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    random blue screens

    Currently getting blue screens randomly even while doing nothing Will post report soon
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    Using pcie raid card from usb

    Basically I have my gaming pc setup but there’s no space for the mass storage I have a case with a psu that has all of them in. I was planning on going USB 3.0 from the gaming pc to a pcie connect the raid card then the 4x sata hdd is this possible. I know you can do stuff over the network but...
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    Cant install Ryzen Wraith RGB connecter

    I keep trying to plug the wraith spire led cable into the JLED header on my motherboard and it won’t go in.
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    Computer Forces Restart during Gaming

    Hey, So i keep having this issue with the computer forcing restart while in the middle of a game. this has been having for nearly two months now have sent it it to be be looked at several times but they said everything has passed the diagnostic. Technician Diagnostic Results: HDD Tested -...
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    Is there any other way to launch into the advanced boot menu without pressing F8?

    So I need to get into my advanced boot menu to disable driver signing to install AMD drivers for my new GPU. However, I'm using an SSD, and the length of time between my BIOS and the windows splash screen is absolutely miniscule. I've tried about 20 times and I can't seem to hit it. I know...
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    Geforce experience help

    Hello, play the Witcher 3 on a 1070 at 1440p. When GeForce experience optimizes my stuff it puts pretty good settings except a low on foliage visibility range which kills the experience when the grass only loads in directly in front of you. When you use constome setting it gives you a scale...
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    G.SKill Trident Z RGB: Compatibility with Ryzen + AB350 Gaming 3

    I am about to enjoy a promotion of the Trident Z RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR model and would like to know if it is currently compatible with Ryzen models (and, if possible, with MB Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3). I would like to keep the 3000 and CL :)
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    Fan Noise really loud!

    I do not know why this is happening, I have the default fans for everything that came in for the NZXT S340 and the H100I V2.
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    Router Ethernet over WiFi options?

    Hello! I recently moved from PR to AR. I moved with my family here, and why do i mention this, because I can’t do the obvious put an ethernet cable long enough to reach my room, since its not my home. So my question is, I PC game a lot, but I can’t depend on wifi for gaming, I cannot throw...
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    My Computer boots but no post

    My PC boots but it doesn't post. It was working earlier today but then stopped. Specs Phenom ii x4 925 GTX 1060(I know there is a bottleneck, I am planning on upgrading soon) 8gb ddr2(Any amount of ram doesn't work) XFX 8200, error code is d5 evga 500w Thanks Happy New Year
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    Please critique - 1st PC build

    Hi guys, Had a friend of mine spec out all the components and already ordered. Have time to return/replace if needed. I don't know what's normally included when people ask for critiques so I'm just going to post everything I got. I told my friend my goal was to run games at 100+ fps with...
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    $685 Gaming PC build

    Hi all fourms user.I heard that this was a good place to ask for a build help so I need a gaming PC that is in the budget of $685 or under. -The build must have a Wifi adapter -includes usb Windows 10 No Mail in rebates please The games I play are: GTA V Overwatch Rocket league Space Engineers I...
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    Connecting my Laptop to my Desktop VIA Vga Cable.

    Hey! Im trying to connect my Laptop to my Desktop using a VGA cable.. But it wont work, my Desktop monitor wont be detected, so on my Desktop the option to have two displays wont show up, but on the Laptop it will but it wont detect my Desktop computer... Please help...
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    C5 and C6 warning from crystaldisk

    Hi! I had issued with booting up and succeeded to boot up into safe mode and decided to check my disk status and it gives me a warning, I wonder how bad this is? It has less than 11000 hours used.
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    New PC setup Question.

    Hi, i going to build a from-0 PC and i want some advices/corrections in my setup: Mother: Asus strix b250g gaming lga 1151 cpu: i5 7600k 3.8ghz LGA 1151 kaby lake Ram: corsair ddr4 16gb 3000mhz gpu: msi 1050ti 4gb gaming x HDD: 1tb sata 3 7200rpm SSD: WD 120GB sata 3 2.5 Tower: sentey vorax...
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    Intel hd 620

    Can i change my laptops gpu Intel HD Graphics 620 , please list some of the graphics card replaceable
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    Weird resolution issues upon Win10 update

    Basically, any time I so much as breath on my resolution, I get a display like this It's like that normally for my screen's native resolution of 1366x768, but sometimes it just seems to magically go away? Then changing the resolution again for any reason screws it up again. It crops up...
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    Air Cooling for 7700k with problems size

    Hi all , i have a Matx board , the Gigabyte B150M DS3H , a GTX 1080 , 3 ram slots ( 1xGB and 2x4GB of Kingston DDR4 2133) , a Seasonic 520 and a Corsair 400c . I want to buy a 7700k obviously to no ocing right now because my motherboard dont let me , so i am thinking on an 280MM aio at front (...
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    Help with PC build

    Hey guys I'm building a PC for my friend and we're about to buy all the parts off Newegg because shipping in canada is insanely expensive everywhere except Newegg. Just felt like running the build by you guys to see if there's any better options or concerns that I dont know about. Link...
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    differentiate between application soft ware and program

    Different between application soft ware and program