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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade my GTX 970

    Okay so i am thinking about upgrading my GPU along with CPU and Motherboard. My current specs are : i5 4690k GTX 970 8gigs corsair vengeance So i want to upgrade my PC a little , so was thinking about buying 2070 initially but looking at the benchmark of 1660ti,2060 and 2070. 1660ti is...
  2. J

    Question New SSD not showing in BIOS, but will boot plugged into USB

    I have a weird one here that I can't seem to find any info on the internet. I'm trying to install a new SSD in the ASUS Q502L i5-4210U. Current drive is 1tb and SSD is 512gb. I cloned it, shrunk partitions and it showed the windows icon for 2 seconds and now it won't show in the BIOS at all...
  3. M

    g4400+h110 mobo overheating is it normal?

    system info: ssd 240 seasonic 520gb active 4g ram only stock fan gtx 750 ti graphics card but its not the problem the problem: not playing when playing with bandicam btw,im playing rules of survival and using bandicam PS: my b250m mobo with gtx...
  4. H

    Games Running Slower

    So here is a weird one. i have certain games on my computer, for example at the moment, Resident Evil 4 and Wolfenstein: New Order, that whenever i hook another program onto them like say Riva Tuner so i can control the FPS better, they start running slower, like Resident Evil 4 won't be...
  5. F

    My monitor goes Dim.

    So just yesterday my monitor went dark/dim in all of the corners, and when i shut it off and turn it back on it's gone. It happened again today so now i know it wasn't a fluke. Do i need a new Monitor or is this something i can fix?
  6. B

    Can a cheap power supply cause stuttering in games?

    Here are the specs of my pc Intel core i3 3240, 4gb ram, nvidia gt 610, and my power supply is a cheap local 450 watt smps I recently upgraded to a gt 1030 After upgrading I noticed that the games are stuttering a lot For example fortnite is stuttering even on lowest setting. The game runs on...
  7. I

    Computer Restarts When Starting* Games & Sometimes Browsing

    Recently, I swapped my motherboard for an Asus M5A78l-M Plus/usb3 & my CPU for an AMD - FX 8300, since then, my computer started rebooting as soon as I logged into a game and sometimes randomly when browsing the internet (Including 2 tries of writing this thread). LoL, for example, as soon as I...
  8. T

    Can't stop the BSOD! (Just crash, crash, crash)

    With apologies to JT. I've been trying to chase down this BSOD and I can't figure out what's causing it. It's been very regular, happening several times a week. Here's my system specs: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 i7-3770k 32GB RAM Asus 1080 6GB I let it run overnight with memtest86 but it didn't...
  9. R

    Will this system bottle neck ?

    Okay so i got a ryzen 2700x and a msi 970 but for some reason its a lot laggier ( is that how you spell it ? ) than my previous build ( i7 4790k) So i was looking at these parts. CPU (
  10. M

    randomly 2 yr PC won't boot, fans/leds all turn on, but no periphs, flashing mobo ram/cpu lights

    I had an error message a couple days ago that my overclock settings failed or something along those lines (I did not have it overclocked) and it gave me the option to restore the last overclock settings or restore to default values. I chose default values and it booted right up and worked fine...
  11. T

    Huawei P20 PRO sticker

    Anybody knows what this sticker on the back of this P20 PRO means? It is on charger aswell.
  12. J

    No internet acces at startup

    Local area connection says "No internet connection" every time I start my pc. Strange because the ethernet card is connected,everything runs fine. The icon will stay this way until I open up a browser and wait like 1-2 minutes. It's not really a problem because I have internet acces and all but...
  13. T

    Can I run it

    I currently have a GTX 1050 8g I have a power supply model number: FSP350-50GMN Do not know much about pc was looking into getting a 1070ti can I run it ?
  14. L

    AMD R9 380 Black screen crash causes system freeze, force reset

    Now turning to toms hardware for advice. ■ I've been experiencing intermittent black screen crashes when playing war thunder (only seems to be this game). Basically, the screen goes black, audio glitches out then goes silent, BUT, the system remains running, all fans spinning, RGB all still on...
  15. ajsski99

    Laptop for A-levels and DJ'ing

    Hiya I'm looking to purchase a laptop for the start of September this year when I start college and begin my A-Levels (UK Thing). I've found a few online and will link these at the end of the post. :) However im not really sure what ill need so i'll need all the help i can get, thats where you...
  16. R

    M.2 not detected

    Installed windows onto M.2 yesterday, started PC next day and it loaded straight to bios and doesn’t detect M.2 anymore
  17. D

    Is the 9590 worth its salt in 2018

    I currently have a AMD fx 8320 I'm my system and I'm looking to make some cheap upgrades to boost its life I have the 8320 over clocked to 4.2ghz and cooled with a hyper 212 Evo I see the 9590 is only 125USD right now Is it worth throwing in my system for the boost im looking for or is it a...
  18. M

    My PC won’t boot

    So I was playing Hearthstone and listening to some music on iTunes. After my game ended I got up for a break and to grab some food from the kitchen. Once I got back in the room I had a black screen I tried moving the mouse thinking my PC is asleep but nothing. I restarted it and all the fans...
  19. C

    Removed my Hard Disk plugs and Plugged them again!!!

    I took my friend’s PC and then played with it a while. After that I got a ridiculous idea to install my External Hard Disk as Internal and try it as Internal Hard Drive. So, I removed the DVD Power Plugs and SATA plugs and plugged it to my External Hard Disk. Then I turned on the PC, it said...
  20. kitty143

    HELP my PC freezes then restarts!!

    My brother helped me build my PC and he basically taught me everything I need to know about how to build, upgrade, etc. So I've decided to finally upgrade after about a year or so to a Ryzen build. My previous build was an FX-8350, GTX 970, and 16GB RAM. Going to Ryzen I had to purchase a new...