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  1. Floydms

    Audio not working GIGABYTE GA-Z87-HD3

    Both my Front Port and my rear port hasn't been working for a while, while my headphones and microphone both work fine (through phone and sound cards). I would like to know how to fix it, I downloaded the audio drivers from gigabytes website for my motherboard and it seems to install fine, just...
  2. S

    HDD not appearing in BIOS or WE

    Hi, I recently purchased a new 4tb Seagate Barracuda HDD as a drive to store recorded media and games on which I was going to optimise with my new 32gb optane drive, however it doesn't seem to be working, and I don't have much hope as to the health of the drive as on power up, the drive squeaks...
  3. T

    How to format hard drive with windows on it

    I already made a few threads on how to fix windows boot manager without any of the solutions working, so i decided to just completely wipe my old drive. Right now my boot drive is a Crucial MX300 M.2 275GB drive and the hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 7200RPM SATA. I want to format the...
  4. E

    Optimal PSU for my finalized build

    Hello everyone! After finalizing my build with the help on another thread, I started researching PSUs again. This is, when I noticed, that the T1 Corsair RM650x and T2 Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650 are in incredible close range to the TX650M recommended to me in the other thread, so I'm kind of...
  5. F

    PSU into Motherboard Cable

    There's a PCI-E cable that is coming out of my PSU. It's a EVGA 650 BQ. The cable is non detachable and I'm not sure where the molex goes.
  6. J

    Ports not aligning with i/o Shield

    Hey Guys, i need your help. I´ve a problem with the alignment on my board to the rear io Shield. I bought a NZXT H700i and a Asus z370 F. The stanoffs are preinstalled on this case and the board is fitting (i can see all 9 holes for the screws). The i/o Shield is fitting aswell. The problem is...
  7. C

    PC won't boot from ssd

    Hi I have recently installed a 1tb SSD and cloned my 1tb HDD to it, however the pc won't boot from the SSD even though it recognises it in BIOS and it is top priority. When I disconnect the HDD i get a failure to boot! Also no matter what I do the pc continues to load games from the HDD even...
  8. D

    What is the device's name that connects from PC to WIFI

    Access point, Bridge,wifi modem,Wireless WAN, wifi router, extender... Its usually found as a USB dongle that allows you to connect to wifi. I need one that connects to the ethernet port not USB and they all look similar. I need to be able to search for wifi hotspots with it such as xfinity...
  9. P

    help me with this gtx 750 ti issue

    I bought an asus gtx 750 ti 2gb oc for a very cheap price, lower than 20 bucks. The seller told me that he bought it from aliexpress and had some issues like slowing down the computer's boot time and also having driver issues also there is an exclamation point when you look at the device manager...
  10. I

    How To Fortnite Battle Royale - Retail Row Map Guide

    The area is a retail store complex that has a lot of buildings and some parking lots. It is not a big city but not so small as well. Retail Row is located at the middle right of the map and southwest of the Lonely Lodge. If you want to get the most out of this map then you should read some of...
  11. K

    Brand New Custom PC runs fine without GPU but when GPU installed there is no display

    I just recently build my custom pc (specs below) and every time I try booting the pc with my graphics card installed it turns on but doesn't give me a display. I've tried plugging my monitor directly to the gpu and that doesn't work. Every time I boot the pc all the fans turn on and the vga...
  12. D

    Motherboard cpu speeds

    I have a old MS 7613 motherboard, iv just bought a i7 870 off eBay, 2.93ghz, and a turbo boost of 3.60ghz. i looked on the HP website about information on my motherboard, under the "processor upgrade information" section, it says "maximum processor core frequency <= 2.93 ghz" Does this mean i...
  13. M

    Connect second POE camera to one POE ethernet cable?

    I have a POE security camera mounted in a difficult location. A second camera is needed mounted in the same location, but pointed differently. The existing camera runs off a Netgear unmanaged 4xPoE (GS305P). Does a switch exist to let me unplug the ethernet cable at the existing camera, then...
  14. J

    Outlast 2 will not run after purchase!

    Just purchased outlast 2, and it will not run. When I open the game either through Steam, or launching from the shortcut, it opens up to a full screen black screen, then gives the error that "outlast has stopped working", and then if you hit close, the game closes. All of my other games work...
  15. K

    Testing parts of pc

    Hi, I just finished building my PC thanks to you guys for answering my question. Now I have more... Can anyone one tell me how I can check if all of my parts in the PC is working?
  16. LarkinB

    Upgrading in progress......

    Hello PC Mods, Im building my new pc from scratch, and i need some advice. I would like to add an extra graphic to the HD readon i got as the z97 allow multi GPU sli/crossfire. Can i use a different graphic next to the HD readon? Also i was thinking to buy G Skills sniper series 16 gb.Thank...
  17. S

    Do I need anything else? - GT 1030 / GT 730

    What do I need to get if I want a GT 1030 OR a GT 730? I want both to be 2GB, and DDR5 something.. I currently have Processor -AMD A6-3670 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 2700 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) GPU - AMD Radeon HD 6450 PSU - KRPW-L5-600W/80+ Motherboard -Gigabyte...
  18. D

    Which monitor for gtx 1060 6 gb? [1080p/1440p]

    Hi, I'm planning to buy new monitor (1080p or 1440p) because current have problem with correct image display (I'm using an adapter from vga to hdmi). 1440p proposition:click! 1080p prosposition: click! My hardware: i5 4690k gtx 1060 6gb and 16 gb 2400mghz of ram. Which would be better for this...
  19. C

    Rebuilt my PC nothing happens when I push the power button

    Motherboard: ASRock Motherboard H97M Pro4 CPU: Intel i5 4690 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PSU: Super Flower SF-550F14MT Case: Corsair 100R I took apart my PC and brought everything except the case overseas. (I moved from Singapore to Japan) I had to rebuy a new cable to power the PSU...
  20. Openupitsdave

    Z370M-ITX/AC huge fps drops across all games

    Z370m-ITX/AC 8600K GTX 1080 2k 144hz monitor 16GB RAM 2400mhz 960 EVO M.2 SSD Win 10 Pro OK Ive been getting lower fps across all games for about a month now. I used to get a full 300fps on epic settings in Overwatch, but now its down to 180 and jumping all over the place..Even on lowest...
  21. zippycar

    Can I run 3 corsair psus

    Having no idea and concerned that I may be under powered. I have x6 1080ti cards and x1 1000PSU another 750 PSU and another 650 PSU. My question is= Will I ah heck up my system if I run all three PSUs? Why do I only have 1 1000psu? I couldn't buy any others from anywhere.
  22. C

    Please Help! New Ryzen build issue.

    Just put a new PC together useing- -Ryzen 5 1600 -ASUS B350 F Strix -G Skill Ripjaws 16g 2666 (2x8) -500g WD Blue Sata SSD -Corsair CX650M -ASUS 6g 1060 Dual Edition Ever since the first day of this build i have been having issues, most of the time the PC freezes, monitor losses signal, and PC...
  23. T

    Strix 8350-f gaming no post

    Hi I was using my pc when suddenly there was a power outage and my pc stopped working since then. I already changed the Power supply and checked everything else and everything seems fine but when I try to boot it up there is no post from the computer. Strix 8350-F Gaming Amd ryzen 580
  24. L

    Cant post On Chrome, Have to use Firefox. Please help

    So i posted this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3636503/low-budget-motherboard.html and tried 5 times to do it on chrome, every time i did this happened when i clicked the Body Text: Forcing me to post on Firefox... if you have a fix please help id rather post on my main browser...
  25. L

    GTX 1050ti won't turn on

    Recently I built my computer with a friend of mine. Everything was going well after turning it on, but the graphics cards fan would suddenly turn off after about 10 seconds of running, signaling that it turned off. I can't even get any signal to my monitor when the graphics card is running...
  26. M

    Blue screen, with white dots

    Recently I started getting this while mining some cryptocurrency, what could it mean? I’m using GTX 650ti, windows 10, amd athlon 4x 860k https://prnt.sc/i1c9pc After this computer restarts and works as it worked again.
  27. R

    will i need to buy new os

    Hello all, im planning to upgrade my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Ive seen people download a windows installer to a usb and loading the os installer. i was wondering if i could just install my hdd drive that i have right now, that has a windows 10 64 bit and load it from there.
  28. M

    Convince me please

    Hello everyone and happy holidays. I'm planning to get a gtx 1060 3gb to use at work to play games I saw the zotac 1 fan and gigabyte 2 fans but the gigabyte is about 45$ more everyone told me they are about the same but I can't make my self buy it as it looks really cheap plastic piece and I...
  29. M

    SONY STR-D715 subwoofer connection??

    Where do I connect my powered subwoofer on the back of my SONY STR-D715 receiver??
  30. T

    OLD highend 'N"router OR new cheap AC router

    hi I currently have an ASUS RTN56U router .MY internet speed is 5Mbps.I am a home user and will never upgrade my internet plan in future "ill always use 5mbps plan".there will always be MAX 4 active devices which will use internet .Do I need to upgrade to a cheap AC router(D-Link DIR-816 AC750...
  31. S

    98% of my ram being used! help

    Running on windows 7 64bit with 8gb ram. Used to run previously with multiple tabs open on chrome with no lag. I have 7 tabs open now on chrome and using up 98% ram. Is my computer failing or do i need to replace my ram?
  32. S

    fan speed really low

    i got an acer e5-475 but when i play game the fan speed really low and quiet. i want to increase the fan speed to the max.can someone tell me how to change the speed? laptop acer e5-475 gpu i5-7200u gpu gt 940mx ram 8gb ddr4
  33. M

    Is my 8350 too hot?

    I recently built my first computer and I used the amd rx 8350 black edition Andy I am a bit concerned as when I idled in the bios, I was reaching 40c I replaced the thermal paste correctly and am still reaching 35c when browsing settings in windows 10. Is this normal or should I be concerned...
  34. B

    how to read any website with auto line break??

    some websites are smart enough to apply auto line breaks when I zoom in the page of a browser, but some are not, they don't break the line intelligently but enlarging the whole things. It's a problem, when lying back on the sofa reading a lot of text on the screen. In addition to sliding down...
  35. C

    Looking for a low budget gaming Pc

    I'm just wanna know if there's any pcs that are $300-$450 that would run games like CS:GO and rainbow six siege
  36. I

    1050 Ti and 1600p monitor

    I've just found a great deal on an older 30" 1600p DVI monitor. The problem is that my current gaming card is a 1050 Ti. It overclocks nicely up into the 1800Mhz range, but I think it'll still have problem pushing that many pixels. So I guess the question I need to ask is what can I do until I...
  37. J

    Pwm hub question

    I plan on building my first pc and it's going to be a mini itx. I'm thinking about adding a pwm hub so I can improve airflow. Am I able to add the hub without having to tweak any settings and having all my fans run at stock speeds? I don't have a interest in over clocking, thank you!
  38. S

    Heatsink Pipe Scratched on NEW ASUS GL502VM

    Hi guys, I got new Asus GL502VM from ao.com few days ago. I opened up the back cover and was shocked to see very badly scratched heatsink pipes. Both sides got scratches and the right one is even worse got like tiny dents as well. Anyone has seen something like this before? Does anyone know how...
  39. M

    Graphical issues on certain games

    On the games Rocket League and Goat simulator I get weird colors and graphical issues. However, it only happens on those games so I assume it's not a hardware issue. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that those two games use unreal engine. Specs: HP Envy M6 Notebook PC Windows 10 Home 64 bit...
  40. S

    is i7 7700 going to work with the gtx 1080ti with any bottlenecking?

    I'm in the market for a new cpu cause I just bought a gtx 1080 ti and I don't want to overclock so I stopped considering i7 7700k and then I would also have to buy a new mobo with it so I was wondering if i7 7700 would do the job? and would the stock cooler be enough? I'm upgrading from 15 7500...