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  1. J

    I5-7600K cores labeled oddly

    So, I have a I5-7600K, and while looking through some stuff for my PC I noticed my PC's cores had odd numbering, instead of being 0,1,2,3 it goes 0,2,4,6. What does this mean? Is it possible that the I5 has hyper threading just not enabled?
  2. C

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?
  3. D

    BSOD When Booting

    I recently build my first pc and I have been having some issues with BSOD when booting. It usually happens during the first boot of the day or sometimes just at random when using the pc, but almost always on the first boot. I'll either get the "Memory managment" or "irql_less_or_not_equal" as...
  4. C

    Cant boot from USB

    I currently have WIN 10 on my main SSD, I am trying to boot from my USB which has WIN 10 on it however everytime I select it as my main boot method I always get send to WIN 10, it completely ignores the USB.
  5. M

    Alienware 17 r1 graphics, cpu and ram upgrade

    Hi i was just wondering what i can upgrade my laptops specs up to. I currently have a GeForce GTX 770M, a Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHZ and 15.88 GB Ram.
  6. N

    decided to oc my i5 4670k

    Hello guys, I decided to oc my cpu. I'm currently reading here and there. I haven't touch anything and while loading the bios I saw some strange numbers. While everything is at stock and the cpu frequence multiplier is at 32 my vcore is at 1.320v but in cpu status I get 4.3 cpu frequency. I run...
  7. L

    What is the best temp for my Ryzen 1200?

    I am planning to oveclock my ryzen 3 1200 but I am already getting 40-50°C, is this a good temp or not? Specs Ryzen 3 1200 Asrock ab350m pro 4 Amd hd6670 1gb ddr5 2×4gb crucial ddr4 Seasonic s12ii 520 watts
  8. M

    PCIe is not the same as PCIe ?

    I purchased what was labelled as a PCIe SSD storage card , 128 Gig it doesnt fit my Lenovo motherboard PCIe slot The device has 8 + 16 pins each side of the connector . my...
  9. Tallon Serkanic

    Downgrade for space or keep for better graphics?

    I'm a person who brings there pc EVERYWHERE. Going to a case about 3 or 5 liters less saves a lot of space for me. I currently own a GTX 1070, which has been an awesome card, but sadly required me to stay at a 10 liter case (Silverstone sg13). I've been looking around at low profile gpu's, for a...
  10. D

    My mobo won't detect my mic

    I have a headset that has one 3.5mm jack so I got myself an audio splitter dongle, yet it still won't detect or when it does there are lots of static. I tried both my front and rear audio ports as well as boosting my mic volume up but it won't work...
  11. L

    Is my hard drive dead?

    Hey guys, so I built my own gaming pc around november-december last year, and it was running smooth. But yesterday I noticed that my Hard Drive (WD Black 2tb) is not recognized on my pc. it didn't show on disk management either. I wasn't able to access my BIOS since I had fast boot on, so I...
  12. W

    Does Amazon sell the Razer Blackwidow Chroma X?

    Im trying to get the Blackwidow X on amazon but when I go to the blackwidow x on amazon it shows the first blackwidow. Ive been looking at videos on YouTube and they have a link to the keyboard on amazon but it shows the first one.
  13. Z

    New PSU died on first boot

    CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus B150I PRO GAMING/WIFI/AURA Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory: Kingston FURY 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory Storage: Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Storage...
  14. K

    My pc keeps on turning off all of a sudden.

    My computer keeps turning off and restarting for no reason. I just built this thing a few day ago and it was working fine but now just yesterday it was giving me issues. Today I just try to browse the web and you can't even do that without it turning off and restarting. Help? Specs i3 6100 msi...
  15. N

    Help Building Gaming PC!

    Hello all! I'm planning to buy my first dedicated Gaming PC. I've had laptops in the past (latest was Alienware 17), but I'm looking to get a powerful desktop! My goal is to have high current specs, but to also allow for future upgrades and modifications. I'm not terribly good at building from...
  16. T

    Need Help, Computer keeps freezing then restarting during gaming

    Recently I've upgraded my GPU to a GTX1080 from a GTX970 in order to play in 4K. While playing some of the more resource intensive games (Ark: Survival Evolved, Gears of War 4, and even The Forest), I started to suffer crashes where my computer would freeze with the audio stuck repeating...
  17. G

    What is the ideal resolution supported by most 2016 FP games?

    I have two Titan X Pascal in SLI. I want a 4k 16:9 monitor and Gsync support ideally, but there are the ultra wide 21:9 screens. But they loose half there vertical resolution which I don't like. Now these usually curved 21:9 don't particularly appeal to me, but if they work great with modern FP...
  18. Ferrariassassin

    What is the best router for me?

    My internet speed is 150Mbps but the router i have now locks at 40-50Mbps due to being old and trash. My PC i own has a 980Ti, i5-4690, 4x4GB RAM, and a GIGABYTE GA-H97-Gaming 3 motherboard. My NVIDIA and Windows says they recommend a 802.11n dual-band Wireless Router and the one below is one i...
  19. R

    WD passport not showing up in explorer

    It does show up in computer management but all options are grayed out except for "delete volume" and "help". I use it for media storage and usually keep it plugged into my Xbox One for watching movies. Haven't used it in a couple months. It's also not showing up when plugged into the Xbox or my...
  20. D

    Will I Have to Change My Motherboard If i upgrade my CPU

    Hi, I don't know much about Building computers or compatibility issues . my current build was prebuilt and bought in 2012. My current PC specs: CPU: Intel(r) core(tm) i7-3930k six core 3.20 ghz 12mb intel smart cashe lgA2011 OVERCLOCKABLE xxx fan: Corsair Hydro Series H55 All-In-One Liquid...
  21. C

    Saving data on hard disk after computer died?

    Hi All, My computer has died. When I turn it on the BIOS loads then says 'missing operating system'. I think the hard disk with the operating system has died? I have a separate internal hard drive which had all my important files (pictures ect) on it. What should I do? If I disconnect the drive...
  22. L

    All Browsers are laggy and can't load pages

    Hello, I recently updated to the new Windows 10 Update and at first everything seemed fine. I continued to use Google Chrome but whenever I would search for things or open links, bookmarks .etc, the page would either take a ridiculous amount of time to load or I would be greeted with a...
  23. H

    CPU Overheating help

    My CPU has been overheating lately since the last Windows 10 and NVIDIA updates. Specifically I started running into trouble this past weekend after I was gaming on one monitor and watching Twitch on another, which I've done in the past before without issue. I was wondering if someone can help...
  24. M

    Windows 10 does not accept Password

    I have had my laptop for 2 years now and it has never failed on me. This morning i tried to enter my password but my laptop denied it. I have no idea why. I have tried other passwords that it may be but they don't work either. There is no option to reset password or change/create accounts and...
  25. W

    GTX 1070 overkill for 1080p@60hz? is 144hz worth the extra cost?

    So i'm currently planning on doing a sizable upgrade any time now (pretty much as soon as i have some feedback). My upgrade includes: R9 280x -> GTX1070 8gb 1600mhz ram -> 16gb 1866hmz ram 5 year old crappy TN monitor -> Brand new IPS monitor. My biggest question would be, is the 1070...
  26. K

    Question before setting up wifi router

    Hey wanna make sure I don't screw this up. Currently I live in a basement and have a router hooked up as, I think, just an access point. My main internet line is in the 1 port not the globe port. My neighbor was saying I should hook it up normally for the new one, Internet cord into the globe...
  27. 3

    Freeze then won't boot

    Hi guys Lemme tell u my problems with my Pc, I was playing borderlands 2got it from steam then suddenly it freezes Idk what happened the power button won't work then I plug off the cable then put it in again It won't boot nothing in display, no sound from inside I'm confused please help me...
  28. F

    Problem of choice

    Hy guys i am from India i wanted to purchase a laptop I have to laptop 1 is dell i5 4gb ram for ₹19000 2 years old 2 nd one is hp i3 4gb ram for ₹17000 9 months old Please suggest me which one is better to purchase
  29. T

    bsod+locked minidump folder so no reports to check

    this morning my computer had reset. there was no minidump so i didn't think anything of it. there was bad weather the night before and i thought maybe there was a power outage. it happened again this afternoon, still no minidump. i get home tonight and yet again the computer had reset AGAIN...
  30. O

    bottom filter for psu missing

    recently i just bought a second hand pc, and then I realized that the bottom filter of the case for psu are missing. is it going to be a big problem which cause significant damage to the psu or even the whole pc? can i just use the pc without the filter in long term?
  31. M

    Samsung 850 EVO SSD

    I bought this SSD to put my operating system on as well as everything on my startup. Everything is plugged in and I'm just trying to make sure everything works before I try and move my OS to it. Whenever I try to put anything onto the SSD it says "Please insert a removable disc" and my disc tray...
  32. O

    Laptop only boots properly after tons of attempts

    I've seen threads on all kinds of tech sites about a similar issue to this, but none of them quite match up to my case, so here goes... So I've been using a Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop for about 3 years now. Up until recently, it worked just fine with no issues. (with the exception of a...
  33. CodyMondo

    CPU vs CPU

    (NO OVERCLOCKS JUST STOCK SPEEDS) Pentium G3220 G3240 G3250 G3258 Core i3 4130 4160 4370 6100 Core i5 2500 3570 4460 4590 4690k 6500 Core i7 980X 990X 2600 3820 3960X 4770 4790 4960X 5775C 5960X 6700 So how do all of these CPU's addup? what FPS can these CPU's get in games like Black Ops 3...
  34. B

    Can My Setup Run Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Arma 3 and DayZ?

    Hey guys I have: CPU: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.2GHz GPU: AMD R9 280X 3GB RAM: 8GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 at 1600MHz Windows 8.1 64 Bit Will this run Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Arma 3 and DayZ mostly maxed out on 1080p at above 40FPS? Thank you
  35. V

    razer blackwidow chroma lighting question.

    there is a lighting effect i want to do that deals with the ripple effect. what i want to do is to make only a few keys activate the ripple effect but for the ripple to spread across the whole keyboard. the only thing i can manage to do is for only the few keys to be effect by the ripple...
  36. W

    laptop HDD in my new desktop, works but slow

    My old gaming laptop broke (ASUS G75VW) and I had built a new computer, to save money I used the hard drives from the laptop (2 750GB HDDs). The computer booted up like nothing had changed except it's impossible to change the resolution (stuck on lowest setting) and a lot of software is very...
  37. ArkHavoc

    Best possible upgrades for PC?

    Hi! Its close to Christmas time, so that means its time to start looking for upgrades for my PC! With the parts listed below, what would be the best part to upgrade? All that I currently do on my PC is gaming. If you recommend a part(s), please keep the total price under around $200. If you say...
  38. cm0scm0s

    Overclocking 4790k on Gigabyte Z97x - SLI ( need help please )

    Hello, I'm trying to overclock my 4790k, but i'm running into some problems, I'm currently using these guides : But the problem is some...
  39. Tenkorang Gyebi

    Guys please in terms of performance and durability which is bes,is it the hp compaq dc5800 or the dell gx760

    Guys please in terms of performance and durability which is bes,is it the hp compaq dc5800 microtower or the dell gx760 minitower.A friend is give me one of these computers for free.pls which is better
  40. M

    Laptop Starting Issue

    I have a HP G6 Pavilion laptop. when I power on it and after the few minutes, it was hibernated. Why this happen like?