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    [SOLVED] Unique dilema.Is it safe to replace thermal paste(remove cooler) if some of motherboard socket pins were bent

    Hi. I'm giving my older pc to my nephew and before that i want to replace thermal paste on cpu and gpu as it's at least 2-3 years old. socket 1155, 3570k, ASRock Z77 Pro4. Here are my dilemas: 2-3 years ago I managed to bend pins(1 or 2) on the mobo then it didnt post and as 1155 socket was...
  2. S

    Question What can cause this issue?

    I've installed a clean win 7. Now my GPU Temp, core clock, mem clock jumping up and down. MSI GE72MVR7RG-008 laptop. https://ibb.co/3vk2hPm High-performance power plan. Intel and Nvidia control panel optimized for maximum performance.
  3. T

    Question Controlling 3-pin fan

    Hey guys,i just finished a build.I have 2 case fans that are connected to my motherboard with 3-pin connection.While discovering the bios i saw that there is a section that i can control these fan's speed.It is of course not under PWN but DC.From my understanding this is a way to control 3-pin...
  4. T

    Question Which Case Fans do i get ?

    So i'm looking to get some budget case fans and came across this two options One is a 4 in1 pack Cooler Master Silent Fan 120 Si2 and the other was a 3 in1 Cooler Master Master Fan 120 Air Balance RGB Which one would you recommend to get ? I'll be using a Cooler Master MB510L casing just...
  5. W

    Question Hardware Change then upgrade to Pro

    I recently upgraded the CPU, mobo and gpu in my system and my Windows 10 Home (OEM) was deactivated. I have tried using the troubleshooter and the license was linked to my Microsoft account. After much faffing about I gave up and decided to buy another license, and this time I bought Windows 10...
  6. C

    Question Should I upgrade to a better monitor to fix screen-tearing when turning?

    Hello everyone! I have always had a problem when gaming where whenever i quickly turn my mouse I can see each individual frame. I am very uneducated with monitors, so I'm wondering if upgrading to a monitor with more MHZ would smooth out my screen when turning. I know my frames aren't...
  7. Y

    Question everything wrong with normal bread board ?

    The contacts each have some resistance. Most of the time this doesn't matter much. Think of breadboard contacts as being for signals and small power (like to power a logic chip) only. Don't do things like run the power for the motor thru the breadboard. That can overheat the contact, causing...
  8. ksfixitman

    Question installed new graphics card....screen is blank. help

    I have https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883113089 this PC. yes its a little old but runs great. I got a new GPU geforce GTX 960 4gb DDR5. The PC does have a new CX600 corsair power supple. I installed, turned on PC. PC comes on. GPU lights up and fans come on. Screen...
  9. R

    Stuck On Motherboard Splash Screen

    Im building a gaming pc for my friend on a budget and was doing okay till the screen froze at the gigabyte splash screen. It works and boots fully with IGpu but does is stuck only with the GPU plugged in. Pls help My specs are : - Intel I5-2500K (non-OC) -Gigabyte z77-d3h -Corsair Vengeance...
  10. D

    Newegg server problems?

    So I tried ordering from Newegg and I get this Thank you for visiting Newegg.com. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience but we are currently experiencing problems on our server. Please try again at a later time. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or simply contact us and our...
  11. D3strukt0r

    External touchscreen monitor for laptop

    So I currently own an "ASUS UX490UA" My problem is, that my exact model does not have touchscreen. For my studies I'd love to create notes with MS OneNote. So what I consider might be an option is to plug a Display to one of my Thunderbolt (or USB 3.1) ports and use a "Pen" to write on the...
  12. J

    Blue screen no text

    Hey so I just built a new pc and I’m trying to download windows media tool via usb and the pc boots and go straight to the windows logo and sits there at just the windows logo no spinning dots nothing! Then after about 20 mins it goes to a light blue screen no text nothing on it just blue any...
  13. A

    HTC Vive controller tracking issues

    I'm having a problem with controller tracking ever since moving into my new house. I've almost never had any tracking issues with this Vive before so I know it's not a defective product. THE ISSUE: When I start playing games, sometime the controllers fly off in random directions or sense...
  14. J

    HELP with my upgrade. Would you change anything?

    I game in 1080p 75hz, i want maximum/high graphical settings on all games. This is What i have in mind. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zF46gw Opinions? Thanks in advance. Oh, and could i reuse my psu? A nox Hummer 750w. I also would be reusing my ssd and hdd. And of course the case.
  15. P

    i5-2500K & considering GPU upgrade. Foolish move?

    Hello Tom's-goers, New user here (just out of the joint :)) Hope someone can shed light on my dilemma. After recently installing Assassins Creed Odyssey on my PC, my computer has begun really showing its age. With such outdated specs and a limited budget, however, I feel a little stuck and...
  16. F

    1070ti with low performance

    Hi, System is gtx 1070ti ryzen 7 1700 600W FPS Psu 2x8 gb 3200mhz ram b350m-a mainboard But i have low fps' in games. For example i got 50-60fps in GTA 5 with ultra setting. I play at 1080p. Another ex. is assasin creed origins. i have 35fps in it. What do you think the problem is?
  17. G

    Upgrading a system from 2012 to run modern the latest games and VR, is it possible?

    My system has a xeon e3-1230 cpu, 8 gig ddr 1333mzh memory, ssd, and a geforce 680 gpu. I want to run the latest games and i also want to get a vr headset. Would this system be able to handle a gpu with the power of comparable to the geforce 1070 without bottlenecking it? I assume I also have...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Is this Pc Build alright? like will it work perfectly for streaming/gaming?

    Intel Core i7-8700K RTX 2070 MSI Gaming Z ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming 16GB G.Skill Flare X samsung 970 pro 512GB 2000GB WD Gold 650 Watt be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 NZXT Kraken X62 NZXT Source 340
  19. T

    Which motherboard to pair with Ryzen 5 1400

    Im finally deciding on getting the ryzen 5 1400 for my gaming pc i'm building, paired with either the gigabyte GA-AB350 ATX Gaming motherboard ($84.99) or the gigabyte AB350M-DS3H micro ATX motherboard ($74.99). Which one is better, and does size of the mobo matter? (Case I have bought is the...
  20. M

    ASUS Prime X470-Pro vs ASRock X470 Taichi for futute Ryzen Upgrade

    Hi. I am planning to buy a cheaper Ryzen 5 2600 now and pair it with either an ASUS Prime or an ASRock Taichi. I am not too interested in overclocking, but I may try to mess around with that a little bit if I decide to later on. But the bigger question for me is is that I am planning to upgrade...