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  1. K

    Powerful PC low fps

    My specs are Nvidia Gtx 780 ti (average temp: 75celcius) In game Intel i7 4770 (averge temp: 75celcius) in game Asrock z87 extreme6 mobo 750w power supply I can't for figure out why I'm lagging, such as in Vanilla skyrim I get a low fps of 40 when I should obviously be getting a stable 60fps...
  2. H

    Unusable PCIe slots?

    I ran into something that seems funny to me so I’ll ask here if this seems normal. I have a Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H mobo. It has a PCIex16, then two x1’s and finally a x4 slot. No onboard video as I did not buy an APU as I intended to run a separate video card from the start and didn’t know that I...
  3. A

    BSOD Memory Management (0x0000001A)

    I built this PC and installed windows 10 on it. Everything appeared to be going smoothly until I would start up a game. After a couple minutes my pc would crash to an error_memory_management screen. Sometimes it would crash to irql_not_less_or_equal. Occasionally it would crash to...
  4. P

    Can I use 8gb of ram from a 16gb kit?

    Hey My friend gave me 8gb (4gb x 2) of ram from his 16gb (4gb x 4) kit. It is the Corsair Vengence Ram. Will the 8gb of Ram work for me when I put it into my Computer without using the other 8gb he has?
  5. M

    Game Server PC

    I have an old pc (Acer Aspire x1700) I don't do anything with. I want to turn it into a game server hosting pc, but this pc isn't qualified for that. Should I buy some better components for it, or should I buy a new pc? If so, what components should I get?
  6. T

    Advice On Gaming Computer Build

    I am planning on building a gaming computer next week. I have thought out what I believe would be a solid gaming pc for medium to high settings on most games. My budget is £670. This is my current planned build: Case - Corsair Carbide 200R Motherboard - MSI Z97 Gaming 3 CPU - Intel core i5-4590...
  7. X

    Help With Choosing Headphones

    Hello I need some help /recommendations with choosing some headphones under 150$. I will using them to listen to hip hop, pop, and classical. I have my eyes glued to the whole grado lineup, Sr80e and Sr60e. I know they don't have much bass but can some one tell me how they sound with ten holes...
  8. H

    PC Freezes For A Few Seconds When Gaming

    On Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, at the beginning of a match, my game will freeze for 2-10 seconds (varies on different maps) and sometimes it will be choppy for first 30 secs. When I look at Afterburner, it shows the GPU, CPU, and Memory just spike and pretty much stop working for that few...
  9. Invisipixel

    Need a Good Gaming PC

    I'm looking for a gaming pc I'm leaning towards a prebuilt model because I don't have an OS. I'd like at least 4 cores which would probably limit myself to AMD but overall, the most important thing is good performance and upgradeability. I'm going to be upgrading to a Radeon R9 280X shortly so...
  10. C

    Review My Parts ? [ HELP! ]

    I only need a Case, CPU, Motherboard and PSU :)
  11. miqnea

    More ram less heat?

    Hello, i have 4gb ram ddr3 and amd a10 6700, if i put more ram the cpu will make less heat? Or should i get a watercooler.
  12. A

    Can these parts run games maxed out graphics with 60+ fps

    Tera Rising ArcheAge Peria Chronicles Project Black Sheep Monster Hunter Online Kingdom Under Fire 2 Icarus Online Bless Blade & Soul Black Desert Online Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Motherboard MSI H97M-E35 Micro ATX LGA1150 Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 8GB (2 x 4GB)...
  13. J

    Is my pc good? Tips needed

    I made this pc not long ago and would like some input on it, I feel like its not bad but it doesnt run aswell as it could. Please tell me what i can improve. I can barely game because my fps barely hit 30 but if it's not gaming it works magnificently! Specs: Motherboard - BIOSTAR AMD A55MD2...
  14. S

    hdmi in laptop as monitor for xbox360

    In my laptop is an hdmi input but i dont know how to connect my xbox360 on it to work as a monitor. Is it even possible?
  15. lxgoldsmith

    gigabyte r9 280x dual monitors

    I had to flash my bios to make the card work. I plugged in my monitors to the dvi and hdmi otputs on the card, and it's outputting the same image to both monitors. It shows only one monitor in windows. Is this a software or hardware issue? It only came with a mini dp to dp adapter.
  16. B

    New Build Under 1k USD

    Approximate Purchase Date: Tomorrow Budget Range: Under 1k USD Helping a buddy pick parts for a new pc. He wants it to be future proof for many years. Main use will be gaming. no overclocking and 1920x1080 monitor for now but he wants the options open down the line. This is what is picked...
  17. G

    Mouse Point change

    Hi, Thank you for reading this post I changed my mouse pointer and saved it but when i restart the pointer change back to default so anyone got any suggestion on how to solve this (I'm running WINDOWS 7) Thank you....
  18. T

    Need some advice on gaming rig upgrade

    Hi, I'm upgrading my gaming rig shortly and I'm looking for some advice on what parts to upgrade, and what parts to leave alone for now. I'd like to spend around $600 or less on the new parts seeing how the current parts in my pc are brand new besides the gfx card Right now I'm using 60Hz...
  19. P

    Do either of these look like good cards?

    I was a little disappointed a few months ago, when I upgraded my motherboard and cpu (amd fx 6350 6 core), because my performance didn't really increase all that much. Anyways, I was wondering what's a good card, between the price range of $100-$280(if really good can be slightly above). I'm...
  20. SkyDuDe

    Opinions and questions about this system

    Hello everyone I would like to hear some opinions about this system that i'm going to buy in a near future. Fist of all I want to say that all these parts are from my locals stores and I cant order anything form the outside because I live in a small island and the shipping costs are out of this...
  21. D

    loading web pages

    how come web pages are loading very very slow if at all. and internet keeps disconnecting and connecting. its not a problem with the actual internet. It also powerwashed due to critical error
  22. D

    Power supply help

    can anyone recommend a power supply for this rig? thanks
  23. J

    huge lag spikes

    when i play csgo i get huge lag spikes 500 latency i cant even play on minute its lagging 24/7 its not my firewall i closed all my computers connected to wi fi is it my internet connection? i have a gaming computer cpu i7 2600k 3.40ghz gpu nvidia gtx 550 ti 8 gb ram
  24. M

    Should I remove the plastic/foam on the I/O rear shield?

    I am using an ASUS VI Hero and I'm wondering if I should remove the little plastic/foamy thing on the I/O Shield?
  25. M

    Do I need two graphics cards to handle two identical displays?

    Hi everyone, My configuration is: CPU: i7-4930k Cooler: Corsair H110 Liquid Cooling Graphics: ASUS Radeon HD7990 PSU: Corsair AX860 Platinum I am considering using two ASUS VE278Q monitors on this graphics card for Flight Simulator X and Grand Theft Auto games. More often than other, I will...
  26. A

    help in building my custom PC

    hi guys, i want to know .. what is better custom build or pre-built or like alienware and stuff ?! 2nd what is the best component for building the best-gaming computer (pc) currently .. don't think about the budget just name the best parts .. my budget around $4000 but i'll can manage to...
  27. M

    Is it safe to initialize an external HD without loosing data?

    Is it safe to initialize an external HD without loosing data? I have a 3 TB My Book that is half full, and a download 'hung up' the other day. Now Disk manager says "Unknown, not initialized". If I 'initialize' it, will my data be preserved, and accessible after?