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  1. P

    Question One hard drive partitioned or 3 separate ones?

    Hi, I have a question- is it better to buy one m.2 1TB PCIe drive and divide it into partitions (1 for system, 1 for photos etc and 1 for games and programs) or separately 1 SSD 120GB for system, 1 HDD 500gb for photos etc and 1 SSD 512gb for games and programs? I'm wondering if separate...
  2. O

    Question Windows 10 backup and file history of multiple internal drives

    Hello, Windows 10 allows me to selet multiple internal and external drives for backup. After it backs up it's shown that it's backed up on the backup drive but file history only shows my C drive no other internal drives are visible in the file history. Is this the way it's intended for Windows...
  3. P

    Question Can i keep all of my drives the same, to use in a new pc.

    I have had my pc for 2 years now, and i am building a pc with a i7 8700k, asus prime z270 motherboard, corsair vengeance ram, and a 1080ti. i want to know if it is possible to just build the system and just use all of my old drives without wiping them or deleting anything. i dont want to delete...
  4. S

    Question New system, old drives

    Hey everyone I want to build a new system but use my old ssd and hdd. The ssd has the OS installed on it. Can i just plug them both in and the system will boot normally? (Games are on harddrive, do i have to reinstall everything or can i just start my game like i would now?)
  5. yeetusfried

    [SOLVED] What disk should I store things in?

    Hi! I have 2 drives on my computer as they list; Disk C: (306GB almost used) (HDD) Disk D: (390GB with 390GB free) (HDD) I decided to make a thread since my C: disk is almost used with 5.20GB free. I own 4 games located on Steam* and a couple of programs. I store some memes and a couple of...
  6. [SOLVED] Restore default icons for hard drives?

    Hello, I've installed an app called HDDLife and it changed my drives icons to these ugly things. I've also uninstalled that app to see if it fixed itself, but nothing is ever that easy, now i'm stuck with these icons. If someone would help, I'd be thankful! Thanks.
  7. F

    Question PC hangs when i turn it on

    I have had this issue ever since i did a windows 10 update i believe. It's been going on for 2 weeks now. Basically, my pc doesn't show a display on the monitor when i turn it on. It seems as if it crashes or something on the bootup. The only way to get it working is to do a hard shutdown or a...
  8. G

    Question Drive not detected.

    I recently downgraded my Windows 10 to Windows 10 1703, due to the fact that I recently added a WiFi card because the Ethernet wall adapted I had broke down and I didn't want a cable to stretch across my desk. It was also like $130. So I got a Asus PCE-AC56 WiFi Card. It wasn't working until I...
  9. J

    Moving work and home computer into one

    Hey all, I have been living abroad for a while and have had a cheap office computer, however it has a lot of important files on it, so I brought it's drive back with me when I came home. My plan was to move it into my gaming PC, and either be able to switch back and forth by choosing which...
  10. K

    My OEM not working after motherboard change. (Tried the troubleshooter)

    The troubleshooter didn't work. What do i do now ? I also formatted it recently. Dont know which one is the cause.
  11. D

    1050ti good build?

    Hi so I am selling my dirtbike for about 1000 and I was thinking about purchasing myself a pc from the help of my current build (GTX 1050 Ti 4gb SSC edition overclocked | AMD FX-8350). I am thinking of buying a i5 8600k. I was just wondering if this is a good combo below. LMK if I need to change...
  12. S

    Help with first pc build Are there any changes I can make for a cheaper build? Its my first one. Shooting for 1440p but Im now starting to think of going for 1080.
  13. H

    Will my Mobo support a m.2 drive

    Hey just built a pc, the mother board is an Asrock b250m pro4. I heard you should check if it supports using an m.2 drive as a boot drive. Here's the asrock website: Could i pickup any old m.2 drive and know it will work as a boot...
  14. J

    Getting better GoPro footage using adapters?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that help's out, I've recently invested into a drone that carries my GoPro Hero 4 Black on a 3-axis gimbal. It works great, footage is lovely and smooth without shakeynous but I want to 'Brighten' up the colours a little bit and get rid of the horrible fish eye...
  15. B

    New PC build having issues with SSD/HDD/Drivers.

    I recently built my first PC and am having issues with things. I am able to turn everything on and installed Win10 on my SSD (I have an SSD for a boot drive and a HDD for storage). I can successfully boot the OS, but it starts up in a low graphics compatibility mode ("until correct drivers are...
  16. redxmoonx

    2 monitos 2 graphics cards

    i have two monitors connected to my 2 gtx970s thru HDMI problem is, only way for both to be on is either "activate all displays" which seems to disable SLI or "surround" which i dont particularly like.. is there a way to have both monitors on AND SLI? or am i missing something?
  17. L

    Revamping my System

    Hi everyone. I have an itch to upgrade my system, and at the moment, my backing storage is the main bottleneck. I am relatively competent with PC systems, but would like a bit of guidance. I want to set up a RAID of SSDs to mount my OS and frequently used programs and games on, while keeping...
  18. C

    Why cant I play my games!

    I am using Playfire and I am having the same problem, it says I dont have d3dx9_42dll and isnt letting me play my games on there. I have tried clicking the repair button to repair the game, re-installing it as it recommends you do from the actual problem. Nothing seems to be working. I baught...
  19. A

    Acer Laptop will not boot from from disc or USB

    My father-in-law has an Acer E1-510P-2671 that he bought a few months ago. He has lost the Windows disc that came with it, assuming it even had one. He bought it at Walmart, preinstalled with Windows 8. He forgot his password. He did not use a Microsoft account to make the account, so he cannot...
  20. B

    FPS spikes low randomly - Need experienced advice!!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the "building computers world" and came across this helpful website. I've been a computer gamer for many years and want to keep it that way. I've been having some issues with my FPS in games such as counter-strike Global Offensive. Here are my specs: OS - Windows 7 HP...