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  1. J

    voltage problem help

    hello i have problem with my voltage of cpu when i set voltage to 1.010 on cpu its say 0.976 i just reset my bios last time its was work perfect its stay on votlage 1.010 to get 1.010 i need to jump the voltage to 1.040 what to do help me please update bios not working either the...
  2. B

    BSOD, Need help finding out what is causing it.

    For the past couple days i have been getting hard crashes, They seem to happen randomly. I get this message: critical structure corruption win32k.sys I have no idea what it is or how to fix it, how do i read dump files to determine what is the problem, or is their someone i can contact...
  3. J

    Asus A55VD laptop Intel HD graphics 4000 automatically enables itself after uninstalling.

    I have an Asus A55VD. I have a dedicated graphic graphics card in this laptop, however when the Intel HD Graphics card is active, the computer will not use the dedicated graphics card. I have uninstalled the Intel card, and as long as the laptop is in airplane mode, the dedicated graphics card...
  4. ancient_splinter89

    Is this compatible ? ?

    First off I have an older set up that I just purchased and want to do some upgrades. I have a i5 750 and what looks to be an Antec three hundred two (or one ) case and a gigabyte P55 UD4P motherboard with old sea sonic 650 ps. I was wondering if a gigabyte gtx 950 gpu and corsair hydro series...
  5. U

    Asus G53SX new motherboard

    Hello! I've got a question as a i'm a complete noob in this. My laptop's motherboard broke down (i mean literally as at point when being connected to the charger smoke came out of the vent, and it shut down). Now i plan to buy a new motherboard, but i would like to know when buying a new...
  6. A

    restart before boot

    Hi I recently build new machine And i use my old hdd with win 10 installed on it This hdd belong to my old pc I put it in new machine and start it but when i turn on pc mobo manufacter logo appeared then no reaction from window and system automaticly restart and mobo manufacter logo appeard...
  7. A

    boot loop with new rams

    So i bought new rams for my pc ( hyper X fury up to 1866 1.5 v ) put them in my computer and started , i entered the bios and changed them to 1600 with cas 10-11-10-30 ( altho i read after that @1600 the cas can be lower) so everything was fine . the next day i try to put 1866 , and boot loop...
  8. K

    how to make a partition based on sector count in windows 10.

    i have seen a lot of tutorials for linux, but none for windows. is there a partitioning tool for windows that i can make a partition from sector 65 to 24000 for example, instead of a set size, in MB or GB.
  9. P

    Can a psu of 500W EVGA, and a gtx970 run on a amd fx-6300(six core)not OC.

    8gb ram, Asus M5A78L-M motherboard. 500W EVGA psu Will this GPU bottleneck? and will the psu be able to run it?
  10. Y

    (Power supply surges detection ) while gaming

    Please help My spec Psu: corsair rm650 Mb: asus h97 progamer Cpu:intel core i3 4170 Gpu: ecga gtx 750 ti
  11. F

    New Graphics Card not Working

    Hey guys, I bought a Sapphire Dual X R9 270x and I tried to install it but it is not working correctly. I first turned off my PC. Then I took out the VGA cable from my mobo and used the adapter in the box to connect it to the r9 270x. after that, i put the gpu in the x16 slot in my mobo and...
  12. K

    I am making a cheaper gaming PC for my significant other. Need advice!

    I am in the process of making this and we want it to be cheap because she will only be playing some minor games. Heaviest maybe world of warcraft and smite. I have a gtx 770 in my computer and was looking to upgrade so I thought I could just put it in hers and save her some money. Would all this...
  13. S

    more fans = more temps???

    hey guys, i recently added 6 fans to my build (arctic cooling f12 tc) 2 front and one bottom intakes, 2 top and 1 rear as exhausts... instead of reducing the temps of gpu and cpu, i have 3 more degrees on gpu at full load. my previous setup was just one rear exhaust. why is this happening...