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  1. DynV

    Question Handheld Raspberry Pi 5 kit?

    First I attempted to do a search this forum, see below, and online stores. I'd really like a cheap version of handheld gaming devices, of course expecting lower capabilities, using a Raspberry Pi 5. The handheld kit would need to either[/S] allow peripherals to be plugged to it so its used as a...
  2. kazim raza

    Question Syestem stuck

    Hello, everyone! I have an issue with my PC it got stuck after playing the game then I close the game it shows a random color screen like Green, Blue Black then I have to restart the PC by switch off the power button. My hard drive is also a little bit slow. MY System spec. Xeon 4th Gen...
  3. M

    Epic games launcher not launching 0xc0150004

    My friend cant play fortnite with me as every time he launches epic he gets an error called the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150004) click ok to close the application. He lives too far away from me and has windows in another language. It occurred as his pc turned of during a...
  4. F

    Ethernet drivers won't install. "No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer"

    Hi everyone I'm so sick, I'm stuck on this since yesterday morning, I've tried everything but maybe I'm missing something. My specs: Mobo: Asus Rog Strix Z370-G Proc: i7 8700k Ethernet: Intel Ethernet (I219-V) Windows 10 I must update all the drivers first of all, updating the ethernet...
  5. N

    Can I run my pc without a graphics card?

    Hey guys, i am building a pc and i still have to wait a week for the final part, which is the graphics card... So i was wondering if i could run my pc to install windows, update the drivers and surf the web without a graphics card? I believe my MB has a built in graphics card or something? It's...
  6. valeman2012

    How many are getting the Intel i3 / i5 / i7 (7th Genaration)

    How many are getting the Intel i3 / i5 / i7 (7th Gen)? New Components to be used?
  7. A

    Asus Geforce 1080 ROG Strix fan controller

    So I have 6 LED fans in my computer case. But I only have five 4-pin connections on my motherboard. How convenient that my new grapgic card has two extra of those 4-pins to use for fans. I know those two ports on the graphic card is automated and only turned on when the graphic card is warm. But...
  8. V

    Help! Updated my PC, now it keeps randomly freezing when playing games!

    Hi! 4 days ago, I updated my PC with a new motherboard, a CPU and some DDR4 RAM. I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 (formatted the drives from my previous build). However, now that I have been playing games, I get random freezes. I can sometimes play for 2-3 hours without problems, but...
  9. A

    Problem with my Pc when playing Witcher 3

    Hello all, My PC has been fine so far, but when I launch Witcher 3 and only Witcher 3, it sometimes stutters very badly, with lag and gpu usage changing constantly. I think that it is the RAM as i only have 4gb. Every other game is running fine. No matter what settings/ resolution I use, it...
  10. J

    Help with UPS (APC SMT1500 or Cyberpower PR1500ELCD?).

    Hello, I'm planning to buy an UPS to protect my NAS QNAP TVS-EC1080 and some of my electronic toys (PC with: i7-930 and motherboard x58a-ud7, GPU NVIDIA GTX285 and PSU Cooler Master G750M + anything the UPS can handle due to its limitations like monitors, router and switch). I'm interested on...
  11. D

    Does Charger being always plugged cause Overheat

    Hi, I use my laptop mainly for Gaming and almost always (When in use) its connected to the Charger. If the charger is removed I get a 5-10Fps drop and gradually dropping more till the charger is conected again, so its always Connected. My Laptop also has a overheat problem. I want to know if...
  12. Y

    VR 380 or GTX 960

    I'm busting my brain trying to decided which card to get...the GTX 960 or R9 380. I've researched myself into a corner of confusion. Which would you suggest? Is getting the 4GB version of either worth it over the 2 GB? Which brand would you suggest? Any slightly detailed comparisons would be...
  13. B

    Fallout 4: PC (GTX 960) or PS4?

    I have both PS4 and gaming PC and was wondering which will run Fallout 4 better based on my PC specs. I prefer PC for mods and whatnot, but I'm wondering strictly about performance here so please don't talk about the other advantages of PC gaming as I'm fully aware. My main concern is whether...
  14. L

    Upgrading from 5870

    Hello! I currently have this rig: i5-750 (Planning to overclock after my hyper 212 evo arrives ^_^) Sapphire vapor-x 5870 1gb 4gb ram GA-P55-USB3 OCZ 700w I want to make a short term gpu purchase that won't be bottlenecked by my cpu a lot. Since I don't have the money to buy new mobo and cpu...
  15. M

    Could someone tell me if this is a good setup please

    I7 4790k 4.4ghz Amd Radeon r9 290x Nzxt red phantom 410 case Asus pb287q Mad cats keyboard Mad cats mouse Not sure what to get for the other parts my budget is 1500 these are parts I'm probably goona get could I have help with the rest please
  16. J

    Next thing to upgrade in my system?

    Hi I'm wondering what I need to upgrade next in my system next as I'm getting 20 FPS on ACU medium quality so I'm thinking of upgrading my GPU but I want recommendations on what I should upgrade in your opinion. My system is AMD Radeon HD 7950, 16GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 250GB SSD, i5 3570k processor...
  17. S

    What Sound card should I get?

    I have a Sennheiser PC 363d and people say I need a sound card. Also my motherboard is the Asus Maximus Hero VII.
  18. Sketchice

    Is my GPU getting enough power?

    I'm just wondering since my PC has been restarting recently and after a lot of googling I have pinpointed it to being a power problem. I'm new to building computers and built my first a bit over a year ago with the help of my Dad and everything worked fine with the GTX 660. Recently I upgraded...
  19. C

    Pc build advice

    I will be using this computer for heavy gaming and just need someone to give me some advice on my build. 1. is everything compatible/any precautions i need 2. is there any places i could save money while keeping the same quality 3. general opinion on my build 4. any additional information...
  20. Y

    Will the core i7 920 bottleneck the r7 260x and is the core i7 decent for gaming for a year or 2

    I'm going to build a budget pc and I don't know if I should use this for gaming if it was decent then I would use so could you please tell me
  21. A

    Buying new graphic card

    Hello there ! After 5 years with XFX 5770 HD, I have and still running like a charm , thinking to update my card. I read a lot before chose new GPU but little confused. i will try to explain my doubts and thoughts : 1: R9 270. Many told me is one of the best mid-range gaming cards out there.A...
  22. A

    I lag when recording, have a laptop Lenovo Y500, specs inside thread, help me out!

    I have a Lenovo Y500. Specs are: SLI 650M I7 3630QM 16 GB RAM 1 TB HDD Windows 8.1 I want to record games at around 30fps if possible and not have to go on minimum settings, any idea on how to optimize/upgrade my laptop without paying too much? I am thinking of switching the HDD for a 256GB SSD...
  23. S

    4 X 4GB vs 2 X 8GB

    Will be upgrading my 8GB Corsair Vengeance ram (1 x 8GB) and was wondering if there is advantage to buying 4 4GB sticks over another 8GB stick to make 16GB (assuming money is no object). What is the difference between these two options?
  24. B

    i5 4670k overclocking cpu core ratio=multiplier?

    Hi there! I want to overclock my i5 4670k, I read that I can do this easily by changing multiplier to 40, so it runs @ 4ghz. But thing is, I cant find multiplier setting on Asus Uefi Bios, atleast I'm not sure about it.. All I can find is CPU Core Ratio, and its options: Auto, Sync All Cores and...
  25. B

    Good monitor with this video card

    Asus GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 GeForce GTX 780 Graphic Card - 889 MHz Core - 3 GB GDDR5 SDRAM - PCI Express 3.0. Can you guys give me 3 monitor. Maybe 2 for gaming and 1 for editing and photoshop. I will be playing csgo. Bf4, gmod, and gtav when it comes out on pc.
  26. N

    60Mhz and 1 ms time good for gaming?

    Hi tom's! i want to say that this forum is epic, and have helped me with anything i wanted to get help with! Okey so i am going to buy an monitor for my Plastatiation 3 pc and xbox one. Ive got my eyes on an ASUS monitor 60Mhz 1MS 1920x1080 LCD with LED-lighting Should i deal or not deal...
  27. T

    Graphics Card for DELL Optiplex 3020 Mini Tower.

    1 PCI-E x16 Core i3-4130 Was thinking about the Geforce GTX 750 ti.
  28. Shamar Holtz

    Best CPU under $50

    Hey guys, I am building a pc for some light gaming thats for WoW mostly. I am planning on upgrading this pc in the future so I wouldn't like to have any outdated cpus like AM2s or FM1s. Currently I am considering getting the AMD A6-5400K, but am stuck on if there is a better cpu for around the...
  29. M

    Screen Saver won't come up

    I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. For some reason, my screen saver never comes up. It will go to sleep on it's own though. My laptop says I have a "Intel(R) HD Graphics Family" for my "adapter type." It also says that it has 1696 MB of available graphics memory, 64MB of dedicated video...
  30. R

    Windows XP 32 Bit to Windows 7 64 bit installation issues (NOT UPGRADE)

    Motherboard is an AsRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 that is designed for 64 bit applications in Vista and above. We cannot upgrade the system as original XP discs were lost in a recent move. We decided to go for a full redo of my husbands computer but we keep getting to the point where it asks for a...
  31. K

    ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 Beeping Issue

    I have just built a new system (specs listed below). I'm a newbie at PC building but wanted to try building my own PC. When I built it I did it first out of the case (on top of the motherboard box) and checked that it booted. which it did fine. I then continued to put it into the case. I then...
  32. J

    DEAD Monitor? LG 27MP75 27" LED IPS

    Hi there, I am incredibly disappointed right now with the state of my build, due entirely to my new monitor. It was working perfectly for the last two weeks, and today, as I was using my PC, I started noticing a consistent, intermittent flickering/flashing onscreen. For simplicity, I took a...
  33. S

    Screen just goes black randomly while playing a game (any game)

    This is normally followed by an array of BSOD's... my setup is AMD fx 6300 Radeon HD 7770 1GB 8GB RAM Windows 8 (freshly installed) What could cause this? its quite worrying...
  34. R

    r9 280x pcie 2.0 or 3.0/ vapour x vs dual x

    iam going to buy the r9 280x vapour x (saphire radeon). And the mother board is asus M5A97 evo R.2 which has pcie 2.0. will the performance of r9 280x will be slower if it is installed in pcie 2.0 than 3.0 or the performance will be same in both? second question is: approximately how much...
  35. S

    terrible performance on a good pc

    getting terrible performance 20-40 in all games no matter what settings i use after a recent reimage due to a virus, games sometimes crash or drop to an unplayable fps (5-10), also it wont let me run defrag. just a side not, i was getting upwards of 100fps on ultra in bf4 (according to the...
  36. hemantgta

    Best 450$ pc that can beat a ps4

    HI GUYS MY COUSINS BUILDING UP A RIG THAT CAN BEAT A PS4. The rig specs are: PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WrPZFT Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WrPZFT/by_merchant/ Benchmarks: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WrPZFT/benchmarks/ CPU: AMD A6-5400K 3.6GHz...
  37. W

    Looking for a good gaming PC for around $800 (more or less) that will be built for me aswell?

    So yeah. I'm looking into replacing my old desktop and from what I'm hearing, you can get a decent custom that can run most modern games for around $800 currently. I'd definitely prefer to keep Nvidia over AMD. Would be nice to include monitor + mouse aswell.
  38. M

    merge two isp line in to one

    I have two ISP lines 1 is gateway then another isp which application we are using all the client computers 1.1 now i want merge with 11.251 and 1.1 access internet run my software in all my client PCS
  39. M

    Framerate drops on new gaming pc!

    Hello again! I have a huge problem with my PC. I get framerate drops on games even at low settings. Recently i bought Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed BF. Ive started battlefield and get framedrop whatever settings i put. Even at low i get 30-40 fps. But the funny thing is that there is not so...
  40. S

    Suddenly no sound on my computer for practically no reason. Bring me your wisdom, do I need a new Sound Card?

    I will describe the scene of malfunction today: Earlier I was watching some netflix and everything was great, then I paused and decided to go eat some dinner. When I came back, all of the sudden there was no sound. I restarted my computer and nothing. I unplugged and replugged my...