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  1. C

    Cpu over voltage

    So i upgraded my cpu from i3 2100 to i7 3770k after going through some issues like the motherboard not detecting my gtx 1050 ti .. I managed to make it work. Stressed the cpu and the temps were between 95-97 c with the stock cooler so i ordered the hyper 212 evo then checked the voltages with...
  2. K

    Razer Kraken Pro V2 right ear cup problems.

    There's a control segment on the cord for controlling the mic mute on/off as well as a scroll for controlling the volume. My issue is that if you turn the sound low enough to where you can still slightly hear it, the right side of the headphones goes mute. Meaning If I turn it pretty low, only...
  3. M

    is this laptop good enough for light gaming ?

    hi, i plan on buying a laptop with these specs: Processeur: Processeur Intel Core i5-4200U 4ème génération (Cache 3M, 1,7 GHz jusqu'à 2,70 GHz) Vitesse du bus du processeur: 5 GT / s. Disque dur: 500 Go 5400 tr / min SATA RAM: 4 Go DDR3L Type d'écran: diagonale HD BrightView LED...
  4. O


    I have HP 15Q BY002AX LAPTOP with 4GB DDR4 HYNIX 1833MHZ RAM WILL KINGSTON 8GB DDR4 2133MHZ RAM BE GOOD COMBINATION?? I'm using the laptop to Video editing, & at times the screen runs slow, will upgrading the Ram help?? & will the combination of 4gb & 8GB solve my problem?? I use Premier Pro...
  5. J

    Computer won’t boot unless I clear cmos every time.

    If I want to boot my computer I have to clear cmos every time for it to work. Specs: Motherboard: Asus M5a87 - m CPU: Amd athlon II X2 240 Ram: 5 gbs ddr3 Gpu Nvidia geforce gt630-sl-2gd3-l Operating system: Windows 7 home premium.
  6. N

    How to connect multiple WAN subnet to one lan PC without NAT?

    I m trying to connect my lan PC to wan servers vlan 2 , vlan5 so on, with my current static route I can reach any one machine at time not both . Please suggest me some static routing ideas ? LAN -------------- nas1 ------- nas2...
  7. PaulAlcorn

    Valve Fixes The Steam Hardware Survey

    Valve has identified and fixed the problems with its famous Steam Hardware Survey, but there are caveats. Valve Fixes The Steam Hardware Survey : Read more
  8. A

    Low fps in CSGO with new computer build.

    I've just upgraded my i5-3330 to an i5-8400. My GPU is a gtx 960. I tested my fps on csgo and got an average of ~130. With my i5-3330 I was getting about 160 on average. I have the same system specs as this benchmark (apart from 8gb of RAM and not 16) and they get around 280 fps (Using the same...
  9. M

    Budget Gamers pc

    Hey guys, i have an good videocard 1060 6gb gtx so that's not the problem but processor , ram , motherboard is the question What is the best buy with 600$ and which fan for the processor i need
  10. A

    amd or intel rams

    is amd ram same to intel rams
  11. D

    PC shutdown with no warning

    Hello, I am having issues with my PC , it randomly decides to shut down with no warning and boot right back up, when it boots back up it shows the boot failure detected error. I'm running gigabyte pheonix x99 g1 gaming MB bios version f2, a i7 6870k cpu, 32 GB ram 4 sticks placed in the location...
  12. C

    B250m arctic build help (144fps/1080p&60fps/1440p)

    I'm planning a build for gaming rig. I have a list of products I've been eyeing here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rXH7KZ I'm set on a micro atx build and I have the 1070fe blower already. My main concern is that I'm unsure whether or not I can hit 60+fps on, at least, high 1440p (144fps on...
  13. D

    PC Building Noob

    As stated in title I've never built a pc before but I'm looking to build a monster. Mobo- Maximus IX Hero CPU- Intel i7-7700k GPU- GTX 1080TI Ripjaws V DDR4 16GB RAM 500GB SSD and I plan on adding 1TB HDD And the case I've chosen was the Corsair 780T. I've been looking into liquid cooling and...
  14. P

    Touchpad not working

    touchpad not working in windows 7 64bit unable to find drivers for asus x 541xuv i have tried driverspack solutions and snappy driverspack but no use once please check this link image is attached to this thread...
  15. J

    Need help With the Computer

    Hey guys so i recently updated some parts on my pc such as the cpu the motherboard and gpu also powersupply and monitor (for gaming) but im still only receiving 60-100 fps and i still get frame spikes bad ones where i go down to like 15fps. any reason to what might be wrong. Cpu- I7-4970k Gpu-...
  16. D

    How to know if throttlestop is on?

    How do you know if throttlestop is on? Does it have the green icon if its on or red icon? Thank you
  17. C

    Upgrading an old PC

    So i got a PC from a buddy of mine, kinda old dont really know what all the components are but I know it has 8 gigs of ram. It says on the mobo "supports directx 10" and im just wondering if its even worth upgrading. Can i play new games if i dont have the up to date version of Directx?
  18. S

    Window keeps flashing for a second

    Hello community, for 3 days now a random windows pops up every now and then (~ once/hour) and closes immediately. It is so short that I can't even see a name or anything at all. I did a complete system check via Avast, checked the Task Manager for unusual applications running in the backround...
  19. D

    Headset microphone too quiet

    Hey guys, so i was talking to a girlfriend on skype and suddenly hers microphone became too quiet i could barely hear her, when she touch mic i can head loud pop noice of the touch but cant hear her talking, she has all mic settings on highest volume still very very quiet, when she switch to...
  20. K

    GPU won't display anything while NVME drive is installed

    I have had this computer running for over 3 months now with no problems what so ever, however within the last couple weeks I've been noticing 2 things. 1. my ram continuously fills over a few days of my pc being on until i have to restart it. and 2. the last thing i saw in windows was an error...