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  1. 3

    Best value out of these three-four cards under $130 budget

    Hi there, I just have a question as to what would be the best value and reliability for the price. I live in Australia so prices are a bit higher but am looking for a suitable upgrade from my current 1gb 6670. Don't really play games apart from the total war series and would to like be able to...
  2. A

    Appearing of Black screen with cursor

    A black screen appears with cursor only in my pc with win 8 OS. It happens after the installation of realtek hd audio driver but i have restored the pc, but it still appears, i have also tried 'chkdsk' in cmd it repaired the c drive but the condition is still same. The pc starts normally with...
  3. slyverine

    setup a colored rear jack as audio to my headset

    Hello there.To start with, you can see my setup at my signature but i can mention i have asus formula viii which has supreme FX onboard sound. I bought a pair of headset today and i have this problem.I initially plugged the headset to the front jacks , but the mic is catching some kind of static...
  4. A

    Gtx 1050 vs gtx 1050 ti

    I'm wondering which would be the best budget graphics card, in a Pentium g4620 system with either 8 or 16gb of ram, thanks.
  5. X

    CPU core0 utilization at 100% at idle

    Good day. I own a ASUS FX550JX laptop. The i5-4200h inside is a dual core with hyper-threading. Ever since reinstalling windows 10 on my laptop i have had a strange problem. From startup the OS uses 100% of my CPU's core 0. I have un-installed all the programs i myself installed and disabled...
  6. K

    Monitor from acer

    Well, I'm wondering if the Acer AL175 is a decent monitor
  7. Kronozzzzzz

    Task Manager "System" Process

    Hello, I'm having an issue with this "System" process showing in my task manager window. it's consuming a lot of my Network, I'm reaching a 600ms ping and more, everyone else home has a Wi-fi connection also, and they are all fine, thats why a discard the possibility that could be an INTERNET...
  8. C

    Switching from Alienware to NZXT case

    Hi, just wanted to quickly ask if it is possible to take all the parts out of my Alienware Aurora R4 computer case and put it into the NZXT H440. Is anything too big or too small? Also, if it doesn't fit, what cases would fit the components? Thanks
  9. B

    Front intake with radiator advice push or pull

    Okay I'm running this case and as you see there's a front compartment where a magnetic vent goes which I love. I have my h115i liquid cooler running as an intake right against that. But I cannot decide if I want push or pull, originally push made sense...
  10. A

    Looking for a new GPU for my desktop. Any suggestions?

    Hi, My MSI GTX-970 was broken(Garbage display) recently, and I'm looking for a replacement for it. I have a $300 budget. I'm not looking for a big upgrade, I just want to play the current games I'm playing and also some of the new ones. PC Spec: 8GB corsair RAM MOBO- GA970A-DS3p(1.0) - I know...
  11. Captain Discombobulate

    GTX 1070 sli not 99% usage at 1440p

    Please note at 4k I get 99% usage in most games. New monitor is gsync 1440p I only get 95 to 96% usage. Any ideas.
  12. E

    Hello, can someone aid on how to place fans...intake or exhuast

    so i have a corsair h80i and i have brought the fans bring air in from the back of cpu into the radiator as push and pull. there is a fan on the top blowing air out, now i dnt have fans on the front, now i was wondering can i use this as exhaust to keep air flowing? so it will be like this...
  13. N

    Mobo Ethernet broken after installing GTX 1080 + Other issues

    After swapping my MSI R9 390 for my ASUS GTX 1080 A8G, I've noticed that no matter what I do, my ethernet on my Asus z97 pro gamer keeps showing the yellow triangle. Furthermore every time I try to shut down the system the 'shutting down' loading circle sometimes just freezes and the computer...
  14. A

    Under clocking ram from 3000 mhz to 2666 good or bad idea?

    So i want to buy corsair white lpx ram, but i have only seen it at 3000 mhz or higher. So i want to do a ryzen build when the r5 line up of chips releases but most mobos so far only support 2667 ram frequency. Is it worth underclocking the ram to 2666 mhz from 3000 mhz or should i just buy...
  15. MCID47

    3-Phase VRM for Core 2 Quad

    Hi there, i would like to ask. i have a plan to resurrecting my old 775 motherboards for home cinemas and/or livingroom pc, currently have a specification : Core 2 Duo E7500 Jetway MI5-G41SGM 4GB DDR3 1333(downclocked to 1066 due to motherboard suppport) Power Color R7 240 1G DDR5 FSP Hexa+...
  16. D

    Should I replace my i5 4460 with an i7 4790K for 1440p hz monitor?

    Hello, I am upgrading my computer and going from 720p 60hz to 1440 144hz, and right now my cpu is the i5 4460. I am planning on getting either a GTX 1080 or wait to see how the RX 490 performs, and I was wondering if my i5 could handle either one of those cards at 1440p without causing too much...
  17. R

    Is GTX 1080 SLI Worth the splash?

    Hey guys, Im using a 34 inch monitor, but feel in some games that I could use a extra fps boost, but Im a cheap ass when it comes to buying stuff. Would another 1080 be too much for 3440x1440 or should you only have it for 4k or above?
  18. M

    Too hot while gaming?

    Hi, when I play games (eg, Battlefield 1) I'm pretty sure my temperatures are too high The GPU and CPU will usually be about 70-85°C when I'm playing a game Is this too hot? Dont really know too much about computers, so i'm a bit worried Also, could this be affecting my FPS?
  19. P

    How does a GTX 960 2GB compare to a PS4's card?

    The 960 came out January 2015 and I got mine December of that year. It is two years old now, but it's only one rung below the the current newest 1000 series. Before I bought it I did research and it was a very well regarded card, not top of the line but also not trash and every source said it...
  20. cosmicbatz

    PC restarts itself - tried all standard tests

    So I recently decided to upgrade my PC. After installing all the components and turning it on, all the fans, including those on the GPU spin, although they are not as loud as I remember them, and the motherboard lights up. After approximately 20 seconds the PC turns off, and then turns itself on...