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  1. M

    EVGA GTX 1080 8GB FTW ACX 3.0 vs ASUS GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX

    I am debating which graphics card I should get. The EVGA GTX 1080 8GB FTW ACX 3.0 or the ASUS GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX? I want to know which one has better performance. I checked the specs and I'm pretty sure EVGA has better performance, but I just want to make sure. Please list the source you got...
  2. A

    Playback Options Start Automatically On Restart (Not Listed In Startup Items)

    Hey guys. Whenever I shutdown or restart Windows, the Sound options dialogue window opens automatically. That being said, it doesn't seem to appear in the list of Startup applications. I know that the Process is "rundll32.exe". Is there anyway to prevent this happening in the future? See the...
  3. P

    Asus laptop fan trouble

    I recently bought a K501U Asus laptop from Newegg and from the begging I have had problems with the fans. After 5 - 10 mins of use the fans kick in and they either stay on for the rest of the time that I use them or they quickly turn off and on. The laptop isn't overheating since the temps are...
  4. W

    Battlefield 1 getting huge FPS fluctuations with gtx970

    Hi. I am playing battlefield 1 with a MSI gtx 970 Gaming 4gb and a i5 4690k I get some huge differences in Fps. It can go from 80 to 30 in seconds. I am playing on ULTRA but i have turn certain things off you on low, like: Post process quality LOW Ambient Occulation OFF Antialiasing OFF...
  5. thelivingflesh

    how many speakers and in which config with 6 channel home amp

    hello, i got an old school yamaha dsp ax630 amplifier . speakers i currently have are a pair of bose 201-II video monitor for fronts a pair of bose 101 IT for rears jamo center 100 How many speakers can i connect more and how do i set it up in my room? e.g 2 on front, 1 pair on rear, 2 pair...
  6. S

    Nothing displayed on monitor (broke my cpu??)

    I've just cleaned up my pc and in the process, I put out my cpu in order to clean up everything nicely (I didnt touch it though). It was bonded with my cooler so I didn't dare to force it to change the thermal paste, I basically let it how it was. After cleaning up I plugged my stuff but nothing...
  7. A

    i7 4790k or New Mobo and i5 6600k

    I currently have an i5 4460 and an Asrock z97x killer motherboard. I was wondering if it would be better to upgrade to the i7 4790k, or upgrade to the i5 6600k and get a new motherboard and ram. I pretty much only use my PC for gaming, but i noticed how often my cpu goes to 100% utilization and...
  8. P

    WRT54GC - cannot config the access restrictions

    I have found this thread http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/170180-28-linksys-wrt54g-access-restriction-work and I have basically the same issue. The answer provided doesn't make any sense to me. On this config page http://peter-ftp.co.uk/screenshots/2016-10-03-215034.jpg I just cannot make...
  9. J

    old forums post

  10. E

    PC Running Fine after new CPU and Mobo, should I still reinstall windows?

    Should I reinstall windows 10 even when my PC is running fine after a CPU and Mobo upgrade? Haven't noticed anything wrong, so strange.
  11. A

    Opinions on store builds

    i need an opinion on these 2 builds,i understand they are not much but im on a very low budget and plan on upgrading them in the future soo please keep that in mind..im going to be gaming on it nothing hardcore and some 3D designing too,other stuff is just generic,im not looking to OC atm...
  12. C

    Help Choose laptop please

    Hey, I'm a first year computer science student and am looking for a laptop - say for around $500. Size can be no bigger than 14", i want it to be lightweight and portable, and preferably long lasting; at least a couple years. Average battery life would suffice. Maybe you guys have better...
  13. S

    Monitor for my GTX 1070 build

    Hey guys, I have already completed my pc build (link to the thread) and want to choose a monitor now. I don't know much about displays so I would, again, appreciate your opinions. My first choice is Asus PB328Q. I can only buy this one for 620 euros here (I don't know why, all the shops in my...
  14. B

    GPU Core Clock not right?

    Let me start off by giving you my system specs. CPU- AMD FX-8350 8 Core 4.33 GHz RAM- 16 GBs GPU- AMD Radeon MSI R9 380 4G Gaming M/Board- ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX P/S- EVGA 850w I have been having an issue ever since I installed new drivers for my graphics card. Before the install i was...
  15. M

    Looking to switch from AMD to Intel

    I have a decent AMD build right now (or at least it was when I built it) but have been considering joining team Intel and what it might cost to make the leap. I was curious as to what I could carry over from my AMD build. I know Im going to need an Intel MoBo and I was looking to get the i7...
  16. G

    Is multi-monitor CPU intensive?

    my setup's main parts are an i3-4170 processor (2 cores 4 threads 3.7Ghz) and a R9 380X Nitro 4gb. I'm currently running on a 900p screen but I plan to upgrade my main screen to a 1080p screen later in the year, and use my 900p screen as a possible second monitor although I'm still not sure. I...
  17. L

    No Cursor on the installation screen

    I am having a problem. I am using a laptop and I don't have a mouse. I am currently using windows 8.1 Pro so I wanted to install Windows 10 from a DVD but I got stuck right when I got to the Language selection screen. The touchpad couldn't work but the keyboard was working so I just clicked the...
  18. M

    Laptop for College and Medium Gaming use

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CL50JV6/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza hello guys just wondering if this computer can handle light college work (word , powerpoint) and also keep up with some of the latest games ( of course some on low settings) Bf1 BF4 BO3 csgo Please help and Respond!!
  19. J

    RAW File system error formatting

    Hello there, awesome people. I have an external WD My Passport here. It's 1TB. I'm actually not concerned at all about the data on it. The situation is the following: When I plug the disk in Windows tells me that I have to format it. When I try formatting it Windows gives me an error message...
  20. A

    Computer SHuts down automatically

    My Pc shuts down automatically After some time.. And then when it restarts on itself it doesnt boot up The cpu temperature checked via RealTemp goes max. to 60 Degrees. I replaced the Thermal paste which was on the processor , still the same problem Specs : Processor : i3-4150 Ram : 4gb...
  21. Z

    Which is better case Corsair Graphite 780T or Cooler Master Stryker

    Hey, I want to know which case is better out of this too. Personally i like 780T but Stryker is also a very nice case. In matter of air flow and space which is better. Please help me because i am not good with cases Thanks
  22. I

    Good options for a 5.1 surround system for PS4?

    Hi there. I'll get straight to the point: I've been using a very old Samsung 5.1 surround system for my PS4. It served rather well with my old PS3 back in the day, but it has a really annoying issue: the more it stays on, the more desynced the audio gets. To "fix" it I have to either turn it...
  23. R

    Is my CPU good enough for a capture card?

    I am thinking of getting an elgato for recording and was wondering if you need a better cpu than what I have? I have a i5 4690 not overclockable.
  24. S

    PSU: Need help with finding the best PSU from the given list

    Hi, I bought yesterday GTX950 OC Windforce edition, and since I had to make that decision quickly (I didn't do enough research at the time), after I already purchased it i found out that my PSU doesn't have the 6 pin connector required for the gpu. So I bought a 6pin molex as I tough that it...
  25. S

    Terrible CPU usage from i7-5820k

    I get terrible CPU usage in games. For example, Fallout 4 which was touted to be very resource greedy, never goes above 25% CPU usage. I've tweaked the hyperthread setting in the ini file but it does nothing. I get shit framerates because of this. Asus X99-A mobo i7-5820k @ 3.3 GHz (12 cpus)...
  26. antimatter86

    PCIe card does not fit into PCI slot ??? Help

    Hey guys, I bought this PCI ecard to replace the ethernet that got fried because a lightning bolt struck near my house. This guy.. https://sgcdn.startech.com/005329/media/products/gallery_large/ST1000BT32.B.jpg...
  27. S

    Can't get cpu cooler on all the way...

    Only able to screw in 2 of the 4 screws to secure my h100i v2 onto my asus sabertooth x99 So I have one corner and the opposite corner, forming only half of the X. Not sure what to do? Can't really seem to force it so I booted and it works o.O
  28. R

    Computer won't post/turn on at all

    So, I just bought all pieces to build a new PC except my graphics card and HDD/SSDs because I wanted to keep em. I have built everything correctly (as far as I know) and when I went to go see if it will post, it does not. PSU is running, CPU cooler + fans are working, front fans are running...
  29. M

    Best LGA 1150 CPU for under 100$

    I want a good CPU but I only have 100$ which one will be the best for gaming?
  30. H

    Why can't my computer run Witcher 3

    I am new to pc gaming and i recently built my first computer. But when i try to play the Witcher 3 (and others) even on low settings im only getting like 14 frames per second. I am pretty sure that all my drivers are up to date, so i dont know why its running so poorly. any help is apreciated...
  31. D

    Hard to find MB error

    Hello! Ended up here since Im struggling get a solution to my MB issue. I have a Gigabye X99-UD4-CF (ver.x.x) mobo with latest bios update. Im playing games (mostly world of warcraft) and also using CAD for drawings. I noticed few months ago that my system wasn't as stable as it should. That...
  32. Z

    Why is my laptop better then my pc?

    So recently i've built a pc and it works just fine. I'm currently not using any gpu, because i cant afford one, so insted im using my integrated gpu from the intel core i5-4460. but when i started up some games i realized that i get a quite big fps difference compared to my laptop who has the...
  33. R

    nzxt s340 or the phantom series?

    i was wondering if theres a good case for this build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jgcQ3C im going 1080 gtx sli , between the phantom series and s340 wich should i buy im open to suggestions 100-150 dollars budget
  34. L

    PSU cable won't connect properly to motherboard

    The cable connecting my PSU to my motherboard won't connect all the way. I sometimes have to wiggle it to make the PC turn on. One prong on the PSU cable appears to be pushed in a bit and I'm guessing that this is the cause of the faulty connection. Is there anything I can do, short of...
  35. Lumia925

    My very first program, is not working :-/? [C]

    This is the first time I typed a program on my laptop, and it's not working as expected. Here's what it looks like: And here's a trial run: What exactly am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.. Okay, the source code is too minuscule to read, here's a copy/paste of the source code...
  36. MontyInHD

    The New Nvidia 1080 and 1070 Gbs

    Can anyone tell me why the new GTX cards have only 8GBs, is it something to do with the processing speed just being so quick that 16 Gbs isn't needed? Thanks for any help.
  37. Dion__

    No screen after updating vbios.

    Hello, Today and yesterday i had a problem with exiting games and then getting a freeze for 20 sec. I searched allot and game to a similair solutions with the same problem and same hardware. This was a VBIOS update on my AMD R9 380 4GB. I did this and it was succesful, but after the restart...
  38. A

    Can I get more VRAM?

    I have a GTX980 and I run at 1440p was wondering if there was a way to increase the Vram without buying another card
  39. S

    GTA 5 Doesn't like my overclock

    My rig: 4670k @4.2ghz Gtx 980 ti Samsung SSD 8gb RAM Hi, I have an odd problem I am hoping someone can shed some light on. GTA 5 freaks out since changing my GPU config from 2x GTX 770's to a single GTX 980 ti. Now when loading and while in the game, GTA will max the CPU at 100%, and as a...
  40. M

    [Advice needed] Temperature tests on new gaming build

    I just built a new gaming system and I read somewhere that it's a good idea to perform memory checks and temperature tests just to make sure everything is working fine and there's sufficient cooling in my system. I was wondering if I could get specific advice on how to run these tests for my...