a Dell Alienware Aurora R11 gaming PC that comes with an Nvidia 3080 GPU which I bought from BestBuy as a refurbished machine 10 days ago. I just started using it and tried to install the middle earth shadow of the war on it, and it caused the machine to crash and showing this image...
  7. Abbisid

    [SOLVED] Graphic Card Dell Precision M6700

    I have Dell Precision M 6700 3rd Generation Laptop, My graphics card is dead and I am not able to find in market, anyone can help? and also want to know that can I Install 4GB Card in this series because previous card was 2GB
  8. Babzee1

    [SOLVED] Laptop is unresponsive and restarting doesn’t work

    When booting my laptop it works fine for the first 10 minutes then google chrome stops responding and then when checking task manager it shows cpu utilising at 60% but when sorting to see what is being used everything shows 0% I tried opening cmd but then I cant type into it and when trying to...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Dell Bios Upgraded to 1.9.1: Can I Safely Downgrade?

    I have a Dell XPS 7590, which has well-known fan-noise problem and which I resolved by going to Dell Power Manager, choosing the Thermal Management tab, and selecting the Quiet option. I updated the bios to 1.9.1 last night in response to an update notice from Dell labeling it "urgent". But...
  10. T

    Question Is 2 cores enough for studies in 2020? (i7 7500u)

    Hello people! I have some component knowledge inside my head but since I only look and learn about components when I’m looking to upgrade my rig, I am now quite out of date. So I turn to you! I’m planning to start my studies this fall, to become a real estate agent, so the time to get myself a...
  11. forzahorizon3guy

    Question Wierd Linux Issues Possibly Hardware Plz help

    So basically i just built a NAS for myself, its a pretty ghetto machine but a NAS Basically i got the thing up and running and was able to do things like run linux in its live form off a USB drive before, but the NAS wasnt completed it had no cooling so the Hard drives started cooking in a few...
  12. S

    Question Dell laptop charging issue

    Latitude E5570. original battery and charger. Just got is used it charger normally at first but around 30 percent it really slows down and then suddenly shoots up to 90 %s. I let it drain to 0 % but the issues persists
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my current PC to handle 120+ fps

    Hi All, My current monitor has died which is a dell u2414h 24 inch 60hz monitor. I am going to buy the Dell S3220 32 inch 166 hz monitor. The question is with my current specs will I need to upgrade my parts? I play FPS games and would like to see smoother results. With low settings on...
  14. Lejend

    Question Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H?

    Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H? Not really sure which one to choose purely for competitive first person shooters. I have a 4k monitor for other purposes.
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron P87G screen power failure whilst moving hinge.

    Hi, slight movement of the hinge results in the screen blacking out. Only at a certain angle is the screen working. Nudging the cable connecting the screen to the motherboard replicates the fault at any hinge angle. See link to pinterest. Freeing the cable running through the hinge does not...
  16. E

    Question Computer will not boot on ssd

    I installed a m.2 nvme 970 evo drive in dell g5 5000, cloned my hdd to sdd using Samsung migration tool, set sdd as first in boot sequence but when booting it still boots to hdd, I unplug the hdd and boot into ssd perfectly no issues, my bios driver is 1.1.0 which is the latest. I also turned...
  17. EnriqueBorja

    [SOLVED] Monitor won’t turn on after power outage

    Hello everyone! Two days ago my youngest kid tripped with the power cord of my UPS and my computer and two monitors shut down, everything turned on except one monitor, this have happened to me before with the same monitor, but after a couple of restarts and cable disconnect and connects...
  18. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Problems I can face on an Old Laptop?

    Hey Guys, Sorry if the title is vague, didn't knew what to right. Soo, here is the problem. My friend has an old Dell Vostro 1550 (2gb variant), it was his old man's, now he wanna use it for college work and college work alone. He's willing to get a 240gb ssd to replace his old hdd and add 4gb...
  19. Gerhard95

    Question Dell Precision T1500 RAM compatibility?

    I want to upgrade my RAM memory on my Dell workstation, the RAM is clocked at 1600mhz, once I heard that some OEMs force you to use validated memory on their systems, does this workstation will need some specific brand memory o whatever DDR3 1600mhz will be fine? Also, CAS latency affects dual...
  20. glennlantern123

    Question Inspiron 15 5000 Series WiFi not working after re-installing Windows 10

    So I re-installed Windows 10 in my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series (5570) after I'm done re-installing is it does not show WiFi it only shows Airplane Mode, that's all that is showing. I've tried installing drivers from the dell drivers support entering my Service Tag and trying every single WiFi...
  21. Nanviik

    [SOLVED] Advice/help request

    Hello, a relatively old gaming laptop of mine (About 3 years or so) is running significantly slow, being unable to run bare bones games and the like so I'd like to ask for advice on what to do about this. I'm not the most pc-savvy person but have a general understanding of things History...
  22. R

    Question What is wrong with my laptop?

    So, my dad bought me a dell inspiron 3585, it has a ryzen 3 2200u and Vega 3 graphics with 8gb of ram and 120gb nvme. But i have this problem that suddendly it starts to overheat getting at 105 degree even if it´s on idle, when that happens, it gets buggy and even the connected earphones sound...