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  1. K

    Question Can this 500W PSU handle an old GTX 660?

    Can this Micronics Cyclone III 500W power supply handle a GTX 660 without getting unstable? Rest of the specs are, Intel Core i5-4590 3.30 GHz 8 GB RAM H81 motherboard 1x SATA SSD + 1x HDD 7200 rpm
  2. D

    Question Old PC not starting with GTX660 yet starts with a GTX960

    TLDR: Old PC is booting up fine with a GTX960 4GB graphics card yet fails to boot with an older GTX660 2GB I have an old computer that's used by some people in the house, and I have a fairly modern gaming PC to use myself. I need a second graphics card for my gaming PC to set up some stuff on...
  3. A

    Question Dell Precision T3500 + Asus GTX 660 Ti - flickering

    I have a Dell Precision T3500 with a Asus GTX 660 Ti 2GB that keeps flickering when the drivers are installed. The setup: Windows 10 Professional, Nvidia drivers 472 (2022) Asus GTX 660 Ti 2GB - has 2x PCIe 6-pin connection inputs Dell standard PSU 525W (1x PCIe 6-pin + [2x SATA-to-molex ->>...
  4. zack009

    [SOLVED] Inno3D GTX 660 messed up trying to modify vBIOS ! Help !

    I have an Inno3D GTX 660 which came with default vBIOS ( but the fans only maxed out at 74%, So I tried flashing the vBIOS ( which would let me use fan maxed out at 95%. It flashed successfully but as soon as I restarted the PC, I got a error at the GPU screen...
  5. Alvysyngr

    [SOLVED] Problems with installing GTX660 on Windows 10 Machine

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers (old and new), I used "Display Driver Uninstaller", tried safe mode, etc etc - I am lost! The card will only show at 600x800 Could there be a compatiability issue with my hardware? ASUS PRIME B450M-A Motherboard (2409 BIOS just...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Will these GPU's go together?

    I have recently bought a new pc tower. It has a FX-8350 with a GTX-660 and 10 GB of RAM on a MSI 970 gaming motherboard. I was looking to upgrade my GPU but I was wondering if I can use SLI with a GTX1070 and a GTX660. If so, how do I even do that? Thanks ahead of time.
  7. Dwika34

    Question Why cant I run my gtx 660 on my ryzen build?

    Hi so recently I have upgraded my psu to game max 450 watt psu and had a gtx 660 gigabyte windforce (with dual fan on it) lying around and hook it up to my computer. However after installing it's driver my computer would only boot up to the windows loading screen and then shut off. Why is this...
  8. oneGamerE

    Question Cooler Master RS400 over GTX 560 or GTX 660

    Hello everyone. I wanna buy standard versions of GTX560 or GTX660 depending on my budget. My PSU Specs are , and it comes with a single 1x6 PCIe connector. Running a GTX560 adapting one more...
  9. J

    Question Suggestions for upgrading graphics

    I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card but i am not quite sure what to get. Any suggestions? I currently have a gtx 660 Asus z87-a motherboard intel core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.4GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 cores, 4 logical processors 2x8gb 1600MHz ram on windows 10 64 bit
  10. P

    Can i get the gt 1030 to work on my small form factor rig?

    Hey guys, I just signed up. Ok so, how can i get the 1030 to work on an hp pro 3010 mt ( the motherboards Ipiel La3)? Ive upgraded the ram to 4 gigs but the processors still a quad core Q9400 clocked at 2.66 ghz. If i get it to work, will it be bottlenecked by my current config? If i can't...
  11. S

    How to fix the 00 sign ?

    Hello i got a pc recently and one of my friends spilt water on it after I got it checked they said the display chip is not working and ye motherboard shows the 00 sign can you guys please help me? I have i5 processer water cooling 750 wt of power supply super nova 16 gb ram gtx 1080sc 8 gb and...
  12. J

    Gigabyte Aorus Z270X Gaming 7...problems after BIOS update...

    So I updated my BIOS to version F5. I was using F4l but after reading about a voltage problem, I updated. Since then, my H100i V2 Liquid Cooler no longer works (I can see the fan spinning but it says it isn't, and I have no control over it to turn it up etc), and my system is BSOD all over the...
  13. K

    500w -> 600w Help with Best PSU on these price ranges?

    I want a PSU that will last for a couple of years and is a good quality one. I´m planning on building a system with i3 7100 and gtx 1060 6gb, not planning to upgrade it anytime soon after done building. These PSUs are the same price in my country ("low" price range): -XFX TS 550w 80plus bronze...
  14. A

    how to install wireless LAN Adapter

    i want connect my pc to wi-fi connection .when i try to connect to connect there is a massage (no wirless LAN Adapter) pls help me!!!
  15. K

    Lag Spikes (Gaming)

    Hi, so I've recently started getting lag spikes while I'm playing games such as Overwatch or League of Legends. The game freezes for a couple of seconds and after that runs normally, until the next lag spike of course. During these lag spikes I notice that my RTT increases by around 100. I'm not...
  16. K

    Help with overclocking CPU MSI

    Hello, I'm brand new to overclocking. I wanted to boost my CPU performance, which is currently at 3.3 GHz, but my adjust CPU ratio in the msi software only goes up to 3.3 can I fix this? heres some pictures from my bios[/...
  17. Dynomite54

    Can I use a pc as a relay for wlan on a router

    If I use one of my desktops with wifi and use the Ethernet port and plugged it in to the wlan of a router or a switch would I be able to use the other ports on the switch to hook up to other computers?
  18. H

    Audio driver for hp dc7900 ?????????

    I just moved from windows 7 to windows 8.1 on my dc7900 ...... I was not able to find any compatible audio driver for my dc7900... Can any tell my where i can find audio driver???? i would very thankful :)
  19. A

    Should I use piriform's defraggler to "optimize" my SSD?

    Should I use piriform's defraggler to "optimize" my SSD? Is there any harm?
  20. J

    Pc wont boot with 16GB Ram update

    I have a pc that was built for e a few years ago with 8gb of ram. well now I'm trying to upgrade to 16gb....I bought the same brand and type of ram and now I'm trying to run 4x4gb stick and the PC wont boot with all four installed. I'm new to this pc world so id there something else I need to...
  21. T

    How many SSDs can you fit into the s340

    I know the s340 has 2 bays for SSDs and 3 for hard drives but I am just curious to know whether you can use the 3 hard drive bays for an SSD. Thanks.
  22. P

    Is my psu good enough?

    Would the M12II-EVO620 power up a 390x nicely?
  23. D

    Will this PC-Setup work?

    Im gonna build a new PC and I'm wondering if this PC setup will work: Mainboard: MSI Z97-G43 CPU:Intel® Core™ i7-4790K 4 GHz 8 MB Cache(with COOLER MASTER RR-H412-13FK-R1 Hyper 412S Tower as CPU cooler) GPU: ASUS STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX Savage Power supply: COOLER...
  24. O

    AMD Athlon X4 860k + R9 380 2GB

    Will the Athlon bottleneck the 380. If so, by how much? What if I overclocked the 860k? Would it be better if i bought a FX-6300 + R7 370 2GB?
  25. T

    Resolution set 1920x1080, but is at much lower.

    Hey everyone, I need help on this ASAP. I've recently built a new computer and everything was working fine. Kaspersky needed a reboot of the computer to finish installing so I let it happen but when the computer loaded back up the resolution was completely off. At first I thought maybe it...
  26. V

    can i use the athlon II X2 240 IN A GIGABYTE GA-MA790-X-DS4H

    Can I use the Athlon II X2 240 2.8GHz on a gigabyte motherboard ga-ma790x-ds4h
  27. Synesk

    New Motherboard on Windows 10

    I currently have a GIGABYTE H81M-DS2 motherboard but due to issues I'm having I need to swap it out alongside a new SSD/HDD. I can't afford a new Win10 license. However, I took advantage of the free upgrade. Is there any way I can upgrade and keep my license? If not I'll just change my hard...
  28. S

    GTX 970, R9 390(x)

    Hello. I currently have an HD7870 which still performs quite well. However I'm looking to upgrade at the end of this summer and am looking at a GTX 970 or an R9 390 (perhaps even a 390x as money isn't a huge issue). I will also buy a new PSU. I play FarCry 4, The Forest, Minecraft, GTA and may...
  29. D

    Budget PC Build

    So let me know what you think of my build so far, and what i should replace. So far, I have an OS, a case, a HDD, and a SSD. So i do not need those things. The build that I have planned so far i5 4690k AsRock Z97 Anniversery Gigabyte GTX 970 Sentey 750 80+ Bronze PSU The things that I really...
  30. R

    Corsair AX1500i Fried?

    After complete PC strip down, migration to a new case, rebuild and introduction of a custom GPU cooling loop, my PC failed to power up after initial start today. Carried out some troubleshooting by disconnecting all cables (except power in) and the PSU self test worked fine. Then reconnected...
  31. S

    How to Cool down my gpu tempreture

    How to i cool down my gpu tempreture
  32. L

    I really really need help

    I have no idea what to do. I am looking at buying two XFX Radeon HD 7970 and running them in a sli configuration or maybe buying two asus 290x platinum and running them in sli as well or maybe 1 280x plat and one 280x. I have no idea which would be the best solution in terms of money and...
  33. B

    Is this Motherboard good?

    I want to use Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 ( motherboard for my build. Things im gonna use in my build: CPU: Intel I7-4790K GPU: Asus GTX760 If you can suggest a better motherboard, please do it. :)
  34. SpaceGhost92

    Learning to code

    (First things first, if I am in the wrong area of Tom's Hardware I do apologize, and if directed to where I should be posting this I will gladly move this there.) So, I just dual-booted linux on my PC, and I thought it might be a good idea to get familiar with coding. Problem is, I have no idea...
  35. R

    Newly build PC won't turn on.

    I have pretty much build a new computer. First of all i'll tell you the specs. PSU: Enermax 650w GPU: GeForce GTX 660Ti RAM: Corsair Sport 2x 4gb / 8gb total, 1666mhz MOBO: MSI Z87-G43 Everything should be in the finest order. 24 pin connected, 4/8 pin connected in CPU slot. Processor and CPU...
  36. F

    need gaming pc build under $825

    So I am a highscool student. and I have helped friends build computers before so I know what I am doing. However I am a newby when it comes to pick parts. I have $825 to build a computer. I will need everything including monitor,keyboard, and mouse in that budget. I am going to use it for...
  37. L

    Upgrade processor i5 to i7 in AsusVivo laptop?

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor from i5 to i7? My hardware specs Model: AsusVivo S550CB BIOS: S550CB.202 Current Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz Memory: 6GB If it is possible, how? Thanks in advance!
  38. und3rtaker

    Question about two different dual channel kits

    Okay currently i have HyperX kit of 2x2GB dual channel sticks. My MOBO has 4 slots, two marked black and two marked yellow. I Have two sticks in the same colored slots. Now the time has come and its time to upgrade. Im most likely getting a Mushkin 2x2GB dual channel kit to add to this set. The...
  39. O

    GPU doesn't work at 99%

    Hello guys, I noticed in Total War Rome II the GPU doesn't work always at 99% even if I haven't 60fps (VSync enabled). Could you help me to understand why? In attachment some screenshot. (You can see the use of resources on right top) Thank you.
  40. C

    Dual boot with Win 7 on both

    I have 2 hard drives both with Windows 7. My main hard drive I did first. Then I did my 2nd hard drive. When I restart my computer, I do not see both hard drives so I can select which one I want to use. Please help with this. Thank you