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  1. C

    Question Very High Temps During i9 9900KF Benchmarking

    Hi Everyone, So very recently I bought a one month old IBuyPower build off of Craigslist. -AsRock Phantom Gaming 4 -i9 9900k Cache Speed 4.5 Ghz BCLK Speed 100 Mhz Core Ratio 50 Cache Ratio 45 FCLK 800Mhz -2080 ti (I did have not changed any settings at this point...
  2. xxthomas94

    Question Prebuilt

    I was thinking about building a pc but kinda decided not to because I don't have anywhere to build it. Any thoughts on prebuilt vs building it... Going to mostly play Minecraft and BL3... SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop - Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI...
  3. T

    I need help about my motherboard

    Hello I have question. I'm going to buy a Oculus rift and I'm wondering can I use pcie USB 3.0. my motherboard is MSI H81M-p33. I don't know if it is 1x 1.0 or 1x 2.0. or just buy USB hub that will work with Oculus ?
  4. A

    cpu cooler pc

    hello please i need to ask you i try to open pc without cpu cooler cause the cooler is broken and it works but just for 1 mn and then turn off and now i try to open it just to test but the screen is black !!!! how can i know if my cpu is damaged or not please ????? it s safe or not !! and...
  5. G

    Big Apple TV Update Delivers Better HDR and Sports Galore

    The Apple TV 4K will now match your content to the best HDR option and provide live scores for games airing on ESPN. Big Apple TV Update Delivers Better HDR and Sports Galore : Read more
  6. D

    Is my mobo dead?

    So I have an 8 year old PC that has worked fine the last years. Howver this week something weird happened. No signal and no POST. So I tried a variaty of things: reseating GPU, using onboard graphics, reseating RAM, removing all RAM (no beeps), removing CMOS battery, CMOS jumper. However I did...
  7. P

    R9 280 with Corsair Cx500

    my specs, intel i5 3330 3.0Ghz gigabyte r9 280 ram 8gb (4x2) hdd 2x2Tb mobo gigabyte h61m-s2p samsung led tv monitor 22 inches can my cx500 handle those? i recently bought the r9 280 and not displaying on my monitor, when i tried onboard vga the display shows.. any idea?
  8. F

    No internet connection

    Just got an Asus 970 pro gaming aura used the included disc for drivers no internet connection I got the drivers right from Asus website and still have the same problem I'm running Windows 7 64 bit my lan port is enabled thru the bios
  9. C

    Is M.2 here to stay or 4 gen from now will have nothing to do with it

    So i brought a 256gb m.2 ssd nvme, and spent 100$ but already out of space but luckily i still have my 1tb hdd its full now but i still have it from my previous laptop (m6500), well i had a few 2.5in drives but my new (7710) can only fit one and now been replaced by 2 m.2 slots, with one left...
  10. M

    X BOX 1 Ethernet Ethernet won't read router / motam no more.

    I been hooked up for several months with Ethernet cable to my x box 1. All sudden it won't read it even recognize the Motem or router. It works fine witless but not with Ethernet cable! Any one have any idea how to solve this problem?
  11. L

    PC Build for about £500-£800

    Hi Just looking for a modest PC build. Main games are going to be quite demanding, so need a powerful machine.
  12. S

    AC adapter input voltage

    I bought laptop in USA. Will it work in India for 220 Volt input valtage?
  13. G

    My GPU died, has it killed my Motherboard too?

    My computers been having some issues. About two weeks ago, my cheap cases built in fan controller melted, letting out lots of smoke. I didn't think it did any damage to my computer, since it wasnt really connected, so I just moved all the fans over to my motherboards controller and left it...
  14. J

    Asus RX 480 8GB

    About to purchase this as my AMD Radeon 6950 wont play Battlegrounds, ive overclocked my CPU (i7 2600k) to 4.5GHZ so now need a GPU to help it out. This is the one im about to buy I just wodnered if anyone knows what Dual OC means I understand its overclocked but why the dual? Just curious and...
  15. G

    Where can i get a cable like this?

    Hey guys im trying to get better looking cables for my PC, im looking for something like this in either black or red. does anyone know where i can find something close to this? thanks
  16. W

    Need some advice in home NAS/Server build parts

    Hi guys, The idea of a home server or NAS is banging on my head since last month, so I did some research and I need a bit of advice in the parts and in a couple of questions. First the questions: -I have 300 Mbps with Vodafone on my optic fiber, but all my switches, my PC and cables are all...
  17. B

    Don't Know what's wrong

    So my brother moved in with me and his computer was not handled politely at all when it was shipped. The case was cracked and there were packing peanuts everywhere. Almost all the parts work. His PSU worked fine when I connected it to my parts, ditto for the RAM and GPU. When we tried booting...
  18. B

    Ingame CPU clockspeed monitoring

    How to monitor,IN-GAME,cpu clock speed?Mine is i7-4790.Thx
  19. G

    Upgrading to a new motherboard help

    hello. so I'm going to build my first PC based on broadwell-e chips. I saw that skylake-x will be based on LGA-2066 socket and I was wondering something. Lets say I get an asus deluxe ii and when the new skylake chips come out lets say I buy a new motherboard. What are some tips I need to know...
  20. N

    Best 2-In-1 Budget Laptop 2016?

    (What it says in the title) Max $200. I am in the USA. I want it to be foldable and touchscreen. I will use it for the web and docs, and would like it to be Windows 10 if possible. So far this is the one I have found from Techradar: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2. Thanks!