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  1. V

    Question 144hz monitor with ryzen 5 2400g

    Specs: Mobo MSI b450 gaming plus Ballistix Sport 2400mhz 2x4GB RAM CPU Ryzen 5 2400g Planning to buy Monitor Viewsonic VX Series VX2458-C-MHD My question is: will i have an option for 144hz via hdmi or dvi-d? I mainly play ritm games so i can easly hit 144fps but im not sure if my system can...
  2. Iniaskle

    Question New PSU for the RX 580.

    Hi there, i need a new PSU because i wan't to go for the RX 580 this one to be specific: Now i have this PSU: I don't think that 400W is enough for...
  3. J

    Black screen with solid white underscore in top left corner

    Hi! I am trying to turn on my old laptop, a compaq Altec Lansing. I believe the software it is running is Windows 7. Anyhow, after pressing the power button, it immediately displays a black screen with a solid, not blinking, white cursor at the top left corner of the screen. I have pressed the f...
  4. A

    Antec 750 w psu???

    Hey guys.... I was thinking to change my psu and I was thinking about antec 750w psu..... Is it good..... Should I buy it.( My...
  5. Math Geek

    How do i "unfollow" a thread in the forum?

    for some reason i can't find where i can elect to unfollow a thread. i'm pretty sure it can be done as i believe i have done it in the past. there are just some old threads i answered a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG time ago that just won't die and i am tired of getting emails about the threads and having...
  6. M

    Keyboard Number Pad Not Working

    Lately, my number pad on my keyboard has not been working, but every time I press 2, my computer starts doing all sorts of things and locks the entire keyboard, prohibiting me from typing. I then have to restart my computer to get the keyboard working again. How do I get my number pad to...
  7. R

    GTX 780 TI SLI vs 1 individual Titan X

  8. E

    How to recognize a 'virus free file' ??

    As my question describes my problem,I want to state that How can I be sure about the file I m downloading is perfect for my windows(w.r.t virus) & will not cause any problems..I have read about it on internet but....I still have some questions,which are as followed: 1.)What is the ideal size...
  9. M

    Msi Gtx 980 vs Evga 980

    Hey , guys evga gtx 980 vs msi gtx 980 i know the evga super clocked slightly better but i dont know if its louder cuz i will use yeti to record and / or dont like loud noises if its not that loud then evga supeclocked if not then the msi thx
  10. ShawnSMB

    What is a good Power Supply for $40?

    I just got a new Graphics Card which is the GTX 550Ti 2gb but in order to use it I need a new PSU so I am looking for a 450-500 Watt Power Supply for $40 or less it must be compatible with the GTX 550Ti 2gb so a 12V. with at least one 6-pin power connector.
  11. T

    cant get image through HDMi port on new GTX960 graphics card

    hi all. i have purchased a ASUS GTX960 graphics card to run 4 screens. i have connected via 1 x DVi, 2 x displayport and 1 x HDMi. The screen connected to the HDMi connection is being detected by the PC but nothing is displayed on the screen (it says no cable connected) I have tried 2...
  12. R

    Will integrated graphics override card w/o drivers?

    Long story short i have a computer that does not have a hdmi out i put a gt 720 in and it works fine but has no audio through hdmi with out the drivers. So i install the drivers and my screen randomly goes crazy until i turn off my screen and then turn it back on. So, i believe i need a new gpu...
  13. S

    Computor Power Up Problems ( Loop)

    Hi, i am building a new PC and i have done it before so i know how to install all of the components but i am having a problem. I have installed all of the components and checked everything is installed properly but when i turn it on, it powers up, the lights come on but then instantly turns off...
  14. J

    Would this be a good Intel and Nvidia build.

    I am looking to play new games such as Battlefield Hardline and Assassins Creed Unity on ultra. Would this be good?: Any suggestions? Thank You
  15. K

    Login not allowed

    Trying to login and it won't let me.
  16. mjmjpfaff

    Random shut downs

    My computer black screened quite often until I bought a basically new gtx 670 from my friend. I had a 3 year old gtx 560 ti so I thought that was the problem. It is black screening again, so I rolled back on the drivers and that did not work, I just cleared a lot of space on the ssd and...
  17. B

    my usb is empty and it ses full help

    How do I fix my usb 4gb ,and I was trying to put 7.5mb on it and it ses full help, Im useing a imac I deleted all of the stuff on it . And it still says full when I try to put and stuff on it.
  18. L

    Hackintosh only boots in safe mode. HELP!

    Hello Forum I have recently built a hackintosh with these hardware parts: Intel Quad Core Xeon CPU E3-1230v3, LGA1150, 3.3GHz 8MB CACHE a Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H/Z87/4 x DDR3/6 x PCI-E/1 x PCI/10 x SATA3/10 x USB3.0/HDMI/DP/DVI-I/2 x GBLAN/ a Corsair 16GB (2x8GB)...
  19. V

    Looking for a headset for gaming and music monitoring

    Hello all, I'm in need of a new headset. My old Turtle Beach cans from 2008 finally bit the dust. I'm a pretty heavy PC gamer and I also listen to and record a lot of music (death/black metal, mostly). I need some headphones that would accomplish both tasks - good audio monitoring/listening on...
  20. B

    Need advice for PC Upgrade to Play WoW MoP+WoD

    Hi Currently I have a pc with this configuration: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 3/22/2014, 05:00:38 Machine name: BEACH-PC Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532) Language: English...
  21. Z

    Radeon R7 260X vs Radeon 7790 vs GTX 750

    I made a post earlier about a 7770 and a 750 but now I'm trying to decide between a: Sapphire Radeon 260X 2GB ($100 after $10 rebate) ASUS Radeon 7790 1GB ($92 open box) or 2GB ($105 open box) Gigabyte GTX 750 1GB ($96 new) Which one should I get? My motherboard is an MSI 760GM-P23 (FX), 8GB...
  22. asianninjavn

    Icon on desktop that cant be touched/deleted

    I have an icon that cant be removed and no matter what i do it wont go away! Pics:
  23. M

    Bios switch on EVGA GTX 770 4GB Superclocked?

    hi, ive searched google and can not for the life of me find out what the bios switch does... can someone please explain this to me and how to optimize my overclock for max performance? thanks.
  24. okcnaline

    [SOLVED] Mac Pro PC component equivalent

    I'm interested in trying to build Mac Pro 6,1 from components. However, all of you guys know that the graphics is a FirePro D500, which doesn't exist. Along with E5-1260 V2; and the closest one is an Xeon E3. What are the equivalent for PCPartPicker parts? And is there any cylinder cases?
  25. K

    i3 2120 + r9 270x 4gb or i3 2120 + GTX 760?

    Hi I am in a decision making problem. I do not know whether or not to buy the GTX 760 or the r9 270x 4gb. My PC specs listed below: i3 2120 @3.3GHz w/Hyperthreading 4gb ddr3 ram @800MHz (Upgrading real soon) Cooler Master CM-690 II case XFX pro core edition 550w (More than enough juice) the...
  26. C

    Games are Choppy - Please Help

    Specs: Windows 7 Intel i5 4670k Geforce GTX 770 8gb DDR3 Ram I built this computer specifically for gaming; Playing Titanfall, in particular. I've optimized Windows 7 and streamlined as to only focus on gaming. With my specs, the game should be running at a smooth 60fps on max settings...
  27. C

    Just bought an ASUS PCE-AC68, will it support A/C Wave 2 routers?

    This is probably a dumb question as I know technology is always advancing and it's pointless to worry about what's coming in the future, and to just buy what you need in the moment. Well regardless, I just dropped $100 bucks on this PCIE wireless adapter. Previously was using a cheap, horrible...
  28. E

    Are these parts compatible?

    Hello, I'm planning on building this gaming rig: Any suggestions would be great thanks!
  29. D

    R9 290 (X) not as promised? Reference card Class Action

    So my question is, since we all bought these cards based on the specs advertised, and were probably overcharged in the process. Who would like to join me in a class action lawsuit? There are many threads on the web stating that the cards do not perform as advertised. Why should we spend...
  30. T

    Budgeting and Lifespan ?

    TL;DR: Will an i7-4770k (overclocked) and 2x GTX 780's be able to run games at max settings (1920x1200) in 4 years? So say I have a budget of £30 per month Basically this means I can either spend £720 every 2 years, or £1,440 every 4 years, Looking at specs and doing rough costings: For...
  31. Z

    Comfortable Gaming Headsets

    I'm looking for a comfortable gaming headset under $150.
  32. Kaleb Shubert

    is the asus g55vw-es71 15.6 Gaming Notebook good for 2014 gaming?

    i found this link on amazon and i would like to play games like minecraft, civilization, dishonored, assassins creed, starcraft II etc. i was wondering if this would work here is the link
  33. N

    Help with PC!

    Hi! I am planning to build a new PC however before I buy all of the parts i just want to make sure that all my questions are answered! So firstly, Will this case ( fit with this motherboard? ( Secondly, Will all of these components make a pc which can...
  34. A

    How to increase Video Ram on windows 8.1

    My PC is an intel core i5 3470t CPu @ 2.9ghz 5.98 usable ram, and 32 mb of Dedicated Video RAM and I'm looking to increase it.
  35. S

    VGA-DVI a, DVI i-Displayport But won't get an image on screen.

    Both displays work in DVI-i slot and neither will work in displayport. I can see i have 2 screens connected in "screen resolution" and in "Nvidia control panel" Graphic card is GTX 760 Displays are both 17" (dualscreen worked like a charm with GT 630)
  36. officialexpert

    Motherboard Compatibility with DDR-5 Graphics Card ?

    How to find a Motherboard Compatible with DDR-5 Graphics Card ? :bounce:
  37. S

    Recommend me a GPU and Soundcard for 700$

    Hey there, i'm upgrading my rig sooner or later(might wait for 800 series to come or wait for price drop from the 790 and Titan Black). I'm looking to upgrade my GPU and get a soundcard and probably add another HDD. I have a budget of 700$ might stressed it to 800$ but the point is all i want is...
  38. D

    a question about PSU

    Hi guys just wanna know if this psu can support my new budget gaming spec. My new comp spec : - Asus A88XM-A motherboard - AMD A10 7850k APU processor - Apacer Ram Desktop DDR3 GIANT II 8GB PC2133\ im just running the Internal APU graphics not using...
  39. A

    buy a ssd

    hey im going to buy a ssd for my laptop toshiba c855d-s5305 and i need to know as well should i clean install or clone or use the recovery disc from the computer used a program to try to find the key and the key it found didnt work so its eather buy a copy of windows 8 or clone or use the...
  40. J

    Is this a good combo for a laptop for under $850?

    i7-4700MQ Processor NVIDIA 840M with 2048MB of dedicated video memory 8GB DDR3 System Memory (1 Dimm) 15" display (1920x1080) My house burglarized recently and I am looking into getting another laptop. Nvidia 840M or 740M $10 difference or Intel integrated for $95 cheaper? I will use it for...