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  1. boredagain99

    [SOLVED] Is it normal to turn on the GPU fan?

    I know the default is that the GPU fan turns off when not in-game. Is it normal to turn on the GPU using an afterburner even when I'm not playing will it show any effect?
  2. Karasle

    Question Reset Nvidia control panel settings from safe mod.

    I messed up my nvidia settings and now my pc says ”input not supported” whenever i try to turn it on. Ive entered safe mod but i have no idea how i can change or reset the nvidia settings, please help.
  3. Leftnut99

    Question Could I have physically damage my graphic card

    Hi, recently bought a rtx 3090 and install with the computer no problem. But when I started disassembling the gpu to instal new waterblock and backplate the pc stop displaying. I diagnosis every component of my computer and it only seems like the 3090 wont display. Fans and lights are working...
  4. diptodas

    Question My device has PECI version 1 and voltage about 450w maybe,Which one best for me?

    My graphics card right now is an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family and I would like to upgrade it so that I can play somewhat recent games such as Battlerite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Starcraft 2. Here are my other specs. CPU: Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6GHz. CPU Speed: 2.6 GHz...
  5. Samnic Salvatore

    Question GPU not working, System doesnt boot

    Hi Fellow Pc Enthusiasts I have a faulty zotac gtx 1070 mini that doesn't boot for some reason. After putting it into my system and plugging in the display port, the monitor's led shows green but the system can't boot whenever I press the power button. Anyone has any ideas how to fix? I'm...
  6. S

    Question Graphics Card stops working on new PC

    Hey everyone, i recently decided to build a 2nd PC, and assembled it myself (first time building a PC btw). I planned on buying an RTX 3070, but since i couldnt find it at a reasonable price i decided to use my old graphics card for the moment, the ASUS GTX 970 strix. It all went fine, PC booted...
  7. S

    Question 980Ti can hardly run games at 1080p lowest settings

    So I just upgraded most of my system, except for my 980Ti and now know it's the reason I have to play on the absolute lowest settings 1080p. Apex and CoD MW both on lowest settings give me between 20-40 fps, among many others, but certain games like Valorant give me 60 at 4k. I've done a full...
  8. elric91

    Question Gtx 980 4gb(2014) windforce or rx 570 4gb asrock(2017)

    Who can help me? should I get this one gtx 980 4gb windforce or NEW one 570 4gb asrock,980 is $30 dollars cheaper in my country but used for 2 years on games.
  9. Duus1337


    I ran into this problem with my newest build where everytime i turn it off all fans goes crazy, including psu fan. B550 Tomahawk Ryzen 5 5600x. 1660 Super. G-skill 16gb cl16 3600mhz. VIDEO: Somebody help me. I tried turning fast boot off, but this didnt help.
  10. KaloyanP

    Question Does my motherboard handle or be compatible with this video card:

    H110M PRO-VD - motherboard GF GT 1030, 2GB, Gigabyte GV-N1030D5-2GL - Graphic Card and Power supply - 230W? other specs in my pc: Cpu pentium g4400 Ram 8 GB (cheap, 1 tile) Hdd - 750 GB (C and D disk)
  11. nusuntbubu

    Question System check

    I5 9400 with rx 470 any bottelneck My resolution is 1680x1050
  12. nusuntbubu

    Question Are this components good?

    I3 10100f,asus strix rx470 4gb,8gb 2400 ddr4 dual channel
  13. S

    Question Can my Power Supply run a GTX 1060 6GB, RX580 8GB or a RX 570 4GB

    I want to know that if my PSU can run a GTX 1060 6GB, RX 580 8GB or RX 570 4GB. My Specs are: Core I7 3770 8GB DDR3 RAM (I will upgrade it to 16GB if required) MSI H61 Motherboard 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk 500 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk ADATA 120 GB SATA SSD I can't insert a picture here so you...
  14. ZcoperDK

    Question My graphics card seems to be underperforming

    I'm currently trying to play modded Minecraft, but I'm only getting ~2 fps at the moment, unlike the 60+ fps I used to get. NZXT CAM and Alienware Command Center say that my GPU has a ~0% load and is only on ~5% power. The pc is an Alienware Aurora R8. The modpack I'm trying to play is FTB...
  15. zentenon

    Question Can my h310m handle a rtx3070?

    i buy an rtx 3070 and i have an i5-9400 on a gigabyte h310m ds2 2.0 and idk if its to much power for this cheap mobo.
  16. B

    Question About GTX 1660 availability delays?

    Hello Friends, Does anyone have any info about delays on GTX 1660 Cards. More or less all are in every retailer, many due in stock yesterday or today, or even mid Jan Has there been delays due to coronavirus or something.
  17. justagamer4201

    Question gpu idle temperatures

    So i bought my GPU in march and at the start the idle temperature was ok they were around 40 degrees celsius. from some time my idle temperature are increased to 49 degrees celsius so should I worry as my idle temperature are too high and there are no changes of temperature while gaming. And can...
  18. A

    Question Graphic Card Overheats Only The First Time - Strange Problem

    I have been having a very strange problem with my GTX Palit 660. The first time I run either Rocket League or Fortnite (the only games I play) my graphic card temperatures will shoot up, to the point of over 100c and then the monitor will turn black, the graphic card fans will start spinning...
  19. Question AMD hd 4650 doesn't work on some of systems, WHY ?

    * I am new on this forum but maybe you guys help me. That's really important for me and sorry If I have English mistakes hope you can understand them * I am trying to make a new computer from secondhand (thrift) But I met a really crazy problem. I have AMD HD 4650 1GB DDR2 graphic card but it...
  20. Bjur11

    Question Pc build (advice)

    Hello everyone, As the title says I am in need of help with building my pc. I recently bought the 3060 rtx and was wondering what kind of cpu, psu and RAM I need to not let it bottleneck. Thank you already for your help. Games I want to play: ARK, COD, TOTAL WARHAMMAR 2, and alot more...